Scene 23: Aroma

Fragrance and  scent have been used for centuries to enhance the experience of seduction. Having more sex may actually improve your sense of smell, which can lead to increased sexual response and more sex because you’re more sensitive to smells that trigger your libido. Odors are the natural spice of life. Men generally prefer the natural scent of a woman, women prefer the rugged scent of a man. Decreased sense of smell or loss of smell can lead to a decreased or nonexistent sex drive. How is your sense of smell?

Monday morning, 3 am, Carly has been neglected all week. Frank owes her big time, she was on her best behavior. Now it’s time for him to pay up.  She sits up in the bed unable to sleep. She tossed and turned all night. She tried self-pleasuring but, it didn’t help. She needs the real deal, it’s time.  She picks up her phone and sends a text. Play Time! 5 am be there! She wonders what he will think of this role reversal. She waits for a response…. There isn’t one. She begins to ready herself for her departure. 4:30 she walks into the front doors of The Donovan Group. She walks straight past her desk right into Franks office. He better be here at 5 am she thinks to her self. When she walks in she flips on the desk lamp. She wears nothing but a white silk robe and a white lace t-back. She puts her feet up on this desk with both legs crossed. She will wait until he arrives. She falls asleep. She wakes to the feel of course hands moving up her legs. “What time is it?” she asks. “6 am” Franks responds. ” You are late, now there is no time. I need to get dressed.” she  yawns. “There is a meeting I have this evening I need you to be there” he says. “Sure where is it?” she asks “Right here in this office. You, me and some overdue business, long overdue.” he answers.  “So I have to wait all day…?” she rolls her eyes. “Let me give you a taste of what you can look forward to for tonight’s meeting.” his voice is now deep and hoarse. He moves his hands up her thigh stopping at the apex of her legs. He can feel the steam coming off her luscious thick lips. He continues to run his hands up her body. She is still sitting in his chair. He is now behind her, she finds him releasing the string that ties the two ends of her silk robe together. It opens slightly exposing the bare skin of her sternum between her breasts. He runs his hands up the pathway separating them so that they make seek out her erect peaks. She stands and turns to look at him. She sit atop the desk now. He circles around taking his seat. He is now determined to give her something to look forward to after hours. He pulls her forward closer to him. He is inhaling her now. The sweet essence of her is luring him in. He reaches both hands between her thighs and spreads her legs. He wants to see what his body can already sense is in front of him. As she leans back, he leans in. With his nose he lightly strokes the length of her pussy, consuming her. She smells divine his cock begins to throb. He parts his lips and breathing his hot breath on her. She exhales, her anticipation is at a high point. He takes two fingers and spreads her thick lips apart. Extending his tongue towards what lie ahead. His mouth begins to seduce her mound. She soon begins to moisten. Reaching up into her with two fingers he finds her g-spot, already swollen and awaiting titillation. With his tongue nestled between her lips he consciously  teeters between sucking and flicking her clit. It bubbles up and her pussy begins to boil over with juice. Back and forth he moves his head. Willing her to cum, he wants to taste her, smell her, take her all  in just as she does to him. Slowly and methodically his mouth works overtime. She is so ready. He moves his two fingers up the length of her creating a V and as his rubs up and down his mouth flutters over her beaded up clit. He begins to feel her legs tighten, he keeps working soon he can feel the pulsating between his lips. She is cumming. He buries his face into her one last time. Lapping up what drips from her. When he ascends from between her legs his lips and nose are wet with her moisture. He wont be able to get her aroma off of his mind, he will smell her all day. His cock will rage on until he can bury himself into her. But for now he must wait.

The day ticks by so slowly. He considers letting the staff off early and paying them for a full day. Against his better judgment he doesn’t. He decides to ride the day out. Hoping it will pay off in the end. 5 o’clock all the men file out one by one. It isn’t until 5:30 that everyone is gone and they are all alone. Carly stands to lock the front door and begins to turn the lights down. She enters Franks office and he sits at his desk. He cuts right to the chase “Your pussy smells so fucking good. You are all I have inhaled all day. It has been extremely distracting.” he watches her as she saunters over to wear he sits. Slowly removing once article of clothing at a time. Leaving a trail  of garments behind her.  By the time she reaches him she is  completely nude. She reaches down and exposes his cock to the air. It is so rigid that he doesn’t even spring forward, he just stands at attention. “How long have you been this hard?” she asks him “since about 10 am.” he says. She squats before him taking her nose and softly running it up his staff. Breathing him in, when she reaches his summit she swirls her tongue around. Moistening the tip enough to leave a thin-film of saliva. The she purses her lips and blows cool air on to him. When she stands she puts one foot on the chair he sits on. Reaching down with her own hands she spreads her the lips of her slit, exposing herself for him to see. She touches her now wet fingers to his lips so that he may inhales her once more. Then she mounts him. Lowering her self down she is hovering over his cock. It is like his dick can smell her pussy now. He instinctively raises his hips so that he meets her entrance with his hard cock. Meeting him half way she slowly eases on to him. Raising her self off slightly so that she can accommodate his size as her pussy stretches and fills with him. Once she fully takes him in, he can feel that he has reached her depths. The head of his cock is right up against her dome. She places her hands on the back of the executive chair and slowly begins to raise up and down. In a deliberate fashion she circles her hips in a clock wise notion. Grinding on him pushing him deeper and deeper into her. He to is thrusting into her at the same time, hard strokes, short and exact. As she moves her clit is smashing up against his hard cock, she orgasms but she keeps up the pace. She is determined to cum again. This time all over him. He too purposes in his mind that he will make her cum again before he unloads. Taking her nipple in his mouth he tugs lightly and she throws her head back. This makes her move faster now. His hands are on her ass. Up underneath her, where he uses his fingers to spread her lips even further apart. He uses his arms to lift her and pull her back on to him. He gets lost between her breasts and she whispers that she is going to cum. He rams up into her again and she  oozes onto him. He too is ready. He lifts her off of his dick and she lowers herself on to the ground. She grabs the base of his cock and she pumps up and down slowly. She creates a siphon on the tip of his erection. Her tongue doing a dance around him. He can’t hold on anymore, he spurts cum into her mouth. She has depleted him of what he had been storing up all day. He sits back in his chair satisfied for the moment. She too stands, maybe tonight she can get some sleep. “See you tomorrow” she smiles. “see you tomorrow Carly” he says. He isn’t so sure he will be able to get her aroma off his mind or out of his nose anytime soon.

Do you want to wear me for one whole day? Do you think you can do that without being distracted by my aroma? My natural fragrance, the scent and taste; Try it! Taste me, inhale me, try to get me out of your nares.





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