The Chair

Dear Mister….Sugar!

Now That's Cheeky

Now That’s Cheeky

She stands at the counter and he walks up behind her. He knows she likes the way his hands feel on her backside before she feels the sting of the connection. “Why are you wearing those?!” he demands to know. He goes over the rules once more. She is not to wear panties in his presence. She just thought it would be a nice change of pace. She thought he might like them. She holds her head down, she only wants to please him. He shakes his head and walks towards the sliding glass door, “you know what happens later for that.” he says and he closes the door. He has been working on a project in his shed out back. He likes to make things with his hands; create magic. A while later he enters back through the door. In his hand he carries a plain wooden chair. He has painted it black and modified the seat to his taste. Walking past her with the chair in hand, he motions her with his head to follow. She does as she is told. They enter the play room, the air is off and it is hot. The delicious torment begins.


“Remove everything that you are wearing except your panties” he tells her. “Yes Sir.” Instantly she does as she is told. Once she is undressed he instructs her to lay flat on the floor. She does so, then he takes the crafted wooden chair and places it over her, at her head and shoulders. He instructs her to put her arms through the legs. Then he binds them to the back of the chair pulling them slightly upwards. Binding each ankle one at a time and pulling them up to her hands. Her round ass is exposed. Her panties cut hard between her thick lips and he can see them struggling to break free of their noose. He hovers over her and looking down at her through the seat with a large cut out says. “I like them, but next time you ask permission before you wear them. Understand?” She nods her head that she understands and says “Yes Sir I understand.” Then taking his flogger the hot sticky punishment commences.

Everywhere her skin is bare, from her thighs to the bottoms of her perfectly rounded cheeks her skin turns hot pink in color. Lash marks begin to rise from the cords of the flogger. She begins to cry out that she is sorry and she will never wear them again without permission. He can see her pussy start to sweat, He reaches down with one finger and pulls the tightened fabric aside to see that her red swollen pussy matches her red swollen ass and thighs. Spreading her apart with his finger he pushes his way into her. Feeling her on the inside makes his cock pulsate. He pulls his fingers back out of her and a slight trickle follows his fingers, he smacks her once more hard on the rear with his hand. “I didn’t give you permission to do that little girl.” She moans as trace amounts still continue to bubble up. Using his pocket knife he releases her of her bindings.  He instructs her to sit atop the chair, rear facing. As she stands, beads of sweat fall down her face and back, she sees the chair has a large notch cut from the seat in the shape of a triangle. She straddles the chair to sit. He stops her before her cheeks hit the chair. He takes his knife once more and he slices her cheeky panties up the sides at each hip. “Don’t worry pretty girl, I will replace them” They fall to the floor through the crevasse in the chair.

Circling her he can see her ass now bears the perfect built-in pair of cheekies. The red skin of his harsh punishment and the white skin that was hidden beneath the soft lace contrasts nicely. He kisses her neck and gently pushes her down by the shoulders until she is sitting. She can feel the cold air hitting her under carriage, her round ass hangs off the back of the chair and her slit is exposed from the cut-out. Walking over to the chest he retrieves his large hook and his spider gag. He places the spider gag on her and attaches each of its four arms to her body. Two chains lead to link cuffs for her wrists and two chains lead down to small clips that attach to each nipple. Once her gag is in place, he wets the ball of the hook with her moist lips and tongue. Running it across her cheeks he slowly inches it into her rear. “Now.. this is why we do not wear panties. We wouldn’t be able to do this if we did.” he says in a sultry voice. His hot breath is on her neck, she begins to ache for him. But her charms don’t seem to suede him in her direction.

He binds her legs to the back legs of the chair, she however must hold her arms up to the seats back herself due to her spidery restraints. He crawls under the chair and begins his treacherous assault. Starting with his fingers he looks straight up into her as he explores her inner cavern with his fingers. Every time she twitches he tugs slightly on the hook firmly affixed in her ass. One finger than two, he stretches her. Three fingers then four, he wants her to take him all in. She starts to scream every time he rams up into her and shakes his hand back and forth. Each time he pulls out, his fingers are covered in more of her excretion. He stops abruptly, crawling out from under the chair. She can hear him behind her digging around in his make shift tackle box. After all that is where the hook came from. What else is he fishing for in there? she thinks to herself. Returning with vibrator in hand, he runs his hand down her wet back, grasping the hook in and handle-like fashion. He pulls, applying pressure to her rear entry. She breathes deeply and she can hear the clicking sound of the vibrating wand being turned on. As the buzzing sound nears her lower lips her whole body begins to ache. TOUCH ME WITH IT, she screams. But he never hears a sound. It’s all in her head. She has to grab on to the chair back as she does she jerks her own head forward and  the clips on her nipples pull her taut. She bites down but the gag stops her teeth from grinding. As he pulls on the hook he finally presses up against her clit. Firmly he rotates the head from side to side. Leaning in he slides his four fingers high up in her. A mixture of sweat and tears stream down and she releases herself through the chair down to the floor.

Releasing her from her gag and leg cordage he circles around cock in hand. She looks up at him, tired and worn from his perfect mistreatment, he places the head of his cock to her lips and says “Suck.” Her blue eyes close and parting her full lips she takes him into her mouth. Long slow strokes in and out she takes him, he meets her halfway pushing into her nice and easy. He reaches down and trying to pull on the gag that is still attached by her nipples. It dangles down and he cannot reach it. One last reach down, as he grabs it, his cock is pushed hard down into her throat and she starts to gag and cough. He feels the breath come up from her bowels as she does and he drips into her mouth. Shoving his cock deeper still down her throat.

Stopping quickly to keep himself from cumming she stills, careful not to move. His urge subsides and he is safe to remove his steel from her mouth. As he walks around her, she places both knees on the chair and grabs the chair back with her hands. Her ass out, he grabs the hook and pulls her back onto his raging cock until her warm wet slit takes him down to the base. Like a joy stick he pushes and pulls her back and forth by the hook, feeling the weight of it from her insides. Quickly he starts to thrust into her, like a jack hammer. Her walls close in around him tightly and he can feel a rush hit the head of his cock. He removes himself quickly and a gush of fluid follow out of her as she screams. Only he makes her cum like this. She turns to sit taking him into her mouth once more. As she siphons him dry she fingers herself causing an even more explosive reaction. Slowly she draws every drop out of him, just the way he always requests. She likes the way he sounds when he cums, it’s sexy. He is sexy, and that is all there is to it. He could have her anyway he wanted her and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

A drained man stagers back. He realizes that  still in his hand is the hook. He pulled it out and didn’t even realize it. He wants to tie her up and spank her until she is pink, then fuck her everyway possible until its time to clock-in. But will he?



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