Free-Time Paradox


Casual Leisure- It’s immediately and intrinsically rewarding. It’s a relatively short-lived and pleasurable activity requiring little or no training to NJOY… Sir, I am at your leisure.

“Ahh..” she thinks to herself as she walks briskly back into The Donovan Group’s Office. Refreshed from her Swiss vacation off the shores of Lake Constance. Her personal guide Marc was a great help and not too bad to look at either. He was rather tall, bald, bearded and full of ink. He was extremely hard to understand as she doesn’t speak German but, he was worth it. Besides his English was tolerable and his assets an biceps were rock hard. She had been gone for two glorious weeks and she didn’t give one thought to the stack of work that would be piled high on her desk awaiting her return. Frank had left for one of his trips two days ago as some new clients down south needed his undivided attention for a few days. Before leaving he left Carly a detailed email for her to find upon her return. She sighs…. “ Vacation is officially over!”

Monday and Tuesday fly by as she steadily cleans the mess off her desk. She still continues to keep and eye out for her missing  yellow lace panties but they are no where to be found. She is convinced they were hi-jacked. She only wishes she knew the culprit. Frank emails daily to make sure there are no urgent matters. He knows damn well Carly can handle this place for a few days in his absence, and any crisis for that matter. “ I have everything under control boss and my vacation was fantastic thanks for asking” is all she replies to the first of many follow up emails. She doesn’t bother giving him the satisfaction of irking her for his own enjoyment while he is away playing. Nor does she the rest of the week either.  Besides the boys will keep him as informed as he needs to be and he trusts her.


Friday AM-

Hi Carly,

How was your trip? Any hot guys to Oogle…? Now anwser my emails!




(Carly) DELETE!


Friday PM-


Ms. Dawson.. Do you value your job? Answer me now!




(Carly) DELETE!




MISS DAWSON… you are a BRATTY PET and you will get it when I return.




3 am. Carly’s phone buzzes with the sound of a high priority incoming text message. It’s Frank.


C- Why are you up at this hour? You probably smell like cigars and taste like Rum.  Go to bed.

F-What are you wearing Carly?

C-You know what I wear to bed…

F- Show Me!

C-Come back and see for yourself

She silences her phone and heads back off to dream land. All the while Frank lays in his own nakedness, wishing she was on this trip with him to help him with all his administrative needs. Not to mention he hasn’t sunken his raging cock in her in nearly a month. His balls start to ache and he sends one last email.

Miss Dawson,

Your particular services are required here first thing Monday morning.



Sunday she awakens to Franks email and a Flight Confirmation to Frank’s destination. Flight leaves this evening at 7. She runs a few errands and packs her bag and heads to the airport. Before the flight hits the ground she has confirmation for her hotel accommodations. She flags a taxi and heads to the hotel. She arrives to find that she is already checked in with a key waiting for her at the concierge. She heads to her room and showers. She crawls into bed turning the lights off, she is fast asleep by 10:30. Her phone vibrates as many texts come through, they are all from Franks summoning her to him, plugged and ready to play but she never hears anything.

(2:30am) Frank hasn’t been this drippingly hard in a long time. Why she keeps ignoring him is baffling his brain. So he throws on a pair of sweats and walks his kick-stand to the room just across the hall. He has the spare key as he kindly checked her in earlier that day. He creeps in quietly realizing she is fast asleep. He stands above her staring. He lightly strokes her lips with his cock hoping to wake her easily. Her eyes open and she immediately takes him into her mouth nice and slow. Rolling her tongue around his head. It was like she expected him to come to her in the night all along. He lifts the sheet covering her nakedness and drops his pants and crawls in behind her. He spreads her cheeks to pleasantly find a soft purple nite-nite plug buried deep within her ass. He presses his cock against her back and the hot tacky droplets stick to her skin. Reaching around he fills his hands with her enormous tits and he leaves a set of teeth marks on her shoulder near the nape of her neck. Her breathing quickens and her nipples harden between his fingers. He rolls on to his back expecting to be mounted in the traditional fashion. But to his pleasure she stands on the bed. Straddling his face she squats down using the head board for hand support. Hovering just above his face she teases his nose with her engorged clit. He tilts his head back and lifts his neck slightly. His tongue slides between her sweet tasting lips and his cock pulses once releasing a large droplet of clear sap. She starts to slide her hips back and forth letting his nose tongue and mouth slide between her lips. Then she stops and he moves his head quickly in the NO-NO fashion and she gives him her release. Her juices cover his lips and he can’t get enough. Once her vision becomes clear she leans forward and takes his thick steel into her mouth letting him gaze upon her from behind as she is spread wide. He enjoys his cock in her mouth and as a reward he finger fucks her tight pussy with his middle finger as she pleasures him. Tapping and pulling on the soft silicone plug and near the edge he flips her over. Sitting on his knees between her legs, taking deeps breaths and letting his cock come down from near explosion.

He reaches up and leans in taking her nipple between his teeth and sucking hard she groans. Sitting back he looks at her in the dark, he reaches up and pulls the chain on the night side table lamp. Taking his hands he spreads her legs as far apart as they will go. He falls into her and pulls out watching her pussy gape the same diameter as his thick cock. He can sense she is near and he leans in to taste her once more and then impales her hard and deep. He feels her grip and he pulls out. Like a plug releasing the dam, soft clear fluid gushes from her harbor. He thumbs her clit with slight pressure and he sees her pussy contracted hard opening and closing each time more fluid falling from her fluttering hole. It looks like the mouth of a Lamprey without teeth beckoning him to enter her all over again until he finds his own release. He licks her from the base of her plug up her seam to the peak of her thumping mound, tasting her one last time. He slams into her pounding away hard and deep he leans in with his mouth on her breast and he pulls out one last time. Flipping her on to her side he lifts one of her legs and runs his staff up into her. She can feel his body slam up into her hard and she has one of her own breasts in her hand pinching and pulling. He sticks two fingers in her mouth and she sucks on them like they are his cock as she reaches down and strokes his balls with a light massage, feeling them slowly recede. He spreads her high leg even further with his arm exposing her warm wet pussy to the cool air.  Bringing it up around his own leg before he reaches down to smack her little clit one last time as he ram rods her.He thrusts hard deliberate strokes, then he stops and she can feel the root of his steel pounding as his balls draw up in to his body. He continues to fuck right through the cum causing her one last release. When he pulls out of her a mixture of their cum, the ultimate cream pie, falls to the sheets below. She can’t resist a taste and as she raises her finger tips to her mouth he pulls her hair back hard and whispers in her ear “B stands for beautiful” then he slips out of her and the bed simultaneously, redresses and exits the room for a few hours of sleep before his last day out of town.




I enjoy watching you stroke yourself as I kneel before you with my bare knees on the cold tile floor. Your twitching hips and wet fingers, a solo show preformed for one. Eager eyes staring up at you, willing tongue begging for what you give. I didn’t know how starved I was until I tasted you.