Scene 26 : Take It!

I must warn you, my thoughts are dangerous and impure. I could totally go for some of you right now. I seriously wouldn’t mind if you just grabbed my face and kissed me. That’d be great! If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens. It’s not that I’m always horny. It’s just that you are always so fuckable. I’m addicted to the dark parts of you that no one sees.

Carly is the kind of girl who could seduce you from across he room. So you can only imagine how fast she’d slay you from close range. Frank is the kind of guy who gets under your skin, he is a sleeper. Only after it is too late do you realize how much you want to explore every part of him. Frank and Carly sit in a board room overlooking the Mississippi. They await new prospects. Unexpectedly Frank asks ” You know what is really powerfully sexy?” Carly sits awaiting his explanation. He continues on… “Presence, Taste for adventure, Intuition, quick wit and a beautiful woman with a dirty mind.” He stands and positions himself behind Carly’s seat. His words disturb the rhythm of her pulse and she likes it. Without being asked she stands and leans forward slightly and looking back at him says quietly “It’s not going to spank itself.” Frank lifts her skirt and leaves a hand print on her ass cheek. She sits slowly and he returns to his seat. The potentials enter the room and business begins.

They break for the rest of the afternoon. . Everyone goes their separate ways. The men surely want to talk strategy with out The Donovan Group present, before they regroup in the evening. Carly and Frank hit up a local Bistro for a quick bite. They talk of clients and people in general. Frank thinks these people are ignorant to the business. “There is a sucker born every minute.” he says. Finished with her lunch and still feeling the sting on her skin from the morning. She stands and says ” But swallowers are hard to come by.” She takes his hand and they leave the bistro. They still have hours before they are to reconvene. What shall they do? They head back to the hotel. The drive back is distracting. As Frank drives onward to their destination Carly leans over and unzips Frank. Coaxing his semi-hard cock from his pants with her hands. Once he is free from his garments she leans over and tastes of him. He grips the wheel with both hands concentrating on driving. He stables himself as she works his shaft up and down with her hand and she lightly flicks the tip of his cock with her tongue. Freeing one hand from the wheel he rests his hand on her head. Carefully removing loose strands of hair from her work space. Up and down long slow strokes with her mouth, lips securely wrapped around him. She can taste him seeping into her mouth. “We are here” he says slowly. They pull into the garage. Frank has to force himself back behind the confines of the zipper. His raging cock throbs. She exits the rental and heads up to her room. Leaving Frank wanton for more.

She enters her room. She opens the door to their adjoining suites. She lies on her bed fully clothed and waiting. She hears the door open. A few minutes later he passes by and she can see he has undressed. She continues to lay in silence. Who will break first? He catches a glimpse of her lounging on the bed reading a book. A comical satire no doubt filled with sex, vampires and comedy. She sees him glancing and she places the book on the side table. She removes her blouse. Underneath she wears a satin kami, lilac in color with nude lace across the breast. She lifts herself on to her knees and unzips her skirts allowing it to fall down. She lays her head back on to the pillow and picks her book back up. He sits on the edge of his bed,  watching her, refusing to take his throbbing phallus in his own hand. She can feel him staring at her. With book still in hand she reaches over to a small bottle on the nite table and placed it at her side. Then she lifts her knees and spreads her legs as she pretends to read her book. Eyes peaking slightly over the book edge at Frank. With engaged eyes she takes the bottle and drizzles liquid onto her swelling slit. Spreading her lips apart, she shows herself to him. Glistening in the light. Stroking her self up and down her own length. She takes two fingers and inserts them side, her ass raises off the sheets. Her eyes never leave his and the book never falls. He stands and lingers in the threshold of the two rooms. She reaches over yet again and pulls out a small silicone vibrator with a finger loop at the base, travel size and hot pink. The unexpected happens. She brings her self up on to her knees turning so that her peacock feathers are spread in Franks direction and inserts the travel size vibrator into her tightly puckered ass. He walks closer stopping at the edge of the bed, dripping cock in hand. She straightens her body and looks back and him and says “Let’s Play.”

Easy Handling

She turns to face him. He takes the book from her hand and throws it over to the chair in the corner. It hits the ground with a thud. He is on the bed kneeling in front of her. She crawls toward him and lowers her head. With the very tip of her tongue she licks one of his balls, he likes it. She takes it into her mouth rolling around. She licks him from the base of his cock to the head before she takes him in. Reaching up with one hand she takes his balls in her hands and massages them with her finger tips. He reaches forward and grabs the loop showing from between her cheeks and starts to work the vibrator in and out of her ass slow and steady. With her other hand she reaches down and circles her clit all the while sucking on him. He smacks her and she applies slightly more suction to him. He is almost ready. She can feel his thighs tighten. He takes her by the hair to control her depth and pace. He looks down to see her full lips embracing his thick cock and he cums hard into her mouth. She never waivers, she sucks him until he is dry. She leans back onto the pillow. She spreads her legs wide inviting him in. Once recovered, he lowers his body so that his face is on the same plane as her pussy. The folds of her flesh remind him of a bi-color rose. A rose with buff pink outer petals and dark pink hardened bud in the center. He inhales her and reaches out with his tongue to taste the sweet petals that slowly open before him. He kisses her sweetness. Fervently and with a purpose. Cupping her swollen clit with his lips and sucking on her. Darting his tongue in and out of her entrance. Biting her lips with his teeth. She can feel the light vibrations still in her ass. She reaches forward and pushes his head further into her flesh. After several minutes he begins to feel himself rise again. Back and forth he looses his face in her and she orgasms. She needs more and he knows it. They sit up and she strokes him as he contemplates how he will make her cum. He instructs her to lay on her side. He slides up behind her and she lifts her leg forward. Causing her ass to grind up against him. He reaches down grabbing his cock and rests it against her lips. She grabs him and guides his staff in to her. Side by side he runs himself up in to her. Easily able to reach around to take a breast in hand. She has an urgent need she starts to grind up against his cock hard.  She wants him as far up in her as she can get him. Before she knows it she is laying on top of him. Her back to his chest and he is thrusting his dick up into her as she is spread open for him. Her slit is glowing now, radiating currents spark between her thighs. Hot and slippery, she sits up and positions her feet under his thighs. She needs him to be further in she is almost there. She starts to ride him. Her back to him she raises her hips up and down onto him over and over. He reaches up and pulls her hair braid back exposing her breasts to the mirror at their front. He watches as the flesh of her ass bounces and circles in front of him. She is enjoying herself. Not only for his benefit but for her own. This makes his dick rage even harder for her. She can feel him now meeting her with his own body. Sweat begins to pour from them. She is making sounds inaudible to human thought. He is grunting with each powerful thrust. He reaches around and takes each of her nipples between his figners and pinches them never letting go as he tugs them outward. She grinds down on to him once more and never releases. She cums and he can feel the grip strength of her walls surround him. Over and over the quaking around him and he continues to push his hips forward high up into her. Once the after shocks slow she begins the slow rise and fall yet again. Her juice seeps from between the friction of their skin. “I want to taste me on you” she says. She gracefully exchanges one hole for another. Her mouth on him once more. Urging his cock to give her what she wants. She likes when he cums, she gets satisfaction from knowing she pleases him. After all that is what a Dominant and submissive relationship is about. Control and pleasing, being pleased in return. She loses her self in the act of his pleasure. He knows this and it turns him on even more. He likes the fact that she wants to make him cum anytime and anywhere. Watching her head bob up and down thinking of this notion is all he needs. He empties the last bit of himself into her mouth. They both stare up at the ceiling wondering if they will ever get their fill of this. They drift off into sleep. 5 o’clock his phone alarm rings. “Time to get ready for the dinner meeting” he says. She stands and  heads for the shower. He moves towards his own room to do the same. She grabs him by the hand and says “Fat chance, you are showering with me.” They might be a little late for dinner.

I promise it doesn’t hurt. If it did I wouldn’t let you do it. So stop asking!  I bite my lip because you know what you are doing and I like the way it feels. Next time do it a little longer. You spend entirely too little time with them in your mouth. Linger a while, and I will make it worth your while. The possibilities excite me.






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