Shadow Walker

The Shadow Walker has many eclectic interests, has done many things in life, worn many hats, traveled many different paths, and understands the needs and motivation of those on both sides of the street. He tries to use a lifetime to accumulate knowledge and wisdom in all manner of his walk. He is known by many, but only few know him. He strives to keep his real identity under the radar. He is a person who oozes charm and authority all at the same time, taking command of every room without you even knowing he has. That is just how good he is. He is mythical, he is magical, he is a novelty.

…Simone and Carly met just after graduation. Simone is beautiful, unpredictable and always up for whatever. She graduated with a degree in the arts, she owns a West Indian trade store full of incense and trinkets. She is a belly dancer and holds classes 3 nights a week from the back of her store. (Carly has taken a class or two, it’s probably where she gets all of her sensational sex moves from.) She is tall, with olive skin tones, alluring eyes and dark hair. She is lovely mix of Polynesian and Iranian, which makes her accent very distinct. She enjoys both men and women, but she prefers women and she especially prefers Carly… always has.

Carly answers the call “Hey Simone.” “Carly my lovely, I have missed you” Simone says. After a bit of catching up and the usual pleasantries¸ she offers Simone the chance she has always wanted. Simone wants Carly and sees her as prize. Simones grace and beauty mask her desire perfectly, but Carly knows what hides behind those eyes. Simone doesn’t even have to think about the offer, she accepts straight away with every notion of making Carly her pet before the end of this adventure.

A few weeks pass… The two lovely women completely different in every way arrive in separate cars at a swanky hotel bar. Carly is wearing a short black Cap sleeved dress with a plunging neck line. She has on peep toes stilettos with a tiny pink bow in the back. The only jewelry she wears is a bracelet on her right wrist that holds a key, a key that won’t be opening anything tonight. Simone is wearing a deep turquoise tightly fitted dress with long lace sleeves. Her dark skin stands out through the blue-green lace. Both ladies have long hair, Simones is worn perfectly straight, pulled back tight on both sides leaving it slightly raised on top. Carlys is highlighted blonde and although she can wear her hair any way she chooses… tonight she decides to go with long soft ringlets. The top is pulled back with two black pins. If Frank has any clue he will know just what to do with them. The women are stunning. They sit at the bar and have a few drinks watching unfamiliar faces come in one by one. Simone rests her hand on Carlys back and brushes the skin on her arm from time to time. She moves closer each time Carly speaks, intently watching the way her lips move when she annunciates certain words. She puts her hand on Carlys thigh and swiftly Carly finds herself downing her drink. She sits a moment and tells her friend she is going to need something a little stiffer to loosen up. “Anything for you Miss Dawson.” Frank is suddenly at Carlys side. “Bartender Kracken and Coke for the lady… you did say STIFF? Right Miss Dawson?” Franks winks at her then smiles.
When the bartender returns with the dark rum filled drink she hands it straight to Frank. “Sir, the lady will have Gin with a splash of Lime, Hendricks if you have it, Bombay Sapphire if you don’t.” Frank leaves touching the back of Carlys neck with his fingers. Simone was a bit jealous of the fact that Frank knew Carlys favorite drink and she didn’t. Frank retires to corner to watch the ladies and finish his drink before the festivities begin.

As Carlys drink kicks in she begins to loosen up. Franks watches as the ladies are laughing about something then before he realizes it he sees Simone go in for some tongue action. Carly doesn’t pull back. She closes her eyes and he can see their tongues touching. Simone stands and makes her way to the front desk of the hotel. Carly grabs her purse and nods in Franks direction to follow. His cock is rock hard but he doesn’t care who sees. The two women walk ahead of Frank by 15 feet. Simone has her hands on Carlys ass. She looks back at Franks and blows him a kiss then turns back to Carly. The elevator opens and the trio walk in. The minute the doors close, Simone hits the lock button. She backs Carly up onto Frank. Carly can feel his steel against her back. His hands instantly go to her tits and Simones go to her waist. Simone looks at Frank and says “So beautiful and soft… aren’t they?” Carly can feel Franks breathe on the back of her ear and Simone kisses her. It is deep and wet. Frank can hear their wet lips dance, he can smell Carlys perfume. It is a little different tonight, he also smells… incense? Strange but nice all at the same time. Simone backs off and hits the unlock button and the elevator moves to the 4th floor. Carly giggles and says “Elevators eh??” The doors open and the ladies walk out first. Frank stands behind to see who has a better ass. Simone is tall and lean with a slender figure. Carly is much more curvaceous; her ass is definitely better so are her tits. But he likes both figures just the same.

The doors open and they make their way to the room. Frank retires to a chair and loosens his tie. He removes it and undoes the top button on his neatly pressed pink shirt. Carly hasn’t seen him in pink in months. He takes a front row seat. He is careful to respect all the boundaries that Carly asked of him. Carly moves in Franks direction and Simone grabs her hand. She looks at her and winks. Simone lets her go and Carly kneels before Frank. She unzips his pants and frees him. He is dripping. She rubs the sticky droplets on her lips and licks his head once before taking him all the way down to the base. She is wet instantly. Then she stands and says “Unzip me Sir.” She kneels again this time with her back to him. He unzips the back of her dress and when she stands her dress stays on the floor. She wears only a Bra, her shoes never come off. She walks over to Simone. Simone lifts her arms and Carly reaches down and pulls her dress straight up and throws it to Franks feet, landing just atop her dress. Simone wears only a lace thong. She has no need for a bra as she has small breasts. Simone turns around and pops Carlys Bra saying “oh yea those big gorgeous girls need all the love they can get.” She unhooks it and throws it to Frank he inhales its scent; now that smells like Carly. As he breaths in he watches Simone take his tits into her mouth and enjoy them. He stands, and the women walk to him, Simone around back and Carly around front. Simone reaches around and unbuckles his belt, Carly reached down and undoes the hook on the trousers before she removes her favorite pink shirt. Carly kneels at his feet and Simone joins her. Looking at both women he offers his dripping cock to Carly. She grasps him and smears his drippings all over her lips. Then she looks to Simone offering those lips to her for a taste testing. Simone sucks his essence off Carly’s bottom lip. Carly continues to stroke Frank paying extra attention to the crown of his royal cock. Simone pulls on one of Carlys nipples before moving to milking Franks heavy balls. Carlys takes him deep down her throat, until her chin meets Simones hand. “That is quiet the talent you have Carly my dear.” Simone whispers. His cock leaves Carlys lips with a pop. “Would you like a sample?” Carly offers politely. Frank looks down at Carly and looking back up at him she smiles, nodding shyly before saying “it’s mine” she licks his tip once more before sliding over slightly. Simone follows suit. And with Carly holding his rigid cock at the base Simone rolls her tongue around his thick tip as Carly strokes his shaft. Then Carly removes her hand and Simone takes him down as far as she can, but it isn’t enough. Carly is the reigning Duchess. Carly moves in closer and both ladies lick his cock up and down taking turns taking him in. Then Simone stands pulling Carly with her, leaving Frank where he stands.

Frank takes a seat letting the urge subside momentarily. Simone turns looking at him as she addresses Carly “you are right my dear Carly… he is delicious. Now let me compare you both and see who tastes better.” Frank sitting in a dark corner with a fiery hot poker feels a stream bubble over and ooze down his shaft. Simone lays Carly at the foot of the bed with her ass cheeks just hanging off the sides. She kneels to the ground spreading Carlys legs as she goes. . Frank can see Carlys toes curl. One hand on each of the inside of Carlys thighs and Simone uses the tips of her long tan fingers to spread Carlys sweet pinked up lips. She enters her with one long finger then pulls it out for a taste; licking the tip of it, as if she doesn’t want to miss a drop. She dives in tasting her with well-practiced ease, sucking her clit in a rhythmic pattern. Then with two fingers she enters her. Frank interrupts her and she stands. “I do believe I prefer her sweet lips over you” Simone says to Frank playfully. “Let me show you the ropes… you can have her back in a minute” he says in return. Wiping her bottom lip with his thumb then tasting Carlys juices. She steps a side and Frank kneels between Carlys thighs. Simone returns to the bed at Carlys head and takes one of her peaked nipples between her lips. He is sure Simone wasn’t lying when she said she preferred Carly. The woman does taste exquisite. Carly moves back instinctively as she watches their exchange of power. Simone runs her hands down Carlys body until her fingers reach her wet pussy then she spreads Carly’s lips for Franks viewing pleasure. Simones tits hang in Carlys face and she licks one of her nipples. Frank tastes; sucking and pulling on
Carlys clit until she teeters on the edge. Giving Simone silent direction she slides back and he pushes Carly back by her thighs. He is between her legs on the bed and she lies open for him like a flower during sunset. He rubs the head of his cock up and down her groove. He shakes it hard on her swollen clit. “Cum for me just like you did the other day” he asks. Simone pulls both Carlys nipple as she licks her ear lobe.  “Cum on Carly, give me what belongs to me.” He whispers.

Carly relaxes and her eyes close. She needs Frank to take her pussy. He enters her with just the tip of two fingers and shakes. His palm rests against her clit applying simultaneous pressure. “I’m going to cum Sir” she stutters. She gives him a full release and when he removes his hands from her pussy he can see her pyroclastic flow. He stuffs her with his pounding cock, balls deeps. Her pussy vibrates and he removes himself. Her droplets fly landing in patterns of disarray. Frank is on a steep cliff so, he backs off. Leaning in to taste Carlys tits for himself, Simone reaches out in an attempt to grasp his shiny cock. He moves back, and shakes his head. He finds himself back in the chair. Carly rolls over and backs Simone up against the wall. With her legs spread and Carly between them Carly returns the favors by pinching her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Letting them snap back. “Can you make me cum the way he made you cum?” Simone asks Carly. Franks perks up to hear the answer. “I don’t know but I can try” Carly says. Simone leans back with legs spread far apart. Carly leans in with her ass high in the air. Frank can see Carly has been Njoying herself all along. How could he have missed that? He questions himself. He comes up behind and grabs her by the handle. He pulls and pushes the handle and it’s his pace that determines Carly’s pace on Simones pussy. Carly tastes her fat clit. Carly’s clit isn’t near that size. When she sucks on it, it pulls nicely between her lips. Frank is enjoying Carlys play ground as he watches her work her magic on Simone. He is tired of waiting though. He stuffs his diamond hard cock in Carlys pussy and lets it sit there. She is like a warm wet cock glove. He lets his ship dock in her cove as he twists and pulls on the plug. Carly now enters Simones pussy with one curled finger. She slides it in and out slowly and Simones breathing starts to quicken. Frank pulls out of Carly and she hisses, he goes to retrieve a bottle of oil from a bag. When he returns he hears Simone talking to Carly. “Maybe if I try his cock my dearest…” Carly kisses her in midsentence. Then staring at her blankly she stuffs 4 fingers into Simones pussy and says “I’m Sorry Sugar but his pleasure is mine” “I don’t blame you my love, he is a fabulous creature to behold” She kisses Carly hard and that is when Carly feels Frank slide the NJOY out and slowly inch his way into her tight little starfish. Carly has now worked all her fingers into Simone wet elastic pussy. Frank fills Carlys ass with his mast. Once her ass is accustomed to his girth he starts to take long swift strokes in and out of her wet shiny ass. With each pounding her ass takes, Carlys fist goes deeper into Simones pussy. She backs off to just two fingers. She can feel her Raspberry like G-Spot filled nicely. She shakes her hand and Simone releases a teaspoon full of foam on to Carlys palm. Frank grabs the base of his cock and shakes the tip just at Carlys rear door. A stream of cum jets out of her pussy Frank can’t hold on much longer.

Simone rises up and moves to Carly’s side. She places one hand on each cheek and spread ‘em. Carly reaches down and circles her clit. Simone shakes her ass cheeks fast and Frank pulls out of her. Simones finger tips rim Carlys hot hole and she gapes wide open for Frank. Frank enters her again and pulls out. Carly orgasms again and her hole tries to close but Simone won’t allow it, her fingers hook Carlys rim as Frank watches. Then Simone smacks Carlys ass before reaching down to her pussy and fingering her one good time before Frank moves in for the kill shot. Then Simone grabs his shaft and leads him into Carlys closing ass one last time. As deep as his cock can go he fills her. Carlys chest falls to the bed. Frank releases hard, high into Carlys abyss. One, two, three wads of cum fly. His eyes squint hard and the room goes black for a few seconds. He slows allowing his rounds to empty completely. Once the sensitivity subsides he pulls his still hard cock out of her and moves back to the chair to regain his strength. His creamy white cums bubbles out of Carlys ass and Simone rubs it around her tight hole.

Carly lays there for a moment before she goes to shower. Simone and Frank redress as she collects her belongings. Carly comes out of the shower and Frank enters letting the girls say their good byes. He is out in a flash, Carly and Simone both have their bags and are walking out the door. “Thanks for a good time my dearest. It was nice to have made your acquaintance Frank” Simone says. Frank nods “you are welcome anytime that Carly sends an invite” he laughs. Knowing this surely is a one-time venture. The girls open the door to leave and Frank Grabs Carly’s arm. “You aren’t going anywhere.” He says as he closes the door behind Simone with a Jolly Roger and set of cuffs in hand. “Carly laughs, what do you have in mind you filthy pirate?” Franks takes her bag and drops it on the floor “AARGH!”

Her walk is like a shot of whisky. Neat, strong, and full of purpose; and so many underestimate her punch. The perks of being a wall flower.