Tube Socks

 Partner In Crime


You are quiet the story teller, or maybe just quiet the dreamer. How often do you dream of this…of me? How vivid does your imagination get when you dream? You seem to remember a lot of details. I just wonder why you don’t share more of your dreams with me. You are right btw, it is a two way street. I like when you please me and trust me, you do please me. I wish you pleased me more often as a matter of fact. I like when you desire me and make me feel like I am the best you have ever had. But what you have to remember is that pleasing is in my nature. Part of my pleasure stems from knowing I give you pleasure. I get wet just knowing that I make you hard.


“Don’t move your sweet little pussy one inch. Do you understand? When I return I’m going to spank you until you whimper like a mouse.” he whispers in her ear. “Yes Sir” she says. He turns on his heel to leave the large open room. Before he closes the door he peeks one more time. She hasn’t moved and inch. She wears nothing but a pair of tall white soccer sock with two purple thick rings at the top. She is standing on her toes, concentrating on keep her balance. The tile floor is slippery and the socks make it hard to stand. The only thing that binds her are the words of her master. “On your toes Miss, and keep those legs spread. I like the way your ass looks in the air.” Her ass is littered with brightly colored red hand prints. The inside of her upper thighs just at the crest of her lips have reddish purple finger prints from being spread apart. He sees his lucky charm, its twinkling in the light of the chandelier over head. His cock twitches and he closes the door to make a call.

When he returns she is just as he left her. She never moved an inch. She always does what he asks. He walks up to her and taps on the purple gem with his index finger. His nail makes a faint clanking sound against the jeweled adornment of her ass. Her skin now a light pale pink color, the hand prints in the midst of fading away. He rubs her ass in a circular motion “What are you going to spank me with this time Sir?” she speaks without being spoken to. SMACK “No Talking, I do the talking here.” He commands. “But I was just…” SMACK! She is interrupted with a swift lick of the hand to her rounded ass. “Not another peep the rest of the day” he orders. Her mouth quiets but her body hums.

Her Perspective…

 As I lay bent over the edge of the couch with my ass high in the air, I start to feel him swirl his hands over my ass. Over and over he welts my pale flesh. Each and every blow he lends to my sweet round cheeks makes my pussy sweat even more for him. And he knows it. As his hands grazed my ass for the final time, my skin prickles. Like lightning on the water my skin screams for him to touch me everywhere. I want any part of him I can get inside of me. His fingers, his tongue, his enormous cock, I don’t care at this point. I love a solid spanking as much as the next girl but now I was ready for more. “Come over here” he calls. I stand up straight and sashay over to the counter where he is. Skipping like a school girl in my knee high tube socks. I know what he is going to do. He is going to fuck my mouth. I hope he fucks it hard. I’m giddy with excitement. I like bringing him to the edge. I like swallowing his thick creamy load. But I also want him to pierce my core with his rigid staff. My pussy is red and swollen. The moisture my body has produced for this man is thick and silky. I want to ask him how obtained the code to unlock the gateway to my body but my ass is already on fire and I fear another lashing. He told me not to utter another sound for the rest of the day, and I always do what he wants. I like pleasing him.

I kneel at his feet and I place my hands on my thighs. I inch closer to his skin and as I get closer I start to smell his masculine scent. I am face-to-face with his cock and just then my lips part and he slides into my mouth. His hands firmly intertwined with my hair pulling me onto him. He is rigid. Harder than I think I had ever felt him before. That is what he gets making me wait this long. I hope he cums in my mouth sooner than he would like as punishment for his absence. But then again I think I want him to fuck me even more. As he pounds into my face, I can feel my self start to become overwhelmed with his member. I reach up and lightly pinch each of my hardened nipples; it makes my clit jerk with wanton desire for him. Over and over he slams into me. His hips nearly touching the skin on my face, and I can’t take him any deeper. The mix of his fluid and my saliva drizzles out on to my chin and chest. The thick foamy mixture slides down in a slow trickle. Finally he releases me from his grasp; the head of his cock leaves my lips with a pop. My skin prickling from head to toe, I can only wonder what he will do next.

Just then my body tensed and I remembered the weighted jewel that I have nestled inside my ass. The pressure is so concentrated; the nagging presence that it has created this afternoon has now morphed into a powerful reminder of what I need him to do to me. Just then I am brought back to reality by his all-to familiar voice. “Back over to the Couch Miss” he says. Walking back over to the couch I stop. I can feel his cock against the crest of my back. He uses his body to bend me over the back of the soft leather couch. Then he kneels and our roles are reversed. I can feel the heat of his breath between my thighs. The twisting and pulling of the jewel has put my senses on overload. I feel him, his tongue on the seam of my pussy. I am already so wet; his face must be covered in my dew. He will have to wear my scent all day. His nose buried between the fault lines of my flesh, searching for my clit. He takes his hands and pushes up and my feet leave the floor. My toes point down, I must look like a ballerina in soccer socks. He uses his hands to spread my ass cheeks apart. He gives his own mouth more access to my swollen flesh. He sucks hard and works his head back and forth fervently. If he wants to taste me he is going to get his wish. My body relaxes and my toes curl and go numb with a tingle. My pussy explodes and pounds harder than he has ever felt it before. I can feel myself ooze and for a split second I feel embarrassed. But then I feel him nudge me even further with his nose. He is lapping it up, every last drop. He leaves nothing behind except my pussy wanting more of him.

He stands leaving me with my les dangling off the back of the couch. My legs spread wide, I feel so naked. I’m more then naked, exposed. Does he really want to see me like this? My head buried between the cushions with my ass in the air. I’m plugged with the desire of his mind. Wet and pulsing, my pussy begging for more? Then I feel him, the head of his cock is lightly grazing the entrance of my flesh. I find my self over-whelmed for the second time in only minutes. Losing all my senses I cum again and like a rocket my pussy expels moisture to him. And finally he impales me. It has been far too long, and my pussy once again is far too tight. I can barely accommodate his ever hardening cock. His heat is unmistakable. The urgency in his thrusts is unimaginable. I can hear his lung expel air hard each time he finds me high on the inside. And even though he warned me against it, I just can’t help but beg him in a low groan to go harder. He does not lay his hand print on my ass; he only does what any good master would do. He acquiesces to my request. Pounding away harder and harder with each request I make of him. Just as my pussy starts to latch on to his thick member he relents and pulls out of me. Bending down he licks my sweet dripping pussy one last time. Then he removes the plug from my ass. He licks his fingers and buries them deep inside my hot gaping hole. The plug hits the floor with a thud. He grabs it and tosses it on to the couch seat. He stands and pulls me down. Taking me by the hand he leads me to the front of the L-shaped leather sofa, He lays me back at the point where the two adjacent lines come together at a vertex. Lifting my legs high up to my chest and spreading my knees far apart, He bends down again and inhales me. He slides three fingers into my pussy as his sucks on my clit. I’m sure he can feel the thumping of the hot flesh against his lips and tongue. But he doesn’t care, he is relentless. If he wants me to beg I will. “Please Sir, Please” I cry out in ecstasy. He gets down to one knee with triton in hand and slowly enters my tightly puckered ass. I am hot and steamy, I know it. I can feel it. My ass is calling to him and he fills me all the way to the hilt.

Using my legs as leverage he starts to pound his cock into my ass. I can feel his balls smacking up against the skin of my ass. I reach down and start to rub my clit with all four fingers of my left hand. With the other hand I reach in and feel the inside of my own flesh. I can feel his cock as he slides in and out of me. He pushes my legs up harder and higher lifting my ass into the air. This spreads my ass apart even further to accommodate his thick cock. Fucking my pussy as hard and as fast as I can with my own fingers I start to cum for the final time. His cock in my ass and his eye contact are too much for me to handle. I lose all control and cum bubbles up from the depths of my pussy and runs down the crevasse of my ass, lubricating his cock as it slides in and out of me before it trickles down to the floor. I can see it in his eye. His lips tense and the corners of his eyes wince. His face goes numb and his chin falls to his chest before he throws his head back. One long breathy groan leaves his lips and his body stills. I squeeze him with all the strength my body can muster. He opens his eyes and slowly pulls out of me. Standing he looks down at me and my compromising state and position. I can feel his heat start to drip from my body. As he watches I reach down, grabbing the plug and stop the leak. Once the plug enters me I run my hands up the length of my pussy, taking some of my own moisture along with me. When I reach my lips I taste the fingers of my one hand. The other hand firmly planted on my clit. He stares and watches me cum once more. And out of the corner of my eye, I see his cock start to leak on the floor. “I am going to take a shower, do not move a muscle” I hear him say. And like the good girl he has trained me to be, I do as I am told.

Freak– A person who is envied because they are a fabulously unique individual that can kick ass and has no need or desire to follow the flock. Let’s be freaks together…Partner!