The Merovingian (via Whyte Peacock)

Dear Mr. Ripley

Feedback Loop – Channel or pathway formed by an ‘effect’ returning to its ’cause,’ and generating either more or less of the same effect.

You see there is only one constant. One universal. It is the only real truth. Causality. Action, reaction. Cause and effect.     What is the reason? Soon the why and the reason are gone and all that matters is the feeling. This is the nature of the universe. We struggle against it, we fight to deny it; but it is of course a lie. Beneath our poised appearance we are completely out of control. 

The Matrix

There is a desk just across the way from me. It has a laptop and a phone. It is filled with papers and the desk caddy has pens and paperclips. I want to see the papers wrinkle under my skin. I want to hear the paper clips fall to the floor. I want to hear the crashing of the pens on the tile. I might move the expensive laptop off to the side. Maybe you could take the phone cord and bind my wrists. Lets take a ride on the x-ray table, make a little radiation of our own. No exposure required, it’s all digital anyway. We don’t even need to speak, clothing is optional. Help me crinkle up the table paper in room # 4. Or maybe you prefer a room with no windows, dealers choice. I had a bite of the chocolate cake but I’d like to have a bit more. Let me cause your erection and see what the effect will bring. Better yet.. I want you to be the cause for a change. I want you to work hard at giving me what I desire. Lets make this a mutual agreement for a change. Bend me over the table, Lift up my clothing and expose me to you. Look up close as what you want. I will let you leave the light on. Explore it. Every crease. Touch it with your fingers. Taste me with your mouth. Use all the tools you have, make me believe you want it. Make me believe it, because right now I don’t!

She walks into the door it 6:45. He told her he would arrive at 7. He wants her to have 3 things no questions asked. Her hair in a braid, her bent over the table with the princess in place, and something clamped down on those tasty little nipples of hers. She wants to please him, so she does as she is told. In return, for her willingness to submit, he will give her what she needs…his dominance. “I’m here” the text reads. She lets him know the door is unlock and she is waiting in Room #3. He enters the back door cautiously. She has already given him the floor plan and he knows exactly where to go. He is nervous, like it’s the first time. There is no one here, relax your mind. He sees the door on the right. the lights are off and the door is cracked. He never turns on the light but the computer screen illuminates the room and he can see everything he needs to. She is waiting just as he asked. She is bent over the exam room table, her hair in a braid. He steps between her legs spreading them and pulls the braid back with one hand. The other hand is resting on her ass which is covered with a long black skirt. He whispers something inaudible in her ear, and without hesitation she says “Yes Sir” She reaches down and  lifts her shirt up, he wants to see her tits pressed firmly against the cold blue leather of the table. With her arms stretch forward he walks over to the sink. He cuts a long piece of stockinette from a spool and binds her wrists together. Then he returns to the space between her legs and lifts her skirt. He lays his hand on her ass hard, twice, then the fun begins.

She steps on to the small step stool aside the table and turns to face him. She lays back hands bound above her head. He pulls up a chair and pulls her closer to him. He has every intention of making up for missed opportunity. He licks her with the tip of his tongue once then twice. He can already feel himself harden slightly. He is a man, he has done this before why is he so hard for this woman…? He looses his face inside the warm wet chasm of her womanhood. He reaches down and strokes himself as he tastes her. He doesn’t even need to play with the jewel. Once he touches her with his mouth she instantly clenches herself around the steel and she can feel with full weight and fullness of it inside her. He wants to feel it though. He has to see it. He reaches into her with two fingers. It feels even bigger from the inside. He can feel how her body has cause it to heat up, her inner thermometer is now at a boiling point as she nears an immanent climax. Working his fingers in and out of her as he tastes each and every piece of flesh, has him raging with need to be in her. She doesn’t know whether to speak or stay silent but she is going to cum. He feels a small pulsation on his fingers and between his teeth. He pulls out of her and stands to lean forward to bite one of her nipples lightly with his teeth. This causes her to pulsate one last hard time and on inaudible sound escapes her lips. He tastes his fingers and stands before her.

 She can see his hardness through his clothing. She sits up, not quite face to face with him. As she stares up in his direction she feels him with her hands. She walks over to the stool that rolls around the room and finds herself rolling in his direction. She releases him from his confinements and he is so hard he stand at attention. Looking up at him with her eyes wide open she licks him upwards from base to tip. Both wrists still bound she takes his shaft between both hands and using her mouth on this head she begins to make him understand how much she enjoys the part she plays in his game of cat and mouse. She can feel the plug pushed up even more into her as she sits on the rolling stools her mouth begging his cock to seep for her. He is so hard she doesn’t think he will last much longer. She stands and circles him, like a strategic game of chess she takes her place. She is a rook and he is the king of the board. Castling is about to take place.

She steps up onto the small step stool, raising herself to meet his height. He approaches, stalactite for her cave. She looks back with one leg on the table, she arches her back and finally their skins meet. He stills, not sure of the choice he has made. She reassures him as she turns back to face the wall she eases herself on to him. Two people using each other as an outlet.  Two like-minds, with a different set of parameters they abide by. Once he finds himself completely submerged Mr. Hyde makes his sentiments known. He wraps his hands around the rope of hair before him and pummels her repeatedly. Assaulting her from behind. She uses the hands he has bound together to braces herself against his force. He takes out on her all of the pent-up frustration she has cause. If she wants it he will give it to her. He issues another smack to her ass as he rams her. Her silence is broken the sounds that she makes let him know that he was everything she expected him to be and then some. He is so focus on the ass at hand he never hears her. He would have probably spanked her even more if he did. He needs to get it all out of his system every client who told him to get lost, every nurse to fucked up his day.  He can take it out on her with no questions asked. Her climax is near, the battering has caused her to reach her peak. He is relentless in his ambush. “Tell me when I make you cum”  he demands ” Yes Sir” as he pulls her hair back so that he can look at her. Her pussy is beginning to jerk and he can feel her pussy grab his cock. She squeezes him, pushing him up against the plug “I’m cumming” Finally release… his cock is covered, his dick has felt the full gravitational pull of her vice. Over and over again he can feel the pounding and the pressure of her pushing him and he forces his way into her. A surge or electricity pools at the head of his cock. He can feel the tightness before the release. She feels him harden and lengthen one last time to his full extent. “Let me taste you Sir” he pulls out of her she turns and wrapping her bound hands around his thick cock. She persuades him to cum in her mouth, working his head with the suction of her lips. Beckoning him to launch cum down her throat. Let it run down the back of her throat Sir. She wants to feel it and taste it. His mind is spinning, he stumbles back. She can see his cock still dripping. She approaches “Let me take care of that Sir”. She kneels at his feet and cleans the mix of their fluids off his still raging cock. She stands and he brushes himself off after replacing his coverings. It’s time to regroup, focus and start the day. A day with endless possibilities. Not everything ends in disaster, not even beautiful ones.

Am I the Cause or am I the Effect?



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