Just a Sample

I will give you what you want, but you have to give me something…A Kiss, I want you to kiss me as if you were kissing her…But you have to make me believe it. I want to sample it, nothing more just a sample.


She walks into the play room. Dressed in noting but her panties. He told her to go in the room and wait for him. She always does what she is told. She is a good girl, she only wants to please. But even she likes to step out side the box every now and then. Several minutes go by and she starts to feel like maybe he has forgotten she is here waiting. She hears him pacing back and forth as he talks on the phone. Conducting important business no doubt. She rises from her knees and walks over to the large walk-in closet across from the window. She opens the door slowly, curious to see what is inside. To her amazement there are only two items in the closet. A bar stool with a square seat missing its cushion and a sybian. Removing both items from the closet she places the bar stool in the center of the play room. She sets the sybian on the floor and kneels to inspect it further. She knows what it is and she knows what it’s for but she has never seen one in person. Curious and not knowing how long she must wait for him to arrive she decides to plug it in. She mounts it, against her better judgment. She only wants to test it, maybe it will make her experience more pleasurable.

Spreading her legs and straddling the saddle she slides her black lace panties over to the side with her finger. Licking her fingers with one long stroke she wets herself. Slowing sliding on to the thick round head of the attachment her pussy fills. Grabbing the remote she presses the start button and she starts to feel the gentle humming in the root of her belly. It feels good. Taking in the vibrations that resonate through her body she decides she wants more. Pressing the button again, she feels the vibration increase and her nipples begin to harden. Her hips move from side to side and her pelvis rock back and forth. Seated up-right she grabs both breasts. Gently pulling and picking her nipple the way a guitarist plays his instrument. She can feel her body relax all over. This feels good, not to hard, not too soft. Her body starts to move and she closes her eyes and envisions her master beneath her. Her skin starts to prickle and she can feel her self close in around the machine. Her eyes close as she gets lost in her own satisfaction. Her skin is soft and smooth under her hands. Reaching up she runs her fingers through her hair and as she circles her wet flesh. Soon she feels a steady incline from the touch of the machine. She must have hit it with her foot as she was seeing her masters face behind closed lids. Her body rises to the occasion and meets the speed of the machine. Up and down she starts to move hard and fast. Her tits start to bounce gently and if she didn’t know any better she would have thought her masters hands we softly touching them as they swayed back and forth in the air. She is almost at her peak performance she just needs to ride a little faster. She reached forward searching for the leverage of the stool. She can’t find it. She opens her eyes and she sees him. Kneeling before her. Taking her hands he places them on his shoulder. At the point her body can’t stop what has already been set into motion. Strumming her nipples for her and in control of the machine he watches intently. The vibrations pillage her body, tightly grabbing on to him, her body tenses and the orgasm runs rampant through her. Biting her bottom lip her mouth forms the shape of an O, and he kisses her. Her body relaxes once more and he knows the orgasm has released her body back to him. He pulls away, reluctant to release his bottom lips from her grasp she feels the machine power down. “Someone is going to get spanked for that, I want all your pleasure when you are in my playroom and you will do well to remember that.” he whispers as he helps her limp body to her feet.

She starts to make her way to the chair to sit but he stops her. “Take your place” he orders. She stops and kneels before him, hands resting softly on her thighs. Staring down at her he motions with his eyes for her to take him in her mouth. Reaching up she starts to massage him. Rubbing him up and down. Begging him with her hands to rise. She raises up to her knees, setting him free from his garment. Grabbing his thighs she takes him into her mouth and works him until he is hard. She can taste his droplets as they rise. The drops stick to her tongue and as he watches her, she shows him the results she renders. Standing her up pulling her panties down. He walks her over to the tall square stool and bends her over. Spanking her ass makes her pussy want to explode all over again. He smacks her hard, she starts to whimper from the bite of his hand on her skin. “Quiet” he tells her and his hands sting her skin 3 more times before the punishment is over. 15 in all and her entire ass is spattered with the prints of his fingers. He escorts her by her elbow over to the chair and asks her to sit on her side with her knees pulled up to her chest. When she does this the lips of her swollen pink pussy can be seen shining through. Taking his dick he puts it up to her “is this what you want?” he questions. ” yes Sir” she says. And he pushes into her twice. She is thick and creamy. Twice more he pumps his cock into her before he pulls out. Taking his hand he starts at the base of his cock and sheathing himself he pulls, bringing with him all of her left over cum that the sybian left behind. His hand is covered with her froth. He spanks her again leaving behind a shiny sticky mess on her skin. Popping her pussy with his hand she starts to redden and swell even more. Licking her from back to front he can still taste the remnants of her cum on her lips. His cock seeps desiring to taste those remnants for itself but, his will doesn’t surrender. Taking the dick stick he pushes into her until nothing but the wooden handle shows. She has some length to her today. Enough to accommodate his long thick erection. He fucks her over and over until she cums again. Issuing well deserved pops to her ass and legs in between her raging pussy. Her skin is littered with streaks of red, shining in the light by her own cum. He rams the stick into her one last time and shakes it violently as he spreads her to see the results and cum gushes from her crack. She is tired but he isn’t finished yet.


His cock is dripping onto the carpet below and finally it is time for him to have his pleasure in her. Pressing down on her hips, he causes her lips to suffocate between her thighs. He works his way in to the tight space and she cries out for him to push deeper. Over and over he rams his cock into her hard and fast. He can feel himself at the threshold of his tolerance. He can only handle her pussy in short burst. His tolerance to her is not what it should be. This frustrates him and he pulls out of her in disgust, smacking her ass once more. Pulling her up by her hair and kissing her again he pulls her over to the sybian. She slides back on to the saddle. Her pussy filled with the large round bulb-like head, he turns it on high. Her pussy hurts and it is almost too much to handle for anyone person. Grabbing the stick he tells her to open her mouth. Shoving the cock in her mouth he asks her if she likes the way her pussy juice tastes on the rubber. “NO Sir” she says with a mouth full of rubber cock. “What is your pleasure?” he asks her. “You are Sir” she garbles trying to take a breath as he holds the cock still and in place as she speaks. Her lips are raw from the rubber. Her pussy is over stimulated, her ass is red and burns. “Well if you are sure Princess you can have what you crave” he hisses. Taking her by the back of the hair he stuff his cock into her mouth and he can hear her sign in relief. Suddenly her lips no longer crack, they are soothed by his seepage. The sting of her skin goes away with the thought of her masters pleasure, and her pussy no longer aches because she has taken his wrath. She knows that right now his pleasure in her is complete. She starts to slowly ride the sybian causing her own slickness once more. With each pass he makes in to her mouth pushing him self deeper by the roots of her hair. Strumming her tender nipples she starts to cum. His body tenses once more and applies the slightest pressure to her mouth as he pushes in between her soft full lips. Her tongue cradles his phallus with each long deep thrust. Slowly now, she knows what to expect. His fingers tighten and he uses her hair as a vice for muscular tension. Never-ceasing her fingers still play the harps that are her breasts and as she releases her last, so does he. All his fury pumped into her throat. The head of his cock gently bouncing off the back of her throat as her pussy bounces off the saddle. A strange rhythmic dance between two seekers. What they are seeking? They don’t even know. Is it the key they seek or what lies behind the door.

Would you like me to take you to the key maker now? Then kiss me. But, don’t worry… It’s only a sample.



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