In Norse myth the Valkyrie was romanticized as Odins Shield-Maidens. Virgins with golden hair and alabaster skin, whom served the chosen heroes everlasting food and drink in the Great Hall of Valhalla. The Valkyrie did not believe in coincidence only fate. And sometimes fate didn’t even bother being subtle. I prefer Heimdall to the Valkyrie any day. The Norse fail-safe, the all seeing and all hearing guardian of Asgard. You don’t only need the keys in your back pocket, you need the gate-keeper.

She covers herself like he has never seen her skin before. He straps her down and he disciplines her for this act of treason. The snap of the flogger landing on her skin for what seems like the first time sends electricity right to the head of his erection. He sees the raised pink streaks across her bare ass as she lies face-down on the saw-horse. Dropping the flogger to the ground he walks up behind her and places both hands on her pink ass and pushes her cheeks forward exposing her moist flesh to him. Her pussy is thick and lovely shade of red. He touches her softly with two fingers, grazing her between her folds, she is creamy with desire. He tastes his fingers and the cream reminds him of a faint almond flavor. Then he bends down and tastes her almond milk from behind. Sucking on her pussy, running his tongue between her flaps. Cupping her clit with his lips until he can feel the beating of the orgasm she gives him. SMACK! “you are suppose to ask” he says. But deep down he likes that she doesn’t ask. Gives him a reason to make her feel the sting of his hand.

The saw horse is just long enough to have her ass and sweet pussy hang off the back edge, and her head rests just at the edge of the front. If she were to look forward-facing her chin would hand off, making her mouth easily fuckable if he chooses. Her breasts hang off each side of the narrow plank. It’s made from wood and covered with a soft padded piece of red leather. On the basement of the horse are two parallel legs rests. He ties each ankle to the back posts of the horse and her wrists to the front posts. For safety measures he also ties one strand of soft rope around her waist and the bench of the saw-horse, gives him a little something extra to grab on to.

He smacks her on the ass as he struts over to the upright cabinet in the corner of the room. He removes a black eye-mask and a short fat clear silicone dildo from the cabinet. He places the mask over her shaded eyes of blue and silver then walks over to the window ledge. Retrieving a small bottle of grape-seed oil he pours one long line of oil down her back. From the nape of her neck to the cleft of her pussy. He takes his palm and creates one long hand streak down her back until he reaches her rosebud shaped rear-entrance. The oil pools before his finger, and drips heavily down her crevasse.  Using his well oiled fingers he enters her dewy pink entrance with one then two fingers. She is hot and tight. Her puckered up little ass needs to be worked and stretched. Slowly he builds up speed until she starts to moan. He knows she likes her ass filled when they fuck. Makes the experience that much more pleasurable. He smacks her oily rump several times and reaches down to rub the entrance of her pussy with his other hand before entering her slit. The oil makes her more slippery than what she already is and his cock stands upright and leaks like a sieve. Her clit is swollen and wet hanging off the edge of the horse. He smacks her lightly on the outer lips of her sex and she begs him to let her cum. “Please Sir, please may I cum?” He  acquiesce to her request and with his thumb in her now open rear door he smacks her ass once more and proceeds to finger-fuck her hard in her pussy , bumping her mound lightly with his palm as he enters her with his fingers until she drips down to the floor. “Let me know you like it.” he beseeches. “Fuck me harder Sir” and he begins to move in and out of her with force. “Yes, just like that, your fingers feel so good in my pussy” she tells him and she cums again. He can feel the walls of her pussy around his fingers. He releases her and stands to catch his breath.

Walking back over to the window he takes the faux-cock in his grasp. Taking his time, allowing her  body to recovers before he assaults her again. She quiets and her breathing slows. He knows she is ready. He grabs the rope around her waist and pulls back. The rope grazes her skin leaving a mark on her skin where her thick hips meet her round ass. Her pelvis raises out of instinct and he slides the large cock in her pussy. She jerks and he smacks her ass again “Be still my Dear!” he commands, and her body calms again. He fucks her pussy hard and just before she is about to cum he pulls out of her leaving her bright red flesh begging for more. He can see the lips of her pussy pucker as they search for his pleasure. Her ass still wet from the oil he takes his thump and grazes her opening in circular patterns, her hot hole gapes for him and he knows she wants it. Sliding just the head of the clear cock in her tight hole she stretches for him. “Please Sir” she begs. SMACK! “Shhh!” he implores. But the sting on his hand makes his cock drip even more. Slowly he pushes deep into her ass and with his hand he rubs the lips of her wet slit. He can feel the heat and pulse of her raised flesh. “I’m going to makes you cum, my Dear. I want to see your mist is the light of the sunbeams. Make me a rainbow.” And as he fucks her in the ass with the dildo he spades her with is fingers in her soft tight pussy. She can hold on no longer. He stands and watches as she cums, like fire works in the sky, she sprays colors of mist into the room. Taking the rope in his hands he pushes his own flesh into her. Hard and hot like a fire poker he enters her and he can feel the aftershock of her quake pounding against the head and shaft of his seeping cock. Pulling the rope back hard and fast he drives into her. He looks down to see the froth of her body on his long thick cock. “Fuck!” he says and he pulls out of her before he unleashes his own strand upon her.

Walking to the window he breaks, to gain his composure. He can feel the head of his cock tingle and ache. He concentrates on holding it in until just the right time. Her pussy is on fire for him. His sac is hard and he needs to cum. He returns to her and pushes between her meaty flaps once more, realizing he can take no more he circles around her and violates her mouth. He can see her round full tits hang down and sway as he fucks her mouth. “Taste it,” he tells her. He reaches forward to smack her ass one last time and she yelps but his cock is so large as he drives into her that she chokes. He can see the head of his cock make and impression in her cheek as she moves to catch her breath. He drives forward even harder “Fuck my mouth harder Sir” she musters breathlessly between the gag order he issues. Her brow sweats and her eyes water. Her cheeks are flush and he can see the foam of her own pussy on her lips. He leans back, grabbing her by the head he stops and he can finally feel the release, one last slow push between her full lips and his lava burst hits the back of her tongue. Three then 4 times he slowly drives into her as she sucks his cock with all that she has left in her. Her lips purse over the shaft of his cock with each stroke. He pulls out of her grasping his cock at its base, she licks the head of his cock one last time and kisses it, making sure she has gotten every last drop. He reaches down to untie her wrists and her limp arms dangle. Then her ankles, resting for a moment her body comes back to life.  She slowly rises off the horse and she retreats to the oversized recliner. Her body is wrecked and sore. He brings her a glass of water and takes a sip before he sits on the floor in front of the chair. They are both sweaty and out of breath. “Do you think we will ever get enough of this?” he asks her. “When are bodies are tired and physically unable” she responds. He smirks and nods his head once in agreement and says “But the mind never sleeps, my dear.”

I’m your fail-safe, Sir.


Post Scrip


Personal hotline

Next time you go to pick up the phone, make sure you are alone. Because, I have been practicing in the rearview mirror, and I’m prepared to make you cum with my voice.

If you enjoy what you hear, I will make it all come true in person. I will walk you through it, an audible play by play. Down to the last drop, of cum you squirt in my mouth. I can taste you already Sir, your the commander of my tight little pussy. Let me tell you how I want you to fuck me. Lets do what we do, pretend like the air isnt thick and like you dont want every last inch of me to ram your cock into. Then lay me down and spread me wide. Entering me with you fingers and tasting me with your tongue. That right Sugar, The Princess is already waiting for you. Smack my ass then pull on itamd watch me stretch. How much longer can you go before you have to feel the steel. Pull my hair and run your hands down my back before you grab my hips and pull me on to you. Yea baby im going to rub wet little pussy while you fuck me. Wait…

Let me ride you this time. I wanna whisper in your ear hour much your big fat cock fills my little pussy. Up amd down, put your hands on my ass and press me together, make my pussy suffocate your big cock. Faster im barely moving, my hot breath on your neck as you hear me say your name, Sir. I’m cumming master, all over your cock and balls, keep fucking me. Knock the bottkm out of my pussy. Fuck yes you feel so good.

Stop, you suck on my big tits one last time before I crawl between your legs and fuck your cock with my face. Cough! Your big cock chokes me but you keep ramming into me. Your almost there Lord, put your hands in my hair and pull me at the roots nice and slow. Tell me when your cumming. Tell me how much you like the way I fuck you and suck you. Then release it all to me. Slow and deep. I lick my lips and rise to my place of honor. The smell of my pussy will linger the rest of the day in the confinements of the road. And your taste will linger on my lips just the same.

Trust me I can take you there.


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