Time Lapse

Refractory Period

Between the amateur and the professional…. there is a difference not only in degree but in kind. A skillful man is, with in the function of his skill, a different psychological organization. The time immediately following orgasm which renders you immobile, is of my particular interest. Filled with endorphins and high off the chemicals your own body produces. In a way we are all drug addicts, addicted to the high we give and get in return. What is your refractory period?

She lays in bed staring at the alarm that glows in the darkness of her room. The ceiling fan is on high but she sweats. She isn’t sick, not in the least. This sweat is the good kind, the kind that attracts. The kind that inspires. The diameter of her light pink areolae have shrunken and firmed, now darkened in color. Her nipples peak and become hard like the soft round beads. She runs her palms over them and catches one between her fingers. Why does she sleep in the nude? she wonders. Her thoughts momentarily drift, wondering if he is awake too. Unable to sleep, sitting in a darkened room wondering what she is doing. The light of his phone illuminating the walls around him as he starts to read her thoughts. The idea is an unlikely reality, so she returns to the task before her.

Kicking the cool, soft sheets off her body she lets the swirling air of the fan caress her soft smooth skin. She wonders what it would be like to have him next to her. She would have already woken him with her rustling, grazed his hips with her hands until he turned his blazing eyes on her. For now she closes her and envisions that her hands are his. The mind is a beautiful thing to behold but, naive if you are clever enough to fool it. She spreads her legs and runs her hand down her torso, she spreads her soft lips with her fingers. She is already wet, slippery even. Running her fingers through her warm moist folds her middle finger falls into her own abyss. The opening of her body tightens and narrows. She feels her engorged flesh beneath her hand and she instinctively rolls her nipple between her thumb and forefinger with her other. Taking her thumb and lightly flicking her nipple causes her pelvis to jerk. It feels better than you can imagine, all the senses heightened by the softest movements. Sometimes the most powerful orgasms are caused by the simplest acts of pleasure. Reaching over she pulls her long thick hand-held vibrator from the side table drawer. Her pussy is so wet she requires no additional lubrication. Although upon second thought she would like to have his mouth on her wet pussy right now. Licking her, teasing her, sucking her. The thought is tantalizing as she slides the long pink vibrator in her hot slick hole. She feels the soft touch of the rabbit ears press up against  her swollen clit. She presses the button and feels the light hum of the toy. Immediately her pussy latches on to the machine and sucks it in further. Rolling and pulling each nipple her body starts to dance alone between the sheets. Pushing her self to a heightened state of unawareness. She presses the button once more and the humming between her flesh becomes more urgent. Her body jerks and her pelvis shudders in irregular intervals. The skin on her chest is sex flushed and she feels the head of the vibrator teasing her entrance as she pushes in and out of her self. Her breathing is hot and heavy and once again her eyes close and she sees him on the inside of her lids. Imagining the vibrator is him pounding into her and that it’s his hands on her chest, she opens her eyes again to the darkness of the room. Turning over on to her front she bends at the knees with her ass in the air. Her head down into the pillow beneath she spreads her thighs. Never letting go of the vibrator. Her pussy now slick she reaches back placing her hands on her ass. She squeezes her skin pulling her cheeks apart giving herself her own access to her sweet pussy.

Stabilizing the vibrator on its base she sits upright. Reaching out with one hand on the wall and one hand on her breast that hang, thick and full at her front she starts to move up and down the length of the long thick vibrator. Taking it all the way to its base. Closing her eyes and listening to the hum of the machine she loses herself in the way her pussy feels. She can see him again, in her mind it is him she is riding. He lays there quiet and motionless. His hands only move from her round rump to her round breasts. His cock is long and thick and she likes that he sits there and lets her please herself with his wand. Harder and harder she rides him until he starts to meet her request half way. Thrusting his hips up his cock pounds into her as she hovers over him. Taking her breasts and using them as leverage for his assault on her wanton pussy. His cock extends. She leans into him and he takes her breasts in his mouth, his hips calm and he allows her to dance alone once more. Short, fast, pounding movements her; her hips rise and fall effortlessly, her pussy sheaths his cock, up and down. Quick and fast, her body never touching his. Reaching back he uses his hands to control the tempo of her body by her ass, like it’s a steering wheel for his use. Faster he pushes and pulls on her thick round ass. Listening to the clapping of their bodies as she does all the work. Her mind senses her body is close and she carries on without thought. Her skin is starting to prickle and the heat begins to close in around him. A pleasurable pulsation of neuromuscular euphoria takes her over and she throws her head back as she takes him all the way down to the base. She feels him hit her all the way up inside her body as her pussy latches on to him pulling and squeezing. Refusing to let go as she rides him back and forth. She feels his own rapid rhythmic contractions. Her liquid seeps from her on to the bed sheets and she collapses. She falls asleep, filled with the drug her body releases… refractory period. She is satisfied until tomorrow.

He could have had an orgasm just from the mind-fuck she was giving him. Her thoughts, lead to their actions. Time to Celebrate!




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