Surrounded By Suits

Scene 6: Orgasm of the Mind

“Frank, May I try something?” Carly asks. With hesitation Frank replies ” yes.”  “Close your eyes” she says. Frank closes his eyes and Carly begins to undo the tie around the collar of his shirt. He looks so sexy in a tie she thinks to herself. Taking his hand she leads him over to the bed and sits him down. She crawls onto the bed behind him on her knees with his eyes still closed she takes the tie and wraps it around his face. Frank seems nervous, he doesn’t like not having control. But, he trusts Carly and he sits there with all of his senses heightened and allows her experiment to carry on. Carly slowly begins to remove his jacket and then his shirt. All of his clothing one layer at a time. In between layers she stops to touch him, here and there with only her finger tips. Then there is silence. Frank still blind asks Carly if her experiment was a success as he chuckles aloud. Then she has his hands. She reaches down and grabs them both. Frank doesn’t know what to expect next. She raises his hands with his palms facing outward, she takes those hands and starts at the top of her body. Moving his hands slowly down. First her Face, she stops at her lips and places one then two of his fingers in her mouth, lightly sucking them and using her tongue to circle the tips of his fingers before moving his hands further down to her neck. Frank begins to breath heavy. As his hands continue to travel down the guided road he realizes Carly has taken off her little black dress. She is standing naked in front of a blindfolded Frank. She takes his palms and moves them down to her breast slowly circling her nipples causing them to become erect. He makes an attempt to squeeze them gently and she says in a whisper ” No, No.” she grabs his hands again and places them to her breast for the second time. Frank doesn’t make a move. With her fingers intertwined with his, she begins to help him to slowly knead her breast. His breathing quickens. She then takes his hands moving them down her torso. She lays him back and straddles him. Still guiding his hands she works her way to her clit. Taking his fingers she slowing begins to massage her clit.. He can feel her moisture. She begins to swell, he can feel it, the heat she creates. “I like this experiment” Frank utters. “Would you like me to remove your blind fold she asks. “NO!” he replies. His senses are much more heighten by this. Every touch is more sensual than usual. He is all of a sudden aware of all the sounds and scents, aware of tastes and touch. She slowly removes his fingers from her and puts them up to his lips, her taste on his skin is everything he knows but more now somehow. “Do you want to taste me?” she asks him in a whisper. ” yes” is all he whispers in return. She lifts herself off of Frank and then the unexpected happens.

Carly is facing Frank, he cannot feel her on his body only her lips to his. “I want to touch and taste what is mine.” he says. She begins to slowly crawl down the entirety of his body with her tongue. He feels her with his hands and she makes a slow decent downward. She is now straddling his face. He breaths her in, she smells so sweet.  With a quick flick of his tongue he tastes her. She leans down and takes his dick in her mouth and begins to create magic. A magic he cannot, does not want to, resist. “Where is our princess?” he asks in disappointment. She reaches under the cool sheets and hands it to him. He licks her and then slides it into her ass. She loves the way it feels when the cold steel enters her. He begins to taste her now more and more. Soon she is upright and as he tastes her pussy and plays with that toy she so frequently sports for him. She starts to ride his face in slow wave like motions. Her hands now on her own body, one hand in her own hair and one hand with breast in hand, she begins to cum and he tastes her. As she does he slowly pulls on her plug and she has an explosive orgasm. It’s so hard it makes her eyes squint. She dismounts him.

As Frank lays there blind to the world Carly takes him into her hands and guides his dick into her. She Starts to ride him hard slamming her pussy on to his cock over and over . Hard and deep. This isn’t the fucking that they are accustomed to. This is raw, aggressive, mind blowing fucking. He grabs one of her tits and places it into his mouth. Sucking on her harder than normal, She likes it. It feels good when they fuck hard. He is so big! He hits her in all the right places at all the right times. She starts to cum again. He can feel her contracting around his wicked hard dick. She begins to moan louder with each passing orgasm, each contraction wrapping around him harder and faster than the last. Frank still blind folded he can resist no longer. The sounds she makes, her overwhelming taste on his lips, the touch of her on his body is too much, he cums. He doesn’t think he has ever cum this hard before.

” Gentlemen, let’s take a short break. Shall we?” says a man in a plain grey business suit. Frank missed the last half of the meeting. What they were talking about wasn’t important anyway he thinks to himself. He sends Carly a text. Stop by the department store and buy me a tie for this evenings client dinner. I will need you there after all, and wear a little black dress! Carly responds: You were wearing a tie when you left the office this morning Mr. Donovan, what happened? He simply says: Nothing we are going to try a little experiment for desert.

Yes Sir…



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