Southern Hospitality

3 Day Weekend

She had the feeling he wanted to insult her, by his disdain, his silence, by a certain attitude of detachment. Yet he had desired her a while ago, he still did now, she could see it by the tautness beneath the soft material of his attire. Then let him take her, if only to wound her! She hated herself for her own desire, and loathed him for the self-control he was displaying. She wanted him to have her, there, the truth was out: she wanted him to be chafing under the urge to touch her lips and penetrate her body, to devastate her if need be, but not to remain so calm and self-possessed. – The Story of O

Episode I

The three of them sit at a small quaint table. The hour is getting late. They have already drank two bottles of wine. The three of them are laughing and having a good time. Their bodies are relaxed and the atmosphere is light. Their guest stands to make her way to the bathroom.  She slides off the chair and sways side to side as she makes her way towards the hall. They all laugh. The others know that they too will sway side to side once they stand to walk as well. The couple shares a kiss and talk about how fabulous it is to see their old friend. The guest returns and catches them in the midst of their tangled lips. She clears her throat and they startle. “I’m sorry to interrupt, shall I retire for the evening.” she laughs. No they tell her. Memories come back to the last they we all together.  One drunken night of passion that they never brought up again. It had been 3 years since she had seen her friends. The guest had moved out-of-town once they graduated college. Taking a job offer in Des Moines. She was in town for 3 days and they invited her to stay with them. There was a slight shift in the temperature in that moment, a stickiness to the air. The guest sits on the sofa and lies her head on the arm rest. Her friends join her, bringing her another glass of wine. The man sits on the chair across from the sofa and the two women sit side by side. They continue their laughs and drinks into the late hours of the night. The conversation begins to slow. The fellow is beginning to nod in and out of sleep unconsciousness. When the woman asks her guest, if she remembers ‘That Night.’ “How could I forget” she says sitting up to face her friend. The guest rises to stand and make her way to her room, when the woman stops her. Pulling her back down she puts her long slender fingers to her guests full lips, and they kiss.

The guest runs her fingers through the womans hair, closing her eyes to remember if her lips still felt the same. The woman cups her guests heavy breasts and with the tips of her fingers finds her peak nipples. The guest moans and bite gently on the womans bottom lips. They care not that the man rests in the corner chair. The guest straddles the woman and her shirt is removed allowing her full figure to be exposed. The woman tastes of her pale round skin. Her guest tastes just as she remembers. The only woman who has ever turned her on. The woman find each other in the nude, the woman lays down her guest  and spreads her legs. Crawling up between her thighs. She runs her hands down the guests body finding her wet flesh. She circles her with her fingers. The guest takes the womans breasts in her mouth and runs her hands along the lines of the womans back. With her long slender fingers the woman enters her guest. The guest cries out, the man in the chair stirs and blinks his eyes. Both women turn to him as the woman continues to slide her fingers in and out of their house guest. They never stop their dance but, their eyes invite him to join the party yet again. His mouth twitches and he sits momentarily to take in the scene and compare it to the one that lives in his brain from a long time ago. The woman he loves and the woman he lusts, before him their bodies beckon him to join in. If he is wise he can have them both.

He crawls over to them slowly removing his clothing. When he reaches to two women he leans over to kiss his partner. He tells her he loves her and kisses her neck. The woman never misses a beat, her fingers still lyrically dancing between their guests slick fleshy folds. His kisses flow down his partners torso following her long lines down to the fullness of his guests breasts. He tastes them as he looks up at his woman. Taking their guests nipples between his teeth. His partner still penetrating the guest with her fingers. She too leans and taste the other breast of the guest and they lock eyes. “I’m tired, I’m going to bed” she tells her partner. Knowing they all have 3 days to share one another. She leaves retreating to her room after a long night of wine and laughing. His eyes lock one last time with his partners. He bends to taste his guests lips, and his partner smiles and turns down the hall.

He barely remembers how she feels. He moves from her lips down to her full mound. He can smell his partners scent on his lusts skin. The two women mixed together in one aroma is intoxicating to him. The best of both worlds, his skin tingles, she raises up to watch him as his mouth works between her thighs. She can barely remember how his mouth moves. Biting and sucking her. Her pussy burns and melts between his lips. She seeps and he can taste her. All the senses are heighten. He drips with a throbbing cock for her. He straightens his back and his cock is at eye level with her. She takes him into her hand and slowly strokes him, rolling her fingers at his sticky moist tip. She reaches her tongue out to taste his juice. He quenches her thirst with only a drop. He is extremely rigid. His cock burns for her as much as her pussy burns for him. She lifts herself up onto the couch with her ass facing towards him. Taking his hand he bends her forward widening her ass to him even more. Exposing her narrow hole to him. It has been a long time since anyone has been in her. He can tell by the puckered nature of bother her holes. He feels a thick drop of fluid fall from his cock to the floor. He smacks her ass hard. His palm stings and the skin on the back of her thighs welts. He hasn’t spanked anyone is so long. He smacks her again. This time just above the first site, leaving a matching set. The light shines and he can see her moist pussy redden and swell. She still reacts to him touch. She looks back and says “I need you Frank, I need you inside of me. Make me cum” she reaches back and grasps him in her hand. He instinctively moves forward and when the tip of his cock nears the moist arena of play, he plunges in. He grabs her by the neck and draws her onto him with each thrust into her. She is shallow and tight. Warm and wet. Soft and course. Short, deep slow deliberate strokes into her from behind. Her tits in his hand, rolling her nipples around, pinching them, pulling them. He can feel her slips swell around his cock and her mound rise. “Tell me when you are cumming” he begs. He reaches up and puts his fingers to her lips. She tastes them in her mouth. Rolling the tips of the around with her tongue as he fucks her from behind. Their bodies bead with sweat and it mixes as he pulls her on to him. Her ass cheeks are red from his attack and her pussy is sore from his rage. But she doesn’t want him to stop. Every time she cums she tells him just as he asked her to. He knows she is telling the truth he can feel it around his staff and see its evidence between her pussys lips. He pulls out of her and licks her once from behind. She turns and he enters her mouth and deep throating her hard he pummels her between her luscious lips. She coughs and gags. Saliva drips from the sides of her lips. He can feel his tip at the back of her throat. He slows never pulling out of her completely. letting just the tip of his cock gently bump the back of her throat as he watcher lips sheath his long thick cock. Taking her by the hair he pulls, seconds later he unloads into her mouth. She takes his pay-load, careful not to leave a mess. He pulls out of her mouth with a moan leaving his lips. He moves to take a seat on the couch and falls fast asleep.

She stands to take a drink of water from the kitchen and starts to make her way to the room designated hers for the next 3 days. Before she enters a room across the hall opens. The woman, her old flat mate. She walks in and there she waits. “I thought you would be asleep by now” the guests ask as she sits on the bed. “NO, I was waiting” the woman replies. The guest crawls up the bed and gets under the cool sheets. “Tell me what he likes” the guest ask and she runs a hand between the womans thighs as they lay in bed naked under the sheets. ” He likes you” she said and The guests enters the woman with her fingers. Tasting and entering each other for what seemed liked hours the women finally tire and fall asleep.

Episode II

He enters the room just as the sun begins to rise. There they are, two naked bodies tangled amongst the crisp white linen sheets.  “Ladies its time for breakfast” he whispers. They both hung-over and groggy from lack of sleep, roll towards each other and  finally sit up. He gazes upon them both sets of breast covered in sheets. Out lines of their nakedness under the linen. “I’m going to go take a shower says the guest and give you two some time to yourself.” she giggles. When man and woman reappear fresh and showered they kiss and split, she to the couch and he to the kitchen. The guest sits at the table unsure of what to say. A few awkward minutes pass and finally she decided to take the reins. “So that wine, good stuff huh?” it was rhetorical. The partners look at one another and smile and the man says ” How about I pick up a few more bottles today” They all smile knowing what it implies.

The weekend is busy each are in and out all day but at night they each spend time separate and together. The woman enters the living room around 8 and says I am going out with some friends. I trust you two can entertain yourselves while I’m away. I will be back later. She kisses the man and he pats her back side lovingly then she walks over the house guest and kisses her biting her bottom lip as she runs her finger tips over the womans nipples. “save me some wine for when I’m back you two” and she is out the door. They man and the guest sit and watch t.v. for a while and talk of life and the time that has passed since they have all met. They enjoy the wine in their glasses careful not to get too drunk. “Has there ever been another?” the guests asks. “No” he says and he walks over to the couch where she sits. He sweeps a strand of fallen hair behind her ear and lifts her chin up. “Come with me!” he orders. His dominant side finally comes alive. She has been waiting for him to show it. He drags her down the hall to her guest room. She hasn’t slept in the well made bed since she has been there. He rips off the beds coverings and  pushes her down onto the mattress. He kisses her hard on the lips, she can barely breath but in an instant her pussy is on fire for him. He raises for a split second and tells her to undress. She does as her master asks. He walks over to the closet and from and old jacket pocket he pulls out a black pouch, inside there is a shiny silver plug. At the base of the plug is a brightly colored pink stone. “you kept it Sir?” she asks. “I had the intention of us using it again at some point.” he smiles she walks over to him and undresses him. Then she takes the plug from his hand and wets it with her mouth. She hands it back to him and walks over to the bed. Bending far forward spreading her self to him she turns and says “you do the honors, Sir.”

He pushes her farther forward and sticks the head of the silver trinket up to the opening of her ass. She is narrower than he remembers. There is a slight resistance as he slowly pushes it into her. Watching it stretch her causes him to rise slightly. She can feel how full it makes her feel. She swells and turns blush around her swollen lips. He reaches down and they engulf his fingers. “Tie me up sir” she pleads. SMACK! “who is in charge here” he asks. “You are Sir” she replies. “All in due time” he tells her. He covers her eyes with a long black scarf. Then turns her around and binds her hands to the bed post. He takes a sip of wine and as he kisses her allows some to seep between her lips. Its warm and tastes like him. He pushes her legs far apart and tastes her.  Running his tongue between her flesh. She hisses and her binding pull on her wrist as she is bound. The tightening around her wrist causes her nipples to rise and she cums, he doesn’t hesitate. He tongue continues its ambush on her pussy. She screams, but it’s not of pain. It’s of pleasure. The way he touches her is like no other man has touched her before. He is ready he is going to take what he wants. With her arms still above her head, he slinks up beside her body. Raising his cock with his hand he maneuvers himself into her overly wet hole. She is tight . The ass plug is large and he can feel it press up against his shaft as he enters her. He tight smooth slippery hole is almost overwhelming to the senses. He takes her breasts in hand and tugs on then with each stroke. Her body moves to meet his. Her hips circling and her breasts match the rhythmic circle of her hips. He is deep inside her and he can feel her muscles clench up around him as she cums. He takes his cock out of her hole and rubs the outside of her pussy with it from side to side. Before stuffing himself back into her and doing it all over again. He reaches up and releases her hands from their bindings. She knows what he wants.  She reaches down and touches his balls. Moving up to her clit. She rubs it back and forth gently and he can feel her begins to tighten around him. He pulls out of her and her accent slows. He reaches down and removes the plug from her ass. The heat is sensational. He can feel it on the head of his cock, the hot wet heat it creates as it slowly closes. He Hold up his cock and she lowers her ass on to him. Picking up where she left off. Her breasts circling in his hands and her hands on her own pussy. She takes two fingers and reached up into herself. She pulls out and a gush of liquid follow her fingers. His cock reaches further up into her ass. Quickly she agitates her click before burying her own fingers deep inside her pussy again. He can feel it on his cock with each forward thrust. Her pussy releases her fingers again and more liquid follows. He is almost there. With each passing orgasm her ass tightens around his shaft. The pressure is milking him, begging him to unload in her ass. Once more she reaches up into herself. He tugs on both her nipples and she sprays cum over the sheets. He pussy is contracting at a rapid rate. The muscles of her ass tighten hard around him and he has reached his breaking point. His cock releases thick hot cum into her ass. He reaches high up into her, sitting here until each contraction he has passes. She reaches down and can feel his balls jerk each time he spurts. She pulses hard one last time and he moans and shoots one last stream of cum high into her. Then he retreats. He plugs her ass back up and she rolls over. They hear the front door open and they wait. Finally she enters. “You two look tired.” The woman says and she crawls between them. The touches the guest between the deep crevasse of her ass cheeks. Then she reaches up to kiss her partner “it’s been a while since you have played with this thing. ” Then she stands and tell him he is welcome to stay with the guest this evening she is going to sleep. “I will be in later” he says. She blows a kiss to the guest and receives one in return. Before the woman closes the door she takes the glass of wine still half full and swallows all that is left. She closes the door. The man and the guest spend the rest of the night in the throes of passion. A passion they get to indulge in so rarely, and rightly so.  He ties her up and she submits to him the remainder of the night. When they are done they both return to the room where the woman sleeps and the guest sleeps between the man and woman.

It is morning, the guest wakes quietly and heads for the shower. She tries to give the partners the privacy they deserve. She steps into the shower, the water is hot. She can feel it on her raw skin. The last two night have been amazing but she throbs. She begins to wash her long hair. The shampoo begins to fall down her forehead and she closes her eyes as she rinses her hair. When she opens her eyes the woman is in front of her. The water is beginning to just wet her skin. The woman takes the soap in her hand and lathers it up the guests body. Running her long slender fingers between her breasts and up around her neck. Down her torso and around her back. She takes the same hands and  uses them to rinse the lathered bubbly skin with the hot water. The guest returns the favor. “How are you?” the guests asks. “I am fine, I know he needs to from time to time. I do too. He needs to punish you, something I cannot give him. I need you because you also have something he cannot give me.”  explains the woman. “Why is it never just the three of us?” asks the guests as the women stand in the warm shower and embrace. Their hands around each other. “We both want you to bad, but in different ways, and we don’t like to share.” she explains. “Did you know this would happen before I came?” asks the guest. “No, we don’t talk about that part of us.” explains the woman. “and when you leave we will go back to what we were before” she continues. “maybe I shouldn’t return again” says the guest. ” No!” says the woman in a commanding voice. “you will come back, we want you to come back.” then she kisses her. Its soft and tender. The guest lowers herself taking the womans breast in her mouth. She slides her hands up her legs and between her thighs. Tasting her at the aped of her mound as the hot water showers down on them both. They can feel the water begin to cool and they know its time to dry off. They open the shower door and much to their surprise there he stands. The man. The one she loves and the one the other lusts for. He hands them both a towel and kisses the woman on the lips softly. The guest looks away. “No!” he says. I want you to watch.

Episode III

He leads them both to the bed room. He commands that the guest sit on the edge of the bed and not make a sound.  She silently sits on the edge of the bed and watches as he makes love to his partner. The woman wraps her legs around him as he genteelly enters her atop her body. Part of the guest is jealous, she never gets to have him that way. She can see the way the woman stares into his eyes, its magical. He cums and stills, inside the woman. Then the woman beckons the guest with her hand. With hesitation she reaches out and slides towards them.  The woman pulls a lone silicone vibrator out of her top drawer and hands it to the guest. “Use this” she tells her. The man watches as the woman play for the entire morning. The guest shows him out she does it. Not just for the womans pleasure but for her own later. Later when he wants to use it on her too. The woman cums, all over the guests hands. A 3rd dimension, she never cums like that. His cock drips. What does he want more the dragon or the octopus? In a perfect world he could have them both for eternity, this is not a perfect world. But in this instance he chooses the octopus. Once they are done she will slide away coiling herself into the smallest hole, only to come out when she is summoned. The dragon is satisfied for now and she sits up and leans back onto the head-board of the bed. The guest turns and leans her back to the woman breast. The woman Wraps her arms around her guest and takes a breast in each hand. Rolling her palms over her guests nipples. They are hard. The man reaches down to touch the guest and she jerks. She is sore and bruised. He is gentle and with the slightest touch uses the tip on his tongue on her sensitive skin. As she relaxes and her body succumbs to his will he mounts her. Using the woman as his binding she holds the guest in place. He reaches down to take a breast in his mouth and the guest bellows out. Not from pain, not from pleasure but a mixture of both. Just enough pain to make the pleasure that much more satisfying. The woman takes a hand she begins to makes soft circles on the guests thick swollen clit. She places her fingers in the guests mouth and wets her fingers then returns to her duty. The man watches stroking his long cock rolling his wrists every time he reaches the summit. The guest cums and the woman tastes her fingers after wards. He crawls forward and also tastes her sweetness. Then he enters her one more time, slowly running himself in and out of her. The woman has her hands on his shoulders as she kisses the guests neck. His forehead is pressed between them both. The guest throws her head back and cum. Her body goes numb and as her body clutches around him he reaches his peak. He cums and the room goes dark.

They all longue around the rest of the day and evening. Snacking and drinking what’s left of the wine. The final night the guests retreats to the room she was assigned to. Content with her pleasure. The Partners linger a bit before they head to bed. As they lay there staring up at the ceiling. The woman turns to the man and says. “Go to her, we wont see her again for a while, I don’t mind.” he kisses her and says “No, I’m fine here.” She turns over and says. I know she gives you something you need. Go to her” she kisses him on the lips and he leaves the bed he shares with the woman. Silently he enters the guest room. She is fast asleep. She always sleeps nude, he remembers. He lifts the covers and crawls in. He wraps himself around her and her eyes open. “I thought you’d never come” she says. he kisses her hard enough to take her breath from her body and smacks her on her ass…

The next morning the cab arrives to take her to the airport.  They all agree to a yearly vacation here around this time of year. “call us when you get in” says the woman. “I will” responds the guest. The man hugs the woman earnestly and tell her he can wait until she comes back next year. He kisses her neck then turns to walk back into the house. The guest gets into the car and as she sits the seat stings her skin…

It’s strange what people dream, sometimes. Tell me about a something strange you have dreamt about lately. I’d be curious to know. Better yet, act out a dream you have had about me. Make it real. Just like I paint my lips with your cock, play out a dream on me.










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