Quicken Dirt E

Unknown Paradigm


I can’t keep my hands to myself, No matter how hard I’m trying to. I want you all to myself; I guess I’m just greedy when it comes to you.  I want just a little taste of what it’s like being next to you. I won’t let one drop go to waste, your metaphorical gin and juice. And you should know if I could, I’d drink you in every single day.

I wanted to share with you the experience I had with you in my mind the other evening. I was wide awake. Standing alone in the shower, surrounded by the steam coming off my skin.  My hands were in my hair massaging my scalp causing suds to form. I took a small step forward and let the warm water wash away the bubbles. And as I closed my eyes and let the soap run for the crown of my head down my body I felt my nipples start to harden. I started to remember how you used to walk up behind me and grab my tits as you pressed your hard dick up against my back. I always did like that, wouldn’t mind feeling it again sometime.  I put one hand on the cold tile wall and the other between my legs. My vivid imagination began to run wild behind my lids. And it almost felt like you were there touching me.

You walked in to the shower and pressed up against me. I could feel how hard you were. You lifted both of my arms and pressed me up against the wall. I turned around and dropped to my knees and cleaned your cock with my mouth. Even in the water you taste amazing. Pulling me up towards you by the nape of my neck I turn away from you. I lift my leg up and allowed the tips my toes to rest on the waist-high ledge of the shower. I was spread for you, and the warm water of the shower was running down every crack of my body. You entered my pussy with one swift stroke. I could feel you balls deep inside of me. Slow, deep, and deliberate strokes. I begin to feel my body relax, my release is all too near. You know it too. My legs begin to weaken as all the blood rushes from my core to my flaming hot pussy. You reach up and grab the shower head and press it up against my sweet spot as you continue your marathon of strokes. Your cock is so hard, it’s like iron. I can almost feel the veins pulsating through it. I reach up and wrap one hand around your neck for leverage. There it is, my eyes closed and I can feel the back of my head fall on your chest as my cum falls to the tile floor and spins in clock wise rotations down the drain. Over and over it rips through me like a current of lightning. You pull out of me and I fall once again to the floor. I open my mouth, its natural at this point. My lips and tongue beg for your nectar.

You enter my mouth and the head of your cock knocks into my cheek twice before I circle you with my tongue and take you deep down to the back of my throat. Over and over I take you as deep as I can intentionally bringing my reflex into action for your pleasure. I choke and even in the water showering on to my face I can feel my eyes begin to water. “Not today” you tell me as you back off. I stand unable to understand your meaning. Then you let me know with the full force of your hand on my ass what you want. The droplets fly with each pang of your hand on my soft round cheeks. Lifting my leg back to the edge I raise my hips to you. Then you push your way slowly into my rear entrance. It’s been a long time. I forget how big you are sometimes. My pussy knows it but my ass has forgotten. You hand me the shower head this time and I know what you want to see me do with it. I hold it next to my slit and imagine you can feel the water sliding down your sack as you take my ass and make it yours. The water cascades down my breast and I feel my pussy start to contract. I clinch on to your cock with each powerful explosion and all at once I feel the rip tide of you shooting your load deep into me. My ass bounces slowly off your hips until you are surely empty.

When my orgasm subsides I open my eyes and realize that I am alone.  Standing in the shower with the shower head in my hand and you nowhere to be found.  It was the best night of sleep I have had in a while.

After the time changes I wouldn’t decline an invitation into your space. It’d be nice not to fuck you in the basement for a change.