Pirate Code

They Are More Like Guidelines

Wanna Play?

I’m quirky, silly, blunt, and broken. My days are sometimes too dark and my nights are sometimes too long. I often trip over my insecurities. I require attention and long for passion, above all I wish to be desired. I use music to speak when words fail me,  even though words are as important to me as the air I breathe. I never said it would be easy, I said it’d be worth it. After all there is only one me, remember that! Keep to the Code.

One more semester and she will be finished with her Masters. She has to focus on her goals. She can’t be drawn in to his propaganda. A little casual sex is fine but she cannot get caught up with this man or his grandiose cock. Besides he has a thing or two to learn. She likes things a little spicier than what he is used to. She needs to make sure he is well-informed to the nature of her sexual desire. She is a complex woman. She doesn’t think he has it in him to keep up with her appetite. She has kept it hidden for so long, trying to focus on school. But something was awakened in her the other night and her thoughts often wonder to the old way. There was a time when she was a slave to this life. She had a master who took care of her needs and desires. He taught her that pain and pleasure were one in the same. Then abruptly it ended. That is when she immersed herself in her studies and got a job at the beach.

He has travelled the world and gotten himself lost a time or two with a few woman. He thought he knew what he liked. He thought he was a master. To some women he might be, if you are into that kind of thing. The kind of thing that is bland and traditional. His mind was blown the other night. He wants more of what she has. He could sense part of her was holding back. At such a young age he has amassed a small empire. He is a busy man, but if he wants it that bad he will make time. Right now the only thing on his mind is laying his hand on her ass again. He can feel himself start to harden. He can’t do this here. He is at the office. Maybe just this once he has to concentrate. He makes his way to the nearest restroom. Walks into the first stall he sees. He closes his eyes and envisions her mouth around his dick as he strokes himself off. Maybe now he can focus. In reality it only takes the edge off. Before the week is over he finds himself in the stall several more times. This is becoming a habit.

Friday night he makes his way to the bar. He meets a buddy there. They sit at the bar drinking bottled water and talking to Ava in between orders. She doesn’t have much time. She is busy on Fridays, people stopping by at the end of a long work week. Things start to slow down around 11, she has more time to conversate with the two gentlemen. Soon enough they find themselves alone. Linc’s friend excused himself a while ago to head home. But she still has another hour before she is able to leave for the evening.  She starts to wipe off the tables and Linc catches her off guard with a question. “How hard do you like to be spanked?” She stops and takes a deep breath.  “Linc.. I Like it a lot. As a matter of fact, that just scratches the surface of things I like done to me.” she tells him. ” what kinds of things do you like done to you?” he says, not sure what to expect next. “The list is kind of long, are you sure you really want to know?” she says. He nods his head yes and her list begins.

“Floggers?” he says “Ropes and butt plugs?”  his eye are curious. “Maybe you need to go home Linc and think about what I have just told you” Ava encourages him to let it all sink in. “So you like to be bound and hit?” he asks rhetorically. “It’s not what you are thinking. I don’t want to be hit so hard that I have bruises the next day. I want to be brought to the precipice of what my senses can handle. I want to be lead to a heightened sense of  awareness of my body. Just enough pain to make the pleasure that much better.” she explains “Go home research it, if you are not interested that is ok. We can part as friends.” she tells him and continues wiping down all the tables. The lights already dim she has one table left to wipe down when she feels him approach her from behind. His length and girth are unmistakable as he presses up against her from behind. He takes her by the hips and pulls her harder against his phallus. She begins to sweat. She reaches back and grabs him stroking his cock beneath his pants. He grabs her tits from behind and inhales her scent at the nape of her neck. His cock throbs even harder. She stands and asks if he would be willing to have a lesson. Something light, Vanilla with caramel swirls. He kisses her hard. Biting her bottom lip. She walks over behind the bar and pulls out a long cable tie. He follows and watches closely. “put this around my wrists” she explains. He does so, loosely but she doesn’t say anything. She walks over to the back side of the tiki bar that over looks the beach, it’s dark. There is a large plant hook up high on one of the load bearing poles of the bar. She places her hands over the bar. Allowing the hook to hold her arms up by the cable tie. “Now lift up my shirt” she instructs him. He raises her shirt just over her breast. They fall in the shape of large round tear drops exposed to the moon light. He runs the palms of his hands just over her nipples hovering over them in circles. She starts to moisten. She is wearing a light weight cotton skirt. He runs his hands up her skirt. She whispers in his ear “rip them off” in one motion her thong panties are on the floor and her ass fills his hands. “Do it” she tells him and he smacks her hard on the ass cheek. “you are a fast learner” she teases and she bites his lip. “now what?” he begs for more. “you tell me… Sir” she says. Instant Hard! His dick throbs, aching to be buried inside her any hole she has. She lifts her leg up to his bulging cock and rubs up and down. He reveals his cock to her and she licks her lips. She can see the moisture glisten as it leaks from his tip. “Aren’t you afraid someone will see us?” he questions. “That is part of the excitement, you are asking me to do things people wouldn’t normally do, and I obey all of your requests. You take me to the edge and in return I obey you, no matter what. You will protect me and take care of my needs and I in return give you all the power. Through this power you find your release in me. I am an outlet for your daily frustration etc.”  she explains. “I’m frustrated now” he says. “Then you should tell me how you want me to take care of that.. Sir?” she is seductive now. “What is with the Sir?” he asks and he removes her from the hook. “It is out of respect, a submissive shows her Dom that she respects him by addressing him a certain way.. again it is all about him having control a power exchange.” She bends down now with her wrist still bound and with her thumb circles the head of his dick with his own seepage. She walks over to the nearest folding chair and places it in the center of the veranda. It is pitch black, she leads him over to take a seat. His cock is wicked hard and standing at attention. She bends forward and takes him into her mouth. He can see the out line of his head up against the inside of her cheek. Her tits are still free and he reaches down to tease her nipples. She likes the way it feels and she closes her eyes as she sucks him off. “Sit on me” he says out of no where. “Yes Sir” she stands smiling and she straddles him. He holds his cock straight up in the air with one hand. She slowly lowers herself on to him. At first she only takes in his head. Teasing him with the entrance of her pussy. Up and down by only a fraction. She does this not only for his benefit but for hers too. The best part is when the head enters you. It is thick and hard and feels good when it stretches you out. He groans low in his chest wanting her to envelop him fully. “Say it” she says. He grabs her by the underside of her ass cheeks and spreads her with his fingers “Take it all” he growls. She takes him all the way down to the base of his cock. He hits her high up on the inside filling her pussy all the way to the hilt. She moans and as she slides up and down  her hips move circular so that his shaft can rub up against her clit. He lifts her arms in the air so he can suck on her tits as they sway back and forth in front of his face. She starts to ride him harder now. Each time she lands on him his teeth bite down on her nipple and pull. “Tell me when you are going to cum”  he tells her. “Yes Sir” he reaches up and pulls on one of her nipples and lets the skin snap back into place, her eyes squint. Her nipples are sensitive now from all the biting. Faster now she works his cock with her pussy less up and down and more grinding on him. She can feel him getting harder and her pussy starts to jerk, gripping him and not letting go. SMACK! that is what she needed “I’m cumming Sir” She whispers softly. He feels her juice slather him, it’s like the finest silk caressing his throbbing skin. She slows now allowing him to feel the tremors left in the wake of her explosive orgasm. She slides her hands out of her temporary restraints. He is nearly there one more pulse and he tells her he is about to cum. She raises off him and takes his dick between her fabulous large tits. Smashing her titties together with both hands they surround his hard cock. She moves up and down simulating the walls of her pussy. His dick is so long she is able to bend her head forward and allow her mouth to take in the very tip of his cock. It’s too much. He launches cum straight into her mouth. She sticks her tongue out to catch it all. She now release her breasts and takes him in to her hands to finish him off. With each contraction she swallows what he gives her to swallow. Once she is finished she gives him one last hard suck on the head of his cock leaving nothing behind. He twitches with over stimulation. She stands and pulls her shirt back down over her breasts. Walking back over to the bar to retrieve a bottle of water, for them both, he stays seated pondering… not knowing what just happened. She returns and has a sip of water then hands him the bottle. Looking over the white sand painted by the moon rays. “How do I tell you, that I am pleased with you?” he asked. “You touch me in a tender way and tell me I am a Good Girl.” She looks off into the distance seeming to remember a long-lost memory. Then she looks down on him and says “Time to go” They stand and he escorts her to her apartment before returning to his own home. He lays in bed wondering what lesson 2 will consist of.

I’m saving you a seat in my future just in case you want to be part of the journey.



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