Skittles (via Hummingbird)

The Art of the Geisha

When I first met her I knew in a moment I would have to spend the next few days rearranging my mind so there would be room for her to stay. She is the envy of sirens and mermaids alike, with her wine stain lips. When she speaks you study the way her mouths moves. She is everything you thought you ever wanted and more. I was so wildly attracted to her that I could feel my self going insane… Keep Calm and Taste the Rainbow.

“Are you almost ready?” she calls out as she fumbles through the bathroom drawer. Looking for something interesting to do. “I am almost ready, I just have to find a shirt to wear” a voice calls out from another room. She has it, she grabs the small white box and pulls out a thin long string. Waxed and mint flavored. She already tastes good! she thinks to herself.  She walks into the other room and she sees the object of her desire. Her figure makes the gods envious. She has long dark hair and tanned skin. Her breasts are full and she has an equally proportioned ass. She walks up and runs her hands down her bare back following the curves of her silhouette. “Turn around” she whispers into her lovers ear. Her lips touch her lobe slightly and her hot moist breath sends a burning sensation to her lovers peaks. The siren turns to face her temptress. She is holding up a long string of mint flavored dental floss. “Aren’t you supposed to floss after the Chinese food?” the siren giggles. At each end of the floss there is a small loop. She reaches up and gently pinches the sirens nipples causing them to harden. Then she places a loop around each and gives the center of the floss a small tug. Causing the floss tighten around each piece of tender flesh. It feels exquisite. “Now get dressed and get in the car.” she sends her off with a kiss lingering on her bottom lips just a little too long. She releases her lip as she turns to walk away. Her pulse quickens and the lips of her pussy quiver. Wanton for her lover to taste of them. But the night is young. The siren slips on a back less shirt. Her large breasts stand at attention and her nipples are easily seen through the soft silk fabric that punishes her sense with each step.

They reach the restaurant and as they sit in the darkly lit booth, scouring the menu they both only think about the desert that awaits them at home. Her lover runs her hands along her open back causing her pinched off breasts to rub even more against the silken shirt. Her hands are worn yet soft all at the same time. They are warm and feel good on her skin. Her nails skim the back of her lovers neck just at her hairline. She leans in to inhale her scent. She loves the way her hair smells of salon brand shampoo. The lovers talk and drink. Laughing at long distance rumors and hearsay. After they have finished their meal they retreat. The beautiful woman wants to dance, she has had a few drinks and her body feels nice. She like to have her lovers strong hands on her delicate skin. “take me some where and touch me” she implores. They make their way to the club and they dance. She can feel her lovers hands on her skin in the darkness of the club as the music pounds away at the senses. Her breasts are aching, finally she can feel her lovers fingers brush her sensitive skin. She doesn’t care if anyone else sees. “Take me out of here.” Her voice mimics the rate of her pulse.

Taking the siren by the hand she escorts her to the pastels of the bed room. She walks into the closet and retrieves a long silk scarf. It belongs to the siren. It was a gift from and old friend, teal with fine black stitching. The finest fabric from a far away land. Removing each others clothes they climb atop the soft down bed. The women on their knees, skin pressed up against each other with the siren facing away from her lover. She can feel the woman lay the soft teal silk between her thighs, reaching around she begins to run the silk fabric back and forth gently caressing the outer lips of the sirens mound. Causing her to swell with desire. The touch of the fabric, cool on her skin, feather like as it is run to and fro. She stains the fabric with her own silk. Smooth to touch if you rub it between your fingers. Her thighs graze the fabric creating a new sensation as she feels it sway past the bottoms of her ass. Her lover is trained in the finest arts. The Arts of pleasure, she knows what women like because she is one. A teacher with alabaster skin who will guide her student how to be truly admonished. For the siren is the one whom she thirsts.

She lays her siren down on the bed. The music is still pounding in her head and as her lover leans in to taste the thick pink flesh of her wet pussy, the beautiful womans body is still grinding to the beat of the music stuck in her head. The siren spreads her lips so her lover can gain access to the reddened nub swollen with desire. A dominant force takes place and she can feel her teachers lips on her clit. Sucking in rhythmic waves as she runs her tongue deep inside the sirens abyss. She can still feel the slight sting of the floss around each nipple. The beautiful siren reaches up to caress her own breasts. Pulling and tugging, as her clit begins to pulse on her lovers tongue at the same rate of speed. Her lover reaches deep inside beckoning her to cum at her hand. She experiences enlightenment and her body quakes. Her chasm seeps and her lover tastes her sweet juice. Her fingers never cease, running up into her over and over. She runs one hand up her torso making long strokes between the sirens fallen breasts. Pressing firmly at the helm of her mound, silk still in hand. Every time the siren releases her artful lover takes her to a new level of exaltation.

Grinding down on her lovers skillful hands she rides the wave to a new era. One where there is a mutual satisfaction between two souls. She doesn’t know it yet but she will learn the skills of the beautiful Modern Day Geisha. Learning to work the silks in return. If our eyes only saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be.

– B


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