Standard Operating Procedure

Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

Shock and Awe (technically known as rapid dominance), is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.

She kneels, always kneeling, before him with a hand full of his dick. Eye to Eye with a bomb getting ready to explode, does she duck and cover or does she stand up to her adversary? She opens her mouth and takes him in all the way down to his base. She works back slowly, sucking the napalm pooling inside of him. All it takes is two long deep strokes with her hand as her mouth concentrates on his crown. The pin has been pulled and there is no stopping the blast. Her O-Shaped lips welcome her fate and it happens. BOOM! A series of aftershocks allow him to empty his rounds in to her.

She sits at tall kitchen island eating her breakfast made of fruit and granola. The scenery out in the distance is beautiful she couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay on a mini-getaway. She hears the door open and his footsteps coming toward her. In seconds she can feel him at her back, hard and ready. She reaches back and surrounds him with her palm. Her finger tips graze his thick head and she can feel it jerk with anticipation of her touch.  Taking her by the shoulders he turns her body towards him. Her thumb circles his head and she can feel the warm stickiness seep through his clothing. “What a waste…” she says as she kneels and leans in. She unzips him and exposes just the head of his shiny tip. When he is fully upright he crests the waist band of his pants, only a fool would miss such a spectacle. He feels her tongue, it’s warm and moist. Then her thick lips kiss the tip of his cock, in an instant she stands and slips away from his grasp. He turns to follow and only sees a trail of clothing left in her wake.

He finds her wrapped in a satin sheet standing at the foot of the bed. She holds the sheet up with one hand it’s gathered at the breast. When he approaches, she slowly eases on to the bed. She feels his leg between hers and his knee pushes up against her humid flesh. He takes his index fingers and lightly flicks each nipple repeatedly until they become irritatingly hard. Her nipples are tight and darkened in color. He takes them into his mouth and she feels the slightest bit of his teeth. Her back arches and she squirms with pleasure. When he is satisfied that his areolar torture has been accomplished he ascends. He spreads her legs and she can feel his nose butt up against her hard swollen clit. His tongue is buried deep in her hole and he moves back and forth. Running one long finger up into her, he mouths her agitated nub. Why does he have to be so good? A rush of warm covers her like a blanket of sunshine hugging her body and she emits a silken-like fluid on to the sheets below. He hovers over her and she can see her cum on his face. Her upper body reaches up and she tastes his bottom lip with only her tongue. She tastes good on all his 2000 parts.

She rises up on to her elbows and he flips her over leaving a pink mark on her rear for good measure. When his hand touches her ass she feels her pussy pulse once more and more drops lie in waste on the sheets below. He pulls her up by her hips leaving her head buried in the sheets. He spreads her legs and helps himself to another taste. He also drip down to the sheets, if she knew she would cause a scene. She doesn’t like him going to waste when she has a perfectly good mouth to use.  He holds his cock up to her hole and agitates her from behind. She wants him to ram himself in her hard and deep but he refuses. She is spread wide with her glory hole staring him down. He spits and it’s a bullseye. He is like a sniper he always hits his intended target. With one fingers he grazes her before he pushes in to her hot conduit.  She tenses and he pops her on the bottom, he doesn’t like her resistance. She relaxes instantly he doesn’t have to make a sound. He says it all with his hands. Then she feels something new slide in. It’s soft and long, the jelly heats immediately to body temperature. It feels good and she likes the way he slides things in and out of her ass. Then she feels him enter her tight wet flesh, he is rigid like steel. But the in an instant he has removed himself. Then she feel something else sliding into her slit, He pushes and he pulls and both her holes are filled simultaneously. He starts slow and then begins to pick up speed.  He holds tight to the U-Shaped purple novelty and violently begins to thrust into her. He roots it into her several times and when his knuckles find the sensitive tissue between both holes he knows he can go no further. He shakes it violently like a child with a rattle. Her creamy extract covers the trinket. He stuffs it back into her and lets it rest. Her body falls to the bed and she sighs with pleasure.

He lies down beside her, cock in hand. She can hear the pulse beating through his veins. She turns her body and leans in. Her ass is high in the air as she bends over his staff for a taste. She straddles him and takes him in full length. From this angle she can cover him base to tip with her lips and pull back with great suction. He looks down and she is spread for him, both holes still filled. Every time she pulls back so does he. Every time she pushes forward he fills her even deeper. She sucks his cock as fiercely as he stuffs her pussy and ass. She brings him to the precipice and finally retreats. He pulls the U-shaped toy from her orifices and sits up. He buries his face into her as her face is planted firmly into the bed. Her sweet cream covers his lips and his finger-tips leave marks all over the insides of her thighs and cheeks from spreading her wide to taste all she gives. He pulls and sucks on her flesh until it is swollen and reddened to his liking. He can’t wait any longer, he doesn’t want to. Coming up to his knees, he sinks himself into her, even after all the play she is still so tight. But he slides in with ease due to her wetness. She reaches down and he can feel the very tips of her fingers on his pouch as she circles her extremely swollen nub. He has no intentions of stopping this time, not until the very last minute. He feels too good as she surrounds him, squeezing him in ripples as her body buckles with each orgasm he gives her. He pounds into her hard and deep one to many times and even though he tries his best, one thick wad of cum blazes in the air covering her shutter doors as he exits. The rest will not go to waste, she turns on her back and takes him in. As he thrusts gently into her his cock enters her throat, she never stops circling her own flesh as she takes in his delight in her.  When he is empty and satisfied he pulls back. Her fingers still covered in him she takes his buck shot and removes what’s left one finger at a time. Nothing will go to waste today.

In a world full of trends; I choose to remain classic.