Small Talk

Throbbing Vocabulary


Every Woman was born with the ambition to become the King’s Favorite. In a world of glittering ambition and mercurial passions, Princesses were bred to be proper and abiding, the mistresses of the kings were edified on an entirely different level. Pandering to powerful men who were accustomed to having their egos stroked regularly, the chosen lover of the king had her work cut out for her. If prostitution is the oldest profession in history, maintaining the position as the chief mistress to the monarch must surely have been the second.  The kind could merely lift the skirt of basically any woman he wanted, but the female who captured his special attention had to possess more than just beauty. She needed Charm, Grace, Wit, Intelligence and the ability to foresee what her powerful lover may want next. Kings often amuse themselves with their many toys but their mistresses were expected to wait quietly to entertain their lover. Catherine de Medici said once of Diane de Poitiers (to her Lady in waiting), as she watched Henri ll of France frolic with his treasured pet from a peep hole “I have never been used so well.”


And I assure you, Sir, well I am used.


Carly tosses and turns as she sleeps restlessly. She hasn’t had a good jarring in a few weeks now and it is taking a toll on her sleep patterns. R3 only manages to keep the beast at bay for so long. She gets up and goes to the closet retrieving her vibrating purple friend. On the way back to bed she grabs her phone, she might as well look for a video to entertain the mind. Something she wishes Frank would do to her to take the pounding away. She needs him to fuck her, she needs him to make her cum like 4 or 5 times. She wants him to make her squirt like the girls in the videos do, she wants to sit on his cock and let him ram it up into her until a thick milky stream of thick sticky glue slides down the base of his shaft and pools on the tops of his balls. She wants to see what it looks like from behind when her foam coats his cock from base to tip as he glides effortlessly in and out of her. She wants to taste it off him after he has made her cum that hard.


The next morning she heads out the door and heads to work. Frank is in the office early today so is Gary. Gary has been a little off for a few weeks ever since he misplaced something that he can’t seem to tell anyone about. She always catches him looking feverishly around his office when he thinks no one is around. He also look like a dog smelling the air for a particular scent whenever he is in Franks office… its very strange behavior. Frank just looks as him and chuckles to himself like he knows something he isn’t sharing, she will be sure to ask him what that is all about later. 1230 rolls around and they all are heading out the door for a meeting “Carly you can ride with me” Frank says as more of an order than an offer. Everyone else takes their own vehicles. Half way down the street she asks him what has been up with Gary. He knows exactly what she is talking about. “Look in the glove compartment” is all he says. She just looks at him strange-like and opens the glove box. Much to her amusement she finds what she has been looking for… her missing yellow panties. “Frank!” she says… “They are mine, just put them back in there and close the door” she tells her. When she sits back up in her chair and looks over to him, she sees he is stroking himself. “Gary found them in the couch that day and took them” he laughs. “I was in his office the next day and saw them in his desk draw and took what belonged to me” he continued. Carly sits mortified… She can’t believe Gary had her panties. “Relax Carly… he has no idea they are yours but it’s been a real joy watching him search frantically for them every day, sniffing the air in my office like a blood-hound. And when you get near him he starts to scratch his crotch and he doesn’t even know why. He is a great guy but the smell of your pussy sent him over the edge.


He before he even realizes what’s going on she has taken his cock in her mouth. Driving down the street he begins to get the blow job of a life time. One hand on the steering wheel and one hand on her ass. His middle finger is tapping her starfish and she thinks he is intentionally hitting all the bumps in the road. He reaches over and voice dials Gary to discuss business as she works his cock at a red light. Gary I had to make a quick stop and the bank Miss Dawson and I shall be shortly behind you boys for lunch please get a table. He pulls off into a safe place and grabs her by the hair, her mouth releases his cock with a loud pop.  She starts to climb into the back seat and with her ass in the air and her head in the back seat he stops her and spreads her. He tastes her from behind…”you taste exceptional” he tells her. She nearly cums right there just by the words he says. She gets so turned on when he talks to her. They makes their way to the back seat, knowing they must be quick and not expecting a long afternoon of play she gets into position. “I’m going to cum in you and give you something to think of all day, I know how much you like to smell me on your skin” he tells her. “You know me so well, Sir” she hums. She lifts her skirt. No Panties and plugged just how Frank likes. “Good Girl” his cock rages for her. He didn’t even see her slip it in. All the talking is over whelming to her. “Now turn around and look at me, I want to see you cum Carly” She flips over quickly and unbuttons her shirt, her massive tits fall all over the place. He skirt is up around her waist and her legs are spread. He crawls between her thighs and says “open your mouth.” He sticks his middle finger in her mouth and her tongue rolls all around it like she would do his dick. He impales her. They are both so charged up it takes no time before her tight hole contracts around him and in turn he releases into her depository.


They make it to the café for lunch not long after the others. They are all waiting in the parking lot for them as the table is prepared… It is Sunny out and frank has a deviant look in his eye when he looks at Carly and says… “I think it might rain again later Miss Dawson… what say you?” All the boys look around… not a cloud in the sky. What is he talking about? They all think to themselves quietly, and without missing a beat Carly says “Yes Sir, I do believe it might rain again later” they walk in to the café and handle business. The rest of the story can play out in your own mind.


Stroking your cock as you drove down the street was probably one of the most exhilarating things I have done. I thoroughly enjoyed rolling my fingers around your sticky tip as you waited for the light to change in anticipation. I watched you searching for the nearest hiding place all because you couldn’t wait to unload your rifle into any orifice I would give you. Knowing how bad you want it part of the draw. Even if you can’t have me some days I still want to hear you tell me. It makes the wait shorter and the orgasm harder when we finally do travel together. The King is a smart man… Someone tell him to use his words. The maitresse-en-titre would be less Bratty if he did.