Scene 9: Flavors of Entanglement

They posses a distinctive taste essential to enhancing whatever it is you desire. What is your essence? I need to know so that I may please you Sir. If you want to reach the pinnacle you have to tell me. You have given me passage thus far, give me just a little more. I promise not to disappoint.

Tell me how you want to take control. Be specific. It’s all in the details you see. Those are the things I desire, if you want to please me in return.  That is what you want? Isn’t it? How could you not, for you to please me only makes me want to take you to the next level of pleasure. Take me to your obelisk. Let me do with it what you instruct me to. Each time you sharpen me further. Turning me into what it is you wish me to become. Like a chameleon of the night, I change my  color to fit your mood, I change my pattern to fill your need. How can I be what you want and do what you want if you don’t even know.

Tie me up and have your way.

Tie me up and have your way Sir. I need it.

Do you want to Tie me up?  Affix me to something and then punish me for all the naughty things I have done. Tie my hands above my head and force me to succumb to your control. Every time I beg you to stop it would mean that I need more. That I need you to take me to my limits. Do I know what those are? I do not. I want you to push me to them. I want to explore this ideal. Tie my hands behind my back, circle me with the Crop  in your hand. I can smell the leather. The scent turns me on, your scent turns me on. I want to inhale you as you stand me up and bend me over. I can’t see, I can’t speak but I can hear you moving about the room. What are you doing Sir? I’m eager to know what is next. Then it happens. I feel the sting on my skin. I like it. You know just how to do it. There it is again. I begin to feel the moisture pool between my legs. Three times Sir, I have been so bad. By day one way, by night another. How long have you been keeping this secret? 4 times, I can’t take it anymore. I need you in me. I want to touch myself but I can’t I’m still bound. I need you to do it. I want to scream your name but I can’t. You need it as much as I do. The release of what I give you. What no one else has. The senses are over whelmed. Lay me down, allow me to speak, to scream your real name. The crop falls to the floor. I can’t see, it’s still so dark. SMACK, it’s your hand. You like the sting you feel on your twitching palm. This is too much. I’m swollen with desire. You know it, you can smell it on me. I feel your hard cock as you bend over me to release the gag. You turn me over indicating to me with one finger over my lips that I’m still not to speak a work or make a sound. ” Shhhhhhh.” I remain quiet and do as I’m told. I’m still without sight, now on my back. You lick me from my nipple to my clit, then stop. I hear your rummaging around. I can’t wait anymore. I need release. Don’t make me wait Sir, please. Each time I cum is harder than the last time when we are together. There you are, your hands I feel them. Is that rope around my ankles. This is new, binding my ankle, my legs are bent at the knees as far apart as they will go. I’m completely exposed. There is nothing to hide now. I’m blind and bound begging you now to give me what I so desperately need. You take my nipple between your lips and I nearly cum, it’s a sweet torture. Sliding your fingers down the lips of my pussy, I’m almost there. One finger in, I’m excessively wet. You remove your finger and place it on to my lips. I taste my sweet pussy on your fingers. Then with my legs spread wide, helpless, and at your mercy you take what I imagine to be the largest plug in your collection and slowly slide it into my ass. It’s warm, it feel so good, if you could see my eyes you would know they are in the back of my head. My back arches upward toward you, you place one hand on my chest between my breast and gently force me back down, indicating it isn’t time for me to cum yet. Why do you make me wait. Is it because you know I will cum hard. That I need to cum hard. You taste me now with your tongue on my sweet pussy. It is too much for me to handle any more. Just before I cum you thrust your dick inside of me. This is what I need.  I feel my self around you. You are so big. It’s been so long. I’m so tight. I need it again, Just once. Remind me over and over with each thrust what you feel like. Your throbbing now. I feel you get harder with each thrust into me. I whisper  Harder Sir, you say nothing, your actions speak louder than any words can. You start to pump into me hard over and over. Don’t stop, I need more.  My inner thighs begin to redden with each slam into them.  You like knocking out the bottom of me. I start to cum, the fast hard contractions of my pussy around you over and over cause me to scream out your name. Can you feel it when you’re in me. As you thrust into me, you are pulling me to you at the same time. This makes it even more pleasurable. I hear your breathing now it is hurried. You are close aren’t you? Put it in my ass Sir, Fuck my ass, Fuck it hard. You slide your cock out of my pussy and then the plug falls to the floor. You immediately push your cock inside my ass. You are so much larger than the plug and I can feel your dick pulsating in my ass. I know you are almost there. I want it harder though. Take what you want. Fuck me hard right in my ass Sir. With your dick in my ass and your fingers in my pussy I cum again. My liquid bursts forth around you. My hot tight ass is begging you to cum now. I want it all. Your whole load as deep as you can get it. You’re like steel now. It’s time. With the little control that I have been given. I arch my back and squeeze. I can only imagine the scene, your head back, eyes closed. I feel your fingers around my thighs tighten their grip. The hardest your dick has ever been. The sound from your lips says it all. I feel the warmth of what you have just deposited.

You untie my legs, they go limp. You remove the blindfold, I can see again. You are sweating. You’re out of breath. I can almost hear your heart racing.  My ass hurts, my pussy has been beaten I have rope burns on my wrist, and it was the best sex I have ever had in my life. You have given me a release I didn’t know I had in me. I have given you the opportunity to act out what is hidden in your mind.

Can you feel it in your hand? Can you see it on my skin?

Can you feel it in your hand? Can you see it on my skin?

Do you know your limits? Let’s find out…You bring the Crop and I’ll bring the rope.



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