The Collar

Delicious Torment

I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His sweat dripping on my skin. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his sexuality. The touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don’t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own two feet, not to cling all that I am capable of doing but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding

She wakes to find on the pillow next to her a Blue Tiffany box. Wrapped in 800 thread count sheets she picks up the small folded card that lies atop the box. No Woman truly knows what she is, until she has worn a collar. Then she opens the beautiful blue box and sees a beautifully crafted collar. It is small, 1 inch thick with a diamond cut loop in the center and two diamond like adornments to each side. The collar is made of a soft leather material lined with even softer velvet. Feminine enough to be worn as a choker or a day collar. She wonders what he has up his sleeve. She puts on the collar and starts her day.

collar 2

Later that evening they sit quietly at a table.. “Do you like your new Jewelry?” he asks. “Yes Sir, thank you.” she responds. “Is it comfortable? Does it fit well?” he asks out of concern. He always wants to make sure that his submissive is always comfortable in all of her restraints. Even the most subtle ones. “Yes Sir, it is very comfortable, I like it very much. I shall wear it when ever you like.” she says. “Good, you shall where it whenever you are in my presence unless you are told otherwise, and it needs to be available at all times in the event I choose to control you from afar, do you understand?” he says. “Yes Sir, I understand and do so willingly.” she smiles, and they finish their meal.

Upon their return to his house she is instructed to retreat to the play room. She does as she is told and wears only her collar and a light pink corset with black embroidery that falls just under her breasts. No panties, stocking or shoes. She kneels facing the window, the large shudders are open and they face a large wooded area. She breathes deep, taking in the clean air, knowing he will enter any moment. Her heart races and her breathing quickens. She closes her eyes and places her hands on her thighs. She is uncomfortable at times. She is still learning how to let go of all the control. She is still learning how to be comfortable with her body and how he looks at her. She doesn’t know what he thinks and she doesn’t dare ask. The last time she did he left welts on her that didn’t disappear for 2 days. He told her that if he didn’t want her here she wouldn’t be here and that was all she needed to concern herself with. She hears the door but her eyes stay closed. His foot steps approach and his fingers lift her head up towards him by her chin. He attached a small chain link lead to her collar about 18 inches long. The chain falls between her breasts. Taking the chain and leads her up to her feet. He stands staring at her, she can feel his eyes on her skin. Examining every part of her as he circles her body. She closes her eyes and he smacks her on her ass “open your eyes.” he commands. He wants her to watch him, watching her. He can sense her fear, but what she doesn’t understand is she is lovely just as she is. Every imperfection. That is what makes her who she is, and that person is the person that turns him on.

He leads her to the center of the room. There is an ottoman in the center he has placed there. She is made to bend over and he issues a lashing to her ass with the nearest flogger. There are streaks of red on her pale skin. Repeatedly he flogs her until her entire ass is bright red. She can feel the moisture pool between her thighs. He grabs her by the chain and escorts her over to the toy chest. He reaches in and pulls out a large Black Extreme vibrator. It has a large bulbous head and is only meant for  extreme clitoral stimulation. Also a hand-held stick with an oversized dildo on the end. What is he doing? she thinks to herself. He leads her over to an empty patch of carpet and forces her down, by her collar, to her knees. He spreads her knees apart with his feet then grabs the chain and circles her to the back. Pulling her back with the chain he exposes her wet pussy to the air. He bends forward with the vibrator in hand and applies hard pressure to her clitoris. Dropping the chain and hunched over her he grabs one of her nipples hard and pulls. Tugging her breast outward and then smacking her breast with his bare hand. Her head is laid back resting on his shoulder as he continued his assault. Pulling and smacking repeatedly. All the while annihilating her clit with the vibrator. “Please Sir may I cum?” she asks. Leaning in he whispers that she may cum at will this evening, no permission required. She cums all over the vibrator and her cum fans out in all directions. He never stops. She cums multiple time this way, until he is satisfied that her pussy has been tortured enough for the time being.

Leading her once again by her chain he leads her back to the chest. He removes a ring gag from the chest  and then straps it between her lips. He sits her on the chair and lifts a spreader bar up from under the chair attaching each ankle to the ends of the bar. Once she is secure he wields the new to use item, dick on a stick. His own cock is starting to grow now. He sees her pussy spread wide and her mouth in the permanent shape of a O. She can see him start to spill forth and this makes her even more wet all over again. He inches the makeshift cock into her tight pussy and starts to fuck her with it. He concentrates on the chain that hangs between her breasts. He fucks her hard and fast “I want you to cum again” he tells her and he hands her the vibrator telling her to use it. She holds it up to her clit as he fucks her with the dildo. Her pussy starts to cum. Over and over she cums, to the point of tears, her eyes squint and her long black lashes begin to run down her cheeks. She bites down on the ring gag having never experienced this kind of intense pleasure before. Once she is finished cumming he sticks the long dildo in her mouth between the ring and fucks her mouth hard with it. She starts to cough and gag but, then again, he likes that. Finally he decides that if she is going to gag on a cock it might as well be his. He yanks on her chain hard and she stands. Unsnapping the gag it falls to the floor but her lips remain open waiting for his entry. “Always so eager to have this cock in your mouth.” he says. Grabbing her by the chin with his hand and kisses her hard on the lips.  Quickly he shoves his cock in her mouth and fucks her face hard. Hitting the back of her throat. Her lips sheath his cock and with every stroke he can see the struggle on her face as she coughs and chokes on his long thick cock. She pulls back unconsciously and he can see her saliva around her mouth glistening and she gags again and spits. He grabs her by the chain and forces his cock back into her wet orifice, fucking her mouth even harder. Every time he rams into her mouth he pulls the chain tighter until her head is cocked backwards and she is staring up at him. He sees his cock in her mouth and the silver chain commanding her every move.

He pulls out of her, standing up her by her lead. Then he turns her around and bends her over telling her to touch her hands flat against the seat of the chair. He spreads her legs apart at her feet with his own and issues another round of smacks to her ass, this time with the stick. Then he spits directly on her tight glory hole and eases the cock in her ass. Slowly he watches it stretch her and fill her. He starts to move it quickly in and out of her ass. Her pussy is thick and the color of rouge. He kneels behind her to grab the vibrator. As he fuck her hard in the ass with the dildo he pulverizes her clit with the vibrator one last time. Allowing her to cum harder than the times before. His cock is like a faucet he can see his own wet drops on the hard wood floor shining in the light of the moon. He needs her to make him cum. She wants his cock in her pussy. No other cock will do. He tosses the dildo across the room with force and drops the vibrator at his feet. He enters her pussy from behind. At last, like a fish in water. He can feel his cock swell and thicken. He reaches forward grabbing the chain. He pulls it and the collar spins around. Her head is forced back so that she has to watch him as he obliterates her from behind. “Don’t close your eyes” he instructs. “I want you to watch me fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked” he tells her. He pounds into her, never letting the chain go. She never takes her eyes away from his. He stares at her intently. Her pussy starts to hurt from the pounding but, it feels good she wants him to fuck her harder. She burns for him to bruise her until he cums. He feels her around his cock. She is going to cum. The tightening gives her away. His balls start to tighten and gravitate upwards. She cums all over his shaft. He pulls out of her and he sees the remnants of her liquid on his shiny cock. He turns her and jerks her forward one last time by the chain. Her mouth is up to his cock, looking up at him she slowly opens her mouth and he releases the chain grabbing her head with both hands. He drives his dick into her twice and then slowly moves her head back and forth at the pace he chooses. Letting the tip of his cock bounce off the back of her throat softly he shoots cum hard into her mouth. Cradling her head between his hands they sit there until he releases everything to her. She swallows every drop. Allowing the thick hot cum to run down the back of her throat. Her lips are sore. Her Ass is sore. Her pussy is sore. But, she feels good. He could lead her anywhere and she would follow.

The eye of the Master will do more work than both his hands.





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