Stow Away

Board Room…ASAP

Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit

There is this place I have been wanting to see over near the airport. I hear its quiet in the early hours of the morning. If we get there early enough maybe we can fuck twice. Once because we need it, and twice for good measure.

Hidden away in the secret compartment of my car is my peculiar little pet. It’s a fabulous little creature that I use when I have you on my brain. I want nothing more, Sir, than for you to break it in on it’s Maiden Voyage. I will arrive just as you like me: PP in it’s place. The rest is up to you. The instructions are easy to Remember:

Step 1:: Get a Willing and Loyal Subject         Step 2:: A taste to ready the subject               Step 3:: Two clicks of the button                   Step 4:: Taste subject again                       Step 5:: Slide it in, nice and easy               Step 6:: Slide it out, nice and slow               Step 7:: Repeat Steps 4-7 Over and Over   Step 8:: Enjoy the show

Then after I cum, Fuck Me until I cum again. After that make me sit on your cock until you are ready to explode. Then fuck my pretty little mouth until I have no other option but to swallow your load.

Roger just moved to town, he’d be pleased to make your acquaintance. That should be all the motivation you need… You know how to find me.