Scene 19: Honeycomb Hide Out

Alcove, Niche, Enclosure, Nook, Recess, Bastille, Crevice, Berth, Pigeonhole……2137!

It’s Monday morning and Carly awakens before the alarm sounds off. The dream she had was very liberating.  She is wishing now she had access to Frank anytime she desired. She grabs her laptop and decides to login into work from home. Maybe she will take a long weekend and call in today. There is no important business to tend to and no meetings. She is well caught up on her work load. She sets out to send Frank an email:

Good Morning Mr. Donovan-

I will not be in today. I am taking a personal day. There is nothing pending and nothing due. If you need me I am available to you by phone. Have a Great Monday.


Assistant to Frank Donovan, CEO

Immediately there is a reply back. She should have known better. Frank never sleeps.

Miss Dawson,

Are you ill?

Frank Donovan CEO The Donovan Group

She can already tell the tone of the email, it’s exasperation at its finest.

Mr. Donovan

No I am not ill, hence the term.. Personal Day! If I recall you are very familiar with them.


Assistant to Frank Donovan CEO

She waits for a moment before the mailbox has yet another message.


Yes I am familiar with the term Personal Day. You did not adhere to the policy regarding requesting time off with ample notice. You will have to be punished accordingly. A write-up or a spanking…. your choice. Please enjoy your day off.


She swiftly replies


I will take spanking for $100 please Alex (referencing her favorite game show).  I hardly consider that a scare tactic for not adhering to the “requesting time off ” policy in our employee hand book. Going to start enjoying my “personal day” now. You know how to find me if you need me.


Simple but Effective

Simple but Effective

She closes her laptop and lays back down in bed. What shall she do today? Right now Frank has her thinking about being spanked. She can take care of that urge before her free day starts. She reaches into her night stand drawer and pulls out three items. Her favorite lube, her trusty princess, and her side kick the pink rabbit. She starts by generously dripping the lube on the apex of her outer lips. Then she reaches down and with her fingers spreads the moisture all over herself, making sure she hasn’t missed a spot. Then she takes her princess in her hand holding it upright by the jewel and drizzled more lube watching it cascade down the bullet from the tip to the stem. Laying on her side she eases it in. She hasn’t worn it in a week or two and already she can feel the tightness in her ass aching to be stretched out. Her breasts are already free from any restraints, the handy work of always sleeping with little or no clothing. She wants to try something she read about in an article. She has two hair pins. Taking one from the bun in her hair and spreading it she places it around one her erect nipples. It clamps down automatically. She repeats this process with the second hair pin. This sends a riveting sensation straight to her clit. It begins to pulsate. She moves her hand slowly down to feel it swell. Circular motions with her fingers cause her back to arch. Like a pebble from a stream with its own pulse, she can feel in her fingertips.  With her other hand she grabs the rabbit. She starts by taking the head of it and allowing it to circle her clit on low. Then she eases it in all the way to the base. This causes the extra rabbit like appendage to rest with pressure on her now bulbous clit. She turns it on, immediately her hips jerk. She begins to move the vibrator in and out of her pussy now with slow but hard strokes. Every time the rabbit ears hit her clit she jerks harder than the time before. Over and over she slams in and out of herself. Her hips circling as she imagines its Franks cock inside her. She can feel her ass tightening around the silver steel plug inside of her. The pins are clamping down on her nipples just hard enough so that she can feel it. With one more thrust her slit crushes itself around the vibrator deep inside and she begins to cum. She manages to reach up and remove one of the pins from her breast and she feels the rush of blood back into her nipple. It makes her pussy pulsate all over again dripping even more cum on the bed sheets. She lays there dazed for a few moments. Removing the second pin from her breast and the plug from her ass. She lays them on the bed next to her and falls back to sleep.

11 am.. There is a knock at the door. She quickly sits up, confused and not knowing what time it is. She is still undressed and unsure of who is on the other side of the door. “Who is it?” She questions. “Its Frank, are you ok? I have been trying to text you all morning and you are not responding to emails.” he says  loudly. “I’m well, I fell asleep and didn’t hear the phone I’m sorry. I’m coming hold on. Lemme get dressed. ” she says. A minute later she answers the door. Dressed in sweat pants and a tank top. Her hair thrown up in a haphazard messy bun. “Come in” she says. He walks in and sits at the bar in the kitchen. “You look different, I don’t think I have ever seen you in sweat pants” he says with one eye up. “I’m not in the habit of looking so informal around you Sir.” she says with a shy smile. “it’s a welcome change Carly.  Well I just came to check and make sure you were ok. You have a habit of getting in trouble when I am not around. I guess I will be going now” he says ” If that is what you want, there is the door.” She begins to undress and make her way to the shower. Walking through her bedroom. When Frank stops her with his voice. “Carly, turn around” She does as he asks. She slowly begins to walk over to the side of the bed where her toys still lie on from earlier. She grabs them and begins to clean them with a set of special wipes she has on the night stand. ” What are those Carly?” He asks. “Oh nothing, a little something I was amusing myself earlier with.. Personal Day and all.” she returns. “Let me see them, hand them over” he holds his hand out palm up. She hands the items over to him. He inspects them for a half a second then places them back on the bed as he begins to sit down. She walks over to him and stands before him. She picks up the princess and the lube. Placing the items in him hands she asks “put them in for me Sir”  she then leans over his lap, with her hands stretched forth and her legs slightly apart. He takes his fingers and spreads her, gaining access to her cavity. He starts by lubing up his fingers. Then he runs them along the fissure between her ass cheeks, this is one of her favorite things. She hisses at the light touch of his fingers grazing her. Then he slides one finger inside her. First into her wet pussy then into her ass. “your ass is tight Carly, you haven’t been wearing your jewelry.” he says and she giggles.  He then takes the pretty ass jewelry and stuffs it slowly into her. It’s even better when he slides it in. Then he gives her a little smack on her ass. She stands and he lays back, she begins to undress him. Working her way from his neck along the buttons of his shirt to his pants. Slow and methodically she works him out of his clothing. He is still semi flaccid. She looks to him and says “let me remedy this for you” Taking him in her mouth she works him up and down with her tongue. Paying close attention to the head of his cock . Rolling her tongue around and around as she moves up and down pumping his shaft with her hand. Once he is completely erect she straddles him. Hovering her steaming crevasse over his trident. He can feel the warm moist heat emanating from her. He reaches down to feel with his hands and she raises up to allow him access. Leaning forward her tits falls into him and he grabs one, pulling at the tender flesh of her nipples. Soft and then hard, she likes it too much. She begins to rise and he can feel the swelling on his palm. She takes his hands in hers and runs it up her body. Then she grabs his shaft and stands it upright before the lips of her pussy devour it. He watches himself disappear  in her, as she begins to rise and fall like the waves of the ocean. He has both breasts in his hands biting and tugging on her. She leans far back and he sits up.  Thrusting into her now as his face is buried in her chest. Her legs are wrapped around him as she continues to revolve her hips with each thrust coming into her. Then he flips her over pulling out of her. She lies on her back now with her legs spread far apart. He can see how red and swollen she is. The lips are of pussy are glistening. He mounts her, sitting up high on her torso, and with both hands pushes her tits together hard. He then slides his hard wet cock between her tits and starts to shove his dick between them repeatedly. They are so large that they cover his cock completely. He could cum if he keeps this up. They are a beautiful set of twins, perfectly shaped, round and full. He pulls himself out from between her peaks and finds his way back down. She now has one breast in hand and one in her own hair. She is begging him to enter her and it doesn’t matter where. He slides the princess out and decides that he will have her ass today. He stuffs himself inside her hot hole. She grabs the rabbit laying next to them and turns it on. She begins to fuck her pussy with it, hard, as he works her ass. She begins to orgasm and he can feel the pressure surround him now. He rams himself into her as far as he can go. She pulls out the rabbit and all her juices burst forth. He can feel the wetness. He slides out of her only to push himself back in twice more. The tremors of her orgasms still send shock waves to the walls of her pussy and ass. He likes the way it feels around him. He sits her up and tells her to mount him. She does so in reverse. She takes his dick all the way down to the base with her ass. All he can see is her ass moving up and down, sheathing his dick repeatedly. He smacks her twice on the ass and she cries out in pleasure. She begins to ride him harder and faster now. Slamming on to him grabbing her own tits as she does this. Wanting her own orgasm again.  She then begins to work the head of his dick by just moving up and down enough to engulf the thick massive head of his cock. Over and over circling her own clit as she takes his thick head in and out. “I’m going to cum Carly” he says ” I want you to cum hard for me Sir” she replies. He grabs her hips and each time she pushes on to him her ass tightens that much more. Then he cums hard, leaving white finger marks on her ass cheeks. She releases his cock from the clenching grasp of her ass. Then she heads to the shower. He lies there not wanting to return to work. He thinks he could fuck her all afternoon.

“Frank, I will suck your dick anytime (I like it, believe it or not. I’m one of the rare few who gets turned on by it). Just ask!  Don’t be shy. Tell me you want it, I like hearing it.  Major turn on! Telling me what you like, talking me through the process. Telling me how good I am at it, that makes me swell.  On a side note, you looked really hot today, and the way you man handled the girls, only makes me want to fuck you more. Looking forward to next week.”





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