Sabbatical (Via Whyte Peacock)

Addictive Personality Disorder

I was standing in the shower last night, I couldn’t help but have you on my mind. The water was as hot as I could tolerate it. I needed something to make me stop thinking of you at that moment. Maybe I should have turned the cold water on instead. That would have only made my nipples harder than they already were. I wanted you to make good on that promise for once but, you didn’t. I get it, I don’t need you to explain. I just find it hard to believe that every time there is a plan together something exceptional happens to prevent it… every damn time! Be the dominant I know you can be. All I want to do is everything you would have me to. I had no idea I took up that much of your time. In truth we barely speak, we might as well stop speaking altogether. When you pass me in the halls, just pretend I’m a stranger. Pretend you have never touched me, felt me, tasted me… fucked me. No one will ever know, your secrets have always been safe with me. We will make the slightest eye contact, people will think we are pleasant passerbys. They won’t know that with only a fleeting glance you have made me exceptionally wet. They won’t know that you can still feel my lips on you like a siphon. The skin on my ass tingles. Does your palm twitch at the thought of you smacking my bare skin? Be the dominant I know you can be. Tie me up, spank me, and fuck me for your pleasure.

My nipples ache at the thought of you, I think I would give anything at this moment to have you suck on them, pull on them, tease them between your fingers. My pussy aches for you too. I’m slick between my thighs. I can feel a constant pulsation of my clit. I want you to lick my slit. Spread the lips of my pussy with your fingers and inhale me. Taste me, feel the thumping of my pussy on your tongue, How long is your tongue? How far can you bury your face into me?  I just placed my hand over my pussy and even through the fabric I’m wearing I can feel my swollen mound, on the verge of eruption, emanating heat. I want to rub my clit so badly at this moment and make my self cum. What I want even more is for you to make me cum. Any way that you choose. You are in control, you can do it however you like, you are the Master.  Being ‘Off-Limits’ makes me lust for your cock even more. I want to hear you explain to me what your cock feels like when you are hard, when you cum in my mouth. Is it me that causes your extreme hardness? Or Maybe you have acquired another ‘toy’.

So you want to see those nipple clamps huh? You want to see what they look like latched on to my little buff pink nipples squeezing them, causing them to be bead up perpetually. Ohhh what it would feel like with you fucking my pussy while you pull on them. The walls of my pussy just contracted when I thought of that notion. I want to see you sit back in a recliner and watch me mount you. With my tits in your face. So you can suck on them while I fuck you. The air between us would be too thick. You can’t handle it, you are like a skttish feline. Let me Hold your cock upright while I slide down you. I want to take you all the way down to the base. Let you hit me deep on the inside. Thrust your hips upward hard, ram yourself into me. Do you feel yourself hitting my bottom?  Press your forehead to mine so our sweat mixes. Look me in the eye, kiss me hard on the lips, taste my tongue with yours. Fuck me with heat and passion, like you mean it.  Bend me over the side of the furniture stuff your thick cock into me from behind. Do you see it now…? Pull on it. Cause me to expand. Watch the magic happen as you pull it and push it back in. I’m going to cum. Your rod is so rigid. It glides in and out hitting my clit with each pass. Reach forward and pull on the clamps as my tits giggle beneath me. Lightly bite the side of my neck when you do. Fuck me with purpose. Your purpose is to make me cum harder than I ever have before. Short hard strokes, that’s it.. I’m cumming. Do you feel me refusing to let your cock go from the inside. Drawing you further in. It’s all over your cock. You can see it when you look down, it’s sheathing your cock with a thick coat. Every time you pull out of me you see the coating I have slathered over your cock.  Keep fucking me, make me cum again. Harder and faster now, I’m going to squirt everywhere. I’m rubbing my clit fast back and forth as you fuck my pussy. When I cum it will fan out in all directions. One leg up on the chair, don’t cum yet I want to taste it, swallow it. The thought of sucking your dick puts me over the edge. It’s my favorite distraction. Oh it’s everywhere, I’m so embarrassed. You have never see me do that before, and I’m pretty sure no one else either. It’s a rarity. Smack my ass because I made a mess, and tell me to suck your dick now. Say it with authority. Grab me by my hair and make me to take you in as deep as you like. I want you to fuck my mouth hard until I gag. It’s too hard and fast but, don’t stop. You like it and I am here to serve you. You want one hand on my breast and one on my pussy. You are allowing me to cum again while I suck you off, such a good Master. Thank you Sir. Stand up tall, you are the firmest I have ever felt you. Don’t make a mess you say.. I won’t Sir. Your cum is thick and hot. It tastes just as I remember. Once last drop, please Sir let me taste it. Let me lick that last remaining drop off your stimulated head. Let me clean your dick with my tongue and lips. Draw it forth with your hand and paint my lips with your last drop of thick cloudy liquid. Remove the nipple clamps for me. Be gentle, my nipples hurt from over stimulation. Lean in and suck them lightly, let the warmth flow back into them. Feel the warmth between your lips. Knead my breast in your open hand. Encourage them to pink-up. Run your fingers down my mound and enter me once last time. My pussy is still red and swollen. Sporadic nerve pulses surge through me. Fuck me with your fingers one last time while I raise my head up to yours and we kiss. You can hear the sloshing and friction between my lips and your fingers. I’m cumming again, Yes Sir, I like how you make me cum. YES SIR I LIKE HOW YOU MAKE MY PUSSY FEEL. Feel me release all over your hand. Hold your palm to my clit and feel the pounding you have caused again. Taste your fingers, is it how you remember?

What are you scared of, that if you start you might not be able to stop? You might become an addict? You already are.



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