Pavlov’s Law

Control Freak

A submissive is and individual. She is completely free. What a Dominant values most is that with that freedom, she chooses to kneel before him. Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.

Taking her advice Linc sits back in his chair to begin his internet quest for enlightenment. He hasn’t even heard of half the things he is reading about. He has more questions for Ava. He begins to explore the idea of the Dominant/submissive relationship and how this could play  into his life. The idea of control is appealing for any man to be sure. But he wants to be clear on what she expects of him, and from what he reads, she should know what he might expect of her. He starts to make a list of things that he just doesn’t see himself doing to anyone. How can some of these extreme things bring pleasure to people. To each his own, I guess. What really perplexes him is how far does she like going? What are her limits? If she has any at all. He sends her a text We need to talk!

20 minutes later there is a buzzer, someone is ringing in at the gate. “It’s Ava, let’s talk” she says. The gate opens and he is waiting at the door to greet her. She has with her a small black duffel bag. At first he thinks nothing of it, later he will find out just what treasures the bag holds. They sit on the couch. She takes the loan seat across from the couch,sitting across from him. She places the black bad at her feet. When she sets it down Linc can see there is a heaviness to it. “Why are you sitting over there?” he asks. “We are here to talk, I think if I sit over here we will be less inclined to deviate from that plan.” she says. “Tell me, what questions do you have?” she starts “I don’t know” he tells her. “I don’t know what to make of this lifestyle to be honest. It is all very intriguing but, I’m a little apprehensive at the same time.” she appreciates his honesty. “Let me help you to understand. Lesson #2.” she says. She opens her black bag and begins to pull out, one at a time, several velvet pouches ranging in  size and color. She sets them all out on the glass table before him. One by one she takes out a wide variety of object and places them before him. Nipple Clamps, Butt Plugs, Dildos, Hand Cuffs and several other seemingly innocent house hold items. ” This is the light stuff Linc, lets start with this and then go from there” She smiles. His eyes widen even more with each items she pulls from the bag. “The bottom line for this lesson is that I give you permission to use any of these items on me. Any time you feel the desire. You tell me when, where, and how. No need to explain the why, it is not a submissives job to ask why. It is her job to do as she is told. Trusting that her Dominant will take care to never jeopardize her welfare in any way.” She explains. “Now pic an item or two” she is encouraging. “This isn’t so bad. So you stick a butt plug in and then we screw.” he doesn’t understand the allure. “It doesn’t just get stuck in and then we screw. Pick one,” she says. He reaches down and chooses and extended wear anal plug and two very small jewelry like items. “Ok, now what?” he asks as he  hands them over. “Now you are going to take me to dinner.”  She stands up to straighten her skirt then she turns to face the chair and she pulls her skirt all the way up above her waist. She bends over and spreads herself in front of him. Three fingers she places in her mouth and then she reaches back moistening herself. His eyes are huge now. Then she takes the Pink plug and reaches way back. Slowly she inches it in. Finally it reaches the stem and only a small elongated pink rectangle shape can be seen to the naked eye. She stand up and pulls her skirt down. Once again  patting out any wrinkles. Then she turns around and undoes the button on her shirt one by one. She reaches in and removes one breast then the other. Fastening each piece of jewelry to her nipples. Once they are on she gives them a good squeeze and shows him. Her nipples stand at permanent attention. He can see the skin on her chest start to blush, this turns her on very much. He is already aware of just how sensitive her nipples are and he likes it. “Now where are you taking me?” she asks. His mouth is watering but his throat is dry. “Where ever you want.” he croaks. He will take her anywhere she wants after the display she just put on, his cock is already hard for her.

extended wear

He sits at the table, tables nervously. He doesn’t know what to do. He feels like everyone is watching, even though there is no one around. She senses his caution and as they sit at dinner, she reaches down and undoes 3 buttons from her shirt. She is wearing black sheer bra. Barely enough material to support her large breasts. He looks over and he can see right down her shirt and through the sheer material he can see her nipple extending forward surrounded by silver.


“Reach in, touch them.” She encourages. “Aren’t you afraid someone will see?” He asks. “Yes I am Sir. But if you want to touch what is yours then I must do as you wish” she winks at him. He looks around cautiously, they are in a corner booth at a small Italian restaurant. Now one is around so he reaches in. She moves closer to him and puts her hand on his thigh. He can feel the metal around her perfectly erect nipple. He starts to roll his finger around the sensitive skin and her lips part. She feels a pulse shoot straight to her pussy, like a rip current. She moves her hand over and starts to stroke his cock. “Lets go have a drink somewhere” she says. He wants to go back to his place and bury his hard cock into her. But she just stands and leads him out of the door to their next destination. He stops her as the walks thru a covered garage. “I want to feel you” he says “Yes Sir, where do you want to feel me?” She asks. He leads her over to the nearest car and bends her over. Her tits are pressed up against the hood of Ford Focus. He runs his hands up the inside of her thigh, she spreads her legs slightly and he can feel the heat radiating from her before he reaches her flesh. He can feel his cock start to drip profusely. He takes his fingers and he runs his index and middle finger along the edge of her panties between her skin and the fabric. She is slick. Inching his way between her flesh she raises up off the hood and backs on to his fingers. Causing him to enter her cauldron. His fingers can feel the plug her body holds inside. “I want to make you cum” he says. She turns around and sits on the hood of the car and spreads her legs. Her breasts are exposed to him. She reaches down and pulls her panties over to the side and raises her feet up on to the hood of the car. Knees bent and spread wide apart. He can see a hint of the ass plug she wears. He leans in and his hot breath caresses the overly stimulated skin of her breast and her clit rages. He slides two fingers up inside her Slow deep movements in and out of her. “Don’t you want to play with my toy Sir?” she asks. She lifts her ass cheeks slightly off the car, this causes her to hover over the edge of the hood. He reaches up and begins to pull on the plug. Her ass is unrelenting It doesn’t want to give it up. She reaches down and pulls from her purse a small dildo. It has a tickler on the shaft and every time she strokes it in and out of her pussy she agitates her G-spot. He can see her lips turn puffy and red with excitement. She starts to glisten in the light. She leans back on the other hand and he leans in. With his free hand on her breast. She starts to fuck her self hard with the make shift cock. As he watches he can see the white foam her pussy brings forth with each passing orgasm. He takes the dildo from her hand and removes it from her slit. “I want to taste you” He leans in and loses himself in her soft smooth mound. Reaching his fingers deep inside her as he samples her. “I’m going to cum hard” she warns him. She can feel it as she approached a heighten sense of ecstasy. Smashing his two fingers in and out of her with her clit between his lips moving back and forth with a purpose. He can feel her clit explode with a burst of pulses. He can feel her on the inside become overly lubricated. And fluid bursts forth, smooth as silk.  He takes in every bit of her. She taste like nothing he has ever had before. He pulls out his two fingers and they are covered with her juice. He rubs the juice between him thumb and index finger. He has never has a woman cum in his mouth like that before.  He wants her to do it again. He rests his palm on her pulsing clit and he can feel it start to quiet, the hard spasms becoming less frequent. She stands and reaches down feeling his hard cock in her hand. She grasps it. “I want to Fuck you” he tells her. “You can Sir” she tells him. “I want to fuck you now, Bend over!” There is an urgency to his voice. He is a born Dominant and he doesn’t even  know it. His cock is aching, he has been harder than steel ever since he watched her stuff that plug in her ass. That has been all he has thought about. She bends over and he watches her reach back to remove the plug from her tight hot hole. “Stop!  I want to fuck your pussy with that in your ass” he says sharply. She slides it back in. She leans back over the hood of the car and moves her pelvis back slightly. Raising up on to her toes like a ballerina. Wielding his cock he enters her with just the head of his dick. Jetting it in and out. Causing her pussy to quake all over again. It grabs him and siphons him in. Before he can resist he is deep inside her and he can feel the plug snuggly rubbing up against his shaft with each thrust he gives her. “Spank me Sir” she begs him. “make me cum again with your cock” she whispers. She is backing into him hard now and fast. He smacks her ass hard just above the back of her thighs and he ass checks vibrate. Sending s shock wave to his core. He leans forward and presses his lips into her hair Fuck she is tight! He thinks to himself. He can feel the last bit of blood rush to the tip of his cock. She reaches down and with her fingers tips feels his balls tighten. They are rubbing up against her 4 fingers every time he slams into her. In the throes of lust and passion unable to control himself any longer he pulls his shiny cock out of her. She quickly turns and squats before him. Skirt up above her waist. One hand at the base of his cock and the other hand on her own pussy. She will make them both cum at the same time. He grabs her by the side of her head and pulls her face on to him. Spurting hot cum into her mouth. She can feel it slide down her throat. She too releases one last batch of cum onto her own fingers. Looking up at him she raises her fingers to her lips and taste herself so he can see. This causes him to contract one last unexpected time. He watches his encore land on her lips and with her tongue she does one circular motion and removes his cloudy drops from her skin. She stands and straightens herself as his heart beat returns to a normal pace. Gingerly placing himself back into his pants. “Now what?!” he asks. “Now we go to the bar for a drink. I need a chaser” she laughs and then if you’re ‘up to it’ we can go back to your place for another lesson.” They continue out of the garage across the street to the nearest bar. Before long, and not knowing how he even has it in him, the thought of what she hides under her clothing starts to make him rise again. They have to get out of here, he has to get her back to his place. This time he is going to take her ass and make it his.

He is the Dog and she is the Bell, Ringing for his cock.. He waters, it’s the law.





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