Tickle Stick


Catching your crustacean is certainly a ticklish business. Tickling is what separates the men from the boys. No matter your weapon of choice, if you haven’t mastered the art of tickling, you might as well hang up your boat keys. You must display courage, patience and dexterity.  It looks easy until you try it. So many come unprepared, a true lover of the sweet meat will only find themselves staring at the black hole for a split second before closing in on his prey.  Giving it a gentle tap on the tail is usually enough to gain access to the creature. If not, a few firm taps from behind should convince your prey that you mean business. But here is where the tickling becomes a real art form; she could bolt if the ass taps are not to her liking but a skilled tickler will direct his quirky toys movements into just the right position to satisfy her every need. Are you a skilled tickler? Do have what it takes or should you hang up your boat keys?


He wakes up first thing in the morning with an aching, flipping open his little black book, wondering who he can call for a quick and nasty release.  Hmmm Nina… She has hair so black it can’t be real. She’s a little odd but great in bed. What more could you ask for? Then there is Ally, she has a tendency to repeat herself but she usually let him fuck her twice; and he likes that. Then you think about Gwen. She has the biggest tits you’ve ever seen on a real girl and she enjoys it when you slide your dick between them. Sometimes her imagination runs wild but it generally makes for a great time. Besides, who cares… she has huge boobs and an aww inspiring rumpus. He calls her up. “Meet me to the South, down by the seaside. We can watch the storm clouds roll in and find some mischief to get into.” She tells him. He doesn’t have to think twice about it. He grabs his keys and his coat and he’s out the door.


He pulls up; the clouds in the foreground are thick and dark. He can see the haze over the ocean and the lights of the sky popping in the distance. She is sitting on a totem at the end of a private walk way. He walks up behind her and rubs his wood against her back. She laugh hardily. “You don’t waste any time do you Sir” He walks her out to the end of a long pier. At least a ¼ mile from the edge of dry land. She oversees the property while her boss is out of town, which is often. There is one lone bench that sits on the left side of the pier. He sits and when he does he releases himself to her and the elements. She kneels before him and takes him into her mouth. He is savory against the saltiness of the wind. The rain drops start to fall and her white tunic covering her white and gold swim suit becomes see-thru. He pulls her up and bends her over the bench. He grabs her bathing suit bottom and unhooks the gold clip that keeps it together. He tosses it into the ocean. “You don’t need these” he says, and she giggles. “They will wash up eventually” she says with a devilish grin. She stands slightly and puts one foot up on bench. He squats down to take a good look at her from the back. He smacks both of her ass cheeks, at the same time leaving matching hands prints, before he spreads her. He sees a cloudy foam start to seep from her crack. A little taste never hurt anyone he thinks to himself before running his tongue between her folds. He sweeps one long finger along her crevasse, it is smooth and slick. She is so wet for him that he can hardly contain his excitement for her. He stands and rubs the head of his throbbing cock between her fleshy folds, tickling her clit. Her groan is more like a rumble and she backs her ass up instinctively in his direction. He impales her tight pussy. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t fuck her more often, she is eager to please and has a mind of her own, which he appreciates. Hard and fast he fucks her as he grabs her by the hair and pulls back so he can look her in the eye. He reaches around with one hand and lets her bathing suit top fly. It too will wash up on the sand in a day or two. Her white wet shirt clings to her skin as the rain starts to pour down their bodies. Her already taut nipples harden even more in the cold rainy wind. Hard like ice he finds one easily and pulls letting it snap back. Her tits are the stuff his dreams are made of, so are all the rest of her bits and bobs. He cums at the thought of her, filling her up. She turns and laughs. “Come with me, you can finish what you started” she says. He follows, not sure where they are going but, to curious not to find out.


They reach the edge of the pier and she a takes sharp left turn. Something shiny catches her eye in the flashing of the clouds. She bends down to pick it up and it is a Ruble. “What are you doing?” He asks. “I have always wanted one of these” she says. “What the hell is it?” he is curious. More curious about her curious nature than he is about the item in question. “It’s a Russian Ruble… its foreign currency” she says as her eyes gleam with excitement. “I’m a collector, you see.” She finishes the sentence as she inspects the coin for imperfections. Thinking back she mentioned it once before, but he never committed it to memory. Last time it was something about pesos. He promised her pesos on a trip he was talking over two years ago, but he never came through. I will get her those pesos, he thinks to himself, and if I ever goes to Moscow he will pick her up some Rubles too. “What an excellent birthday present! Poseidon does exist!” she exclaims mostly joking but partly believing. She clutches the coin and keeps moving to the boat house just over the sand dunes filled with sea oats. She ducks inside and removes her tunic. She grabs a towel and heads for the shower. She turns to Kyle, “Come on” she winks. Slowly he follows her shedding his clothing as he goes. By the time he reaches the steamy bathroom she is already beneath the hot running water. He watches her figure as she washes her hair. The oversized shower head quickly washes the suds down her skin. He approaches the frosted glass and cautiously steps in. She turns and kneels. Her hands are lathered and she grasps him. Gently pulling and stroking his cock as she washes his member. She stands to circle him letting her sudsy hands run over his body. The water washing them away almost instantly. He is hard and at attention. He is seeping in the shower and he can feel it. He wonders if she can too as she runs her wet thumb over the opening of his impeccably clean staff. She whispers… “That isn’t water I feel on the tips of my fingers” She kneels and licks the head of his cock. Her mouth is even warmer than the water cascading down to the tiles. He wants to invade her in any way possible and quickly.


She stands and grabs the shower head from its resting place. She switches it to a light pulsating sensation. She holds it up to his balls and lets the water work as she continues to stroke his shaft. “Can you make me cum with this?” she asks. He nods and takes it from her, rotating the shower head to a higher speed. She lays on the bench in the spacious shower and spreads her legs. He runs one hand along her tits down to her pussy. She has shortly trimmed hair in the shape of a small rectangle just at the pinnacle of her pussy. Her clit is swollen he sits between her legs and tastes her. She is delicious. He leans back and puts the pounding water up to her clit and enters her tightly puckered pussy with one finger. She jerks with pleasure. “That’s it, that’s my sweet spot” she sings. Slowly in and out of her he moves his fingers as he shakes the nozzle. He reaches up and he drops the shower head. He reaches up to grab her luscious tits as he fingers her tight hole. Hard and fast is his fame now and he can feel it closing in on his fingers; but he doesn’t stop. He pulls her nipple and her fluids splash to the floor. Her body quivers and leaks like a sieve. He moves in closer to her and agitates her clit with his cock, tickling her all over again, and she sprays. She sits up and rolls over. Still straddling the bench she backs up onto him. He smacks her ass not too hard, but just the way she likes as she moves in reverse. His cock is sky high and she has no trouble finding her way. She engulfs him. Her pussy is soft and piping hot, it feels good on his dick. He watches her ass bounce in circles in front of him. She reaches back after licking her fingers and wets her steaming ass. She puts one finger just up to the tip inside her hot box. He continues to apply pressure to her dome as she give him a show to watch. Rubbing her sucker fish, teasing it she is now ready for him to own it. She releases her pussy from his cock and begs cunningly. “Please fuck my ass, make me cum again.” He is more than willing to acquiesce to her request.


“I want to feel you first.” He whispers. She gathers the nozzle back into her grasps as he places his long middle finger deep into her dark abyss. Rimming her hole, teasing her as he exits. Her ass is so hot and tight he can’t stand it any longer. Her thighs are thick and her ass is round. He isn’t waiting any longer. He wants her, every inch. He pulls her back on to him and she lowers her ass on to his cock. It’s a tight fit but he likes it that way. He can feel the water pounding her clit, and it runs down his ball-sack, as it makes her ass squeeze even more every time her pussy quivers. She relaxes and moves her ass up and down slowly on his thick mass, stretching it. Her hanging tits swing in the steamy warm air. She drops the nozzle and grasps on to the sides of the bench only moving her ass up and down on his long shaft. He starts to meet her half way reaching up into her. Grabbing her tits from behind, she loses herself and sprays the bench down with her silky clear cum. “Don’t stop” she begs. He has no intention of it. He pounds her ass hard as she cries out for more of him. He tries but he can’t hold out anymore. He fills her ass will cum and it feels good. His balls are empty down to the last drop. He lifts her up by her thick ass and inspects his work. A thick heavy drop of his cum slowly drops out of her like the sap from a maple tree. He might have met his match.


All good things to those who wait…and I’m a good thing.