Top Decile

Magical Gifts

There was a glitch in The Matrix this morning, a moment where I found myself wanting to play a little game of chess with you. I wanted your Rook to take my Pawn. I wanted you to own it, like it was yours for the day. Just for old times sake I wore it to work. It’s in right now, as you sit before me eating your mystery meat. I bet you can’t even tell. I wish there was someway to tell you, a signal, to show you what I have hiding right in front of your eyes. Just so you have something to think abou today. Would it even cause a stir in you these days? Would you tell me if it did? Half the fun, was you telling me. what I did to you. Oh well, those days are over. I better get back to the story line. You are moving down the hall at the speed of sound anyway. I hope you have a good day. Ttys.

He sits alone in a hotel bar. It’s early and the bar is still empty but his day has been long. His mind drifts and he thinks of her. The temptress that haunts him in his dreams is starting to make his days longer and his cock harder as time goes on. He downs his Captain and Coke in one swift gulp. His throat burns and his eyes water. He closes them and he thinks his can feel her hands on his back and her lips in his ear calling to him. He opens his eyes and he is still alone in the bar. The bartender, Cecil, asks “ Would you like another Mr. Donovan?” Frank Donovan slides him a $20 and says “No Thanks, everything in moderation.” Then he stands to leave the bar.

10pm She lays in bed reading a book. She can’t sleep, she has been uninspired lately. She decides to go down stairs to the hotel bar to grab a drink. She throws on a black lace cocktail dress. She lets her hair down and it falls perfectly below her shoulders. Still wearing her make-up from the day, her skin is in perfect condition for the evening lights of the lounge. Maybe she will find someone interesting to talk to while she is down there. Someone to help her get her mind off what she needs at the moment. She walks into the open door and sees a man standing behind the bar. “Miss Dawson, what can I get for you tonight… the usual Miss?” Cecil the bartender asks. She has had an extended stay for her business this time around and has gotten to know the staff. He hands her a small glass the contents are a clear and cranberry in color. Two pieces of ice and a small stirring straw. She picks up the glass and places it to her lips, when the chilled liquid hits her skin her eyes open and she sees him there.

With her chin up she places the drink down on the bar. Then she turns her head looking over to the side of the bar and decides to take a seat over in the corner. A small table with two chairs, a sconce light affixed to the wall just above the table. The lace of her dress and the skin of her full breast glow blue from the color of the sconce. She takes a seat crossing her legs and taking in the general splendor of the evening. She adjusts herself in her seat for comfort. Little does anyone know what she hides under the lace of the dress. A little something to inspire the right person, if he is the kind of man interested in being inspired. The man at the bar stands and moves closer to her, taking a seat at edge of the bar he sits and stares at her. The bartender hands him another drink and he takes a sip before he sets the glass down. He stares at the woman intently but she refuses to look in his direction. She is afraid of what might happen if she looks him in the eye. Just then a gentleman comes up to her, a stranger. He asks her if she would like to play a game of pool. He offers to fill her glass. She accepts his offer and strolls over to the pool table. Leaving the man at the bar to stare at the way her hips sway as she walks with her back to him. The man at the bar stands again and positions himself to watch the game of pool being played. Listening to the conversation between the woman and the man playing the mindless game. Small talk, nothing of importance. The stranger is nothing but a sheep, and wolves don’t worry about what the sheep are doing. Why is she even entertaining this ass-clown with a game anyway, he wonders. If she wanted a refill, he would have been glad to fill her with anything she wanted.

Finally the game is over, one game turned into an evening of wasted time. He can over-hear the man asking the woman if she would like another. He knows what this guy is thinking. He wants to get her drunk so that he can get what lies under her extremely short cocktail dress. She respectfully declines and the stranger walks away with his tail between his legs. Taking her empty glass to Cecil, she thanks him for his skills, not everyone makes her favorite cocktail the way she likes it, but Cecil does. She tips him handsomely. Walking around the bar she drags one index finger across the shining clean surface. Opposite from the man who has had his eye on her all night long. They have played a perfectly choreographed game of their own all night. A game of chess, a game not meant for the weary or weak-minded. She walks once again over to the table she has occupied all night and takes a momentary seat to check her phone. Shifting in her chair again, trying to find just the right angle of comfort. She turns the screen on and she is disappointed to see nothing, not a single text. The bar now empty and the hour late she starts to stand so that she may exit the lounge.

A warm hand stops her and as she turns her legs spread, reaching around he grabs her by the hips and moves her forward. If he didn’t know any better he could swear his cock felt the heat coming off her pussy. No one is around except Cecil and he isn’t looking. He runs his hand between her thighs, up her dresst. His heart skips a beat and he looks up to the sky.. She isn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy is wet, so wet. Instinctively he thumbs her clit up and down softly. She is slick, she spreads her legs further and he steps forward. She places her hands on his forearms and he leans into her. She can sense that his cock has hardened. “Are you going to fuck me tonight?” she asks. “Do you want me to fuck you tonight?” he responds. “Yes Sir, I do.“ she smiles. Then he pushes his fingers deeper into her. He can hear the air hiss between her teeth. Ushering in her first orgasm in the middle of the bar, his cock seeps. He can see the stain on is freshly laundered pants. She stands and ushers him to follow her with her eyes.

The minute they reach his room her dress falls to the floor and she steps out of it. Still wearing a tall pair of strappy heels and a pair of thigh high fishnets thigh-highs. A deep red corset and nothing. He compliments her on her attire as she lifts one leg on to the foot of the bed. She runs her hands up her stocking from her ankle to her thigh. Running her hands up over her hips and back down the roundness that is her rear, she leans forward once more and spreads herself slightly. Oh yes, there is it. Shining in the lights of the city that shine through the window. She stands again and turns to face him. Her breast are full and pushed up and she has an ass to match. The corset pulls her waist in and the heels elongate her legs. Mr. Donovan watches the entire spectacle as he removes his clothing. She takes her seat on the corner of the bed. Legs crossed she leans back onto her hands. Her back arches and she closes her eyes. Walking up to the bed he puts one hand around her neck and it lengthens for him instantly. Then he runs his hands across her smooth skin unclipping the first 5 hook & eye clasps. Allowing his hand to slide between the herring bone fabric and her warm skin. Reaching in he fondles her pillowy breaths. Rolling her nipples between his fingers. He pulls one out and taste it. She takes like honey and morning rain.

He walks over to the front of her and she takes his cock in her mouth. Reaching forward, as she readies him with her oral pleasure, he runs his fingers between the fleshy soft skin of her wet pussy. She is still wet from the orgasm he caused her in the bar and her clit is still swollen yet soft. The outside of her lips are shiny and wet. He slides one long finger into her chasm. Her hips jerk and her lips pucker, putting more suction on the length of his cock. She is the best at what she does with her mouth. He stands and she releases him from her oral grip. Walking around he kneels to the floor spreading her legs wide. Her ass hangs slightly off the edge of the bed. He places one hand just at the peak of her mound and the other is positioned with fingers gripping at the neck of the princess. He runs his nose between her folds and inhales her scent. Licking once and using his hands to spread her lips apart he devours her. Running his tongue up and down, sucking on her hardened little clit. She reaches up taking her exposed breast in hand as he pushes and pulls the purple diamond like plug to the crest of her opening before allowing her body to suck it back in. She can feel his warm tongue on the lips of her pussy. The way his mouth moves is genius. She can feel the plug as he pulls, it feels like it is going to bust her rear opening wide but he never allows it. He instructs her to turn over, she does as she is told. He lends a hand print on her ass and she instinctively raises her self higher. Encouraging him to spank her again. Over and over until she can feel the mercury rise between her thighs. He spreads her cheeks and lips apart as he hovers over her rear. Agitating her pussy from behind. He starts to pull the plug all the way out before shoving it back into her hard. Spitting on her hot hole before each plunge it takes. Smacking her thighs and rounded ass. Fresh hand prints litter her tender skin.

Holding his steel up to her crevasse he strokes her flesh up and down. Her hips fall back, she wants him to enter her. He moves back, it’s too soon. “Don’t you want it, don’t you like it?” she asks with pouty lips. He wants to fuck those lips again before the night is over. Then he dives into her. She envelops him and he can see her juice coat his cock with a thick glisten as she reaches back and pulls on her left thigh. Exposing the sight to him, so that he can see what he causes her to produce. With one knee on the bed and one foot on the floor she starts to move her nice round cheeks in a rhythmic dance. Just the left and then just the right. Then both together. The red marks on her ass are moving like a swirling pinwheel. Forward and back she moved up the length of his shaft as he stand there. Harder she pounds herself on to him. Then he grabs her by the ass, like a Commandant taking the helm. He has had enough of her show he wants to fuck her straight forward, hard, fast and deep. He can feel his cock hit her high up into her shallow pool. He is so big and thick she can barely accommodate him. But she is just long enough to take him in all the way to the root. His hips connect with her ass and magic happens. “Can you feel that?” he ask in a seductive hiss. Breathless and wanton for more she gratifies him “ I can feel you Sir, I can feel it” with her words of pleasure she feels him harden and lengthen to his maximum. She herself cannot hold on anymore. Reaching down she softly circles her clit as he annihilates her from the rear. He can feel her squeeze him in a pulsating rhythm of sporadic muscle contractions. The walls of her lagoon moves in rolling waves that he can feel from his head to his base. This only encourages him to fuck her even harder. He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold on. He pulls out of her and she stills.

Lowering herself onto her knees she looks up at him. He does not move. She slowly moves towards him and slides her hands up his thighs. Taking one of his balls into her mouth she sucks on it and quickly lets is go, creating a popping sound. Repeating the same thing with the other. She has never has his balls in her mouth and she likes the way they taste. Giving them one last lick she continues on to the object of her desire. He can feel her breath on his cock. She licks just the tips of his thick member. One hand at the base and one hand cupping his balls. Softly massaging them with just the tips of her fingers, her hand starts to move in a spiral like movement around his shaft. The head of his cock rests on her lips and this only agitates him. She smiles and then takes him into her mouth. With her knees spread she reaches down and starts to circle herself. Ushering in her own orgasm again. Sucking his thick cock turns her on more than even he can imagine. Something about the way he moves and the way he tastes. Watching her do that reawakens the beast that lies with him. He starts pounding into her mouth likes it is her pussy all over again. So hard that she has to put her hands back onto his thighs to steady herself. “I want to see your pretty face while I fuck your mouth” he says and he moves her hair to the side. Holding it into place as he watches his cock slide in and out of her mouth. He pulls just a little and her head tilts to one side. He can see the head of his cock bulge from the inside of her cheek. She looks up at him as he pummels her mouth. She starts to cough and she pulls back. Pulling her back onto him, her neck elongates and he can see the straining of her neck muscles trying to take him all the way in with out gagging. Her lips look like a personal cock pump made just for his pleasure. She coughs again her lips starts to hurt. Her cheeks are sore and he watches still. If he wants to fuck her mouth hard then she is going to let him. Letting her hands fall to her own thighs she gives him full control. Looking her in the eyes as he fucks her, she blinks twice and droplet stream down her face. He cant even hear the gagging he is causing. So lost in the pleasure she causes his senses go numb. Finally he slows, and she knows what he is about to unleash. Softly he lets the head of his thick hard cock bounce off the back of her throat, short slow strokes. She can feel the base of his cock pulse on her lips and she feels it. His thick hot load spurts with force onto the back of her tongue. He stops in motion and she takes over. Moving slowly up and down sucking everything down that he will give her. Removing her lips to from him she holds his cock up to her lips and opens her mouth as she looks up at him. Moving her tongue about his cloudy fluid moves up to the front of her mouth like a slow moving geyser starting to bubble over. Then her top teeth cover her bottom lip in a devious smile and she swallows it all before his eyes. One last drop seeps forth and she takes it with her tongue. Effectively sucking him dry. She cleans his cock off with her mouth in once swift movement and his body quivers with over stimulation. She stands and redresses. He sits on the edge of the bed. Trying to collect his thoughts. He is not sure anyone has ever sucked his cock like that before. She walks up between his legs, placing one hand on his shoulder. Looking down at him, she tells him she will meet him in the morning to go over the agenda for the days meeting. He runs his hand up her black lacy dress one last time. He removes her hand from his shoulder and kisses her palm. She winks at him and turns to go back to her own suite. Both thoroughly fucks and tired, they will both crawl into bed after a nice hot shore. Still wet from the water that cleanses they skin. The cool sheets on their bodies.

After her shower she walks over to the door that adjoins their rooms and unlock her side. He hears the rustling of the lock and chain. He stands and opens his door as well. There she is laying in bed, nothing on but a smile. He crawls between her legs head first. “I guess one more round never hurt anyone” and he tastes her again.

Mischief and disobedience do not go unpunished, and I have been very bad. Spank Me… I dare you!




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