Overactive Imagination

Take Me To Wonderland

12 am, and her mind wanders. She tends to think about something that happened 5 years ago, or something that happened 2 hours ago, or something that may happen 10 years from now. Her mind is like a hurricane, it’s a wreck. It’s full of beautiful yet awful thoughts. Its 1 am her mind continues to wander. How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company.

She climbs into Wonder Land with her bag in tow. He wonders what she harbors for him today. He is nervous, she is nervous. It has been a long time. Some say it’s like riding a bicycle. But it has never been that way for them. There was never a period of continuous fucking. No chance for them to ever really entertain knowing each other’s rhythm. It was always fresh and new. The rush of endorphins, the possibilities and all that goes along with it. His voice tells her that he would rather be asleep, but his cock says something different. It stands resting against his abdomen. “I can leave if you prefer” she whispers as her eyes lower to her lap. She turns to pull the handle but he stops her with his hand. “We’ve missed you, don’t leave”. She takes her hand off the door and puts it in the bag. She takes out on long thick rubber dildo. Life-like and equipped with pair of balls and a large round suction cup at the base. He watches her as she licks the round convex depression. Her thick lips are going to look so lovely around his own cock before the morning is over. “Hope you brought your Windex” she says as she looks him in the eye and quickly attaches the phallus to the window. “What are you going to do with that?” he asks. “I’m going to back my wet pussy on to it as I suck your dick.” She says “Oh we have missed you very much!” he says as he pulls her towards him. He catches her bottom lip with his and their tongues meet and in that instant she would do anything he asked of her. He releases her and she lowers herself to her knees. She releases him from his binds and his raging cock springs forward leaving a faint pink print on her lips. He bubbles over and it all starts to come back to him.

Her warm wet tongue grazes his frenulum as her thick full lips suck hard on his tip. He starts to believe that even the rubber cock on the window doesn’t harbor the kind of perfect suction this woman has for his cock. He wets his fingers and reaches far past the ink she hides from the world. He fully expects to feel the warmth of a purple princess jewel but she wears nothing for him. Instead she feels the tip of his middle finger circle her tight hot rear. She reaches down with one hand and wets her pussy and she moves slowly back on to the phallus stuck to the glass. He rises to his knees and leans forward to watch as it stretches her tight pussy. That should be him inside of her. That should be him feeling the waves of her ocean as she backs up on to him. Her sounds are overwhelming to the senses. She grows increasingly wet as she sloshes back and forth with her pussy, sucking his dick simultaneously. If she didn’t know any better she might have thought he shot a thick wad of cum down her throat but if he did, he never missed a beat. He tastes so fucking good, it makes her pussy cream and as he looks past her rolling ass he can see her remnants on the rubber cock.

That’s it; he is taking what he wants. He pulls her up by her wrists. He can hear her pussy pull off the cock with a loud pop. Just before he attempts to impale her she stops him. She opens the bag holding it out to him, encouraging him to pull out whatever he latches on to first. He reaches in trying to follow directions and pick the first thing his hand touches. He takes the bag from her and drops it to the floor below. Her ass is pressed up against him. He leans forward to reach out and she is pushed down to all 4’s with her legs closed tightly together. He grasps the thick dildo, it’s still slippery from the cum she left behind. He firmly pulls and it pops off the window with force. “That isn’t in my bag of Ass Toys Sir” she says with a giggle. “Shhh” It’s large and it scares her. But, she trusts him and she takes a deep breath and rests her cheek on the seat below. He wets his fingers and circles the outer rim of her hole. He slides 1 finger in down up to his knuckle. He can feel her tense; he smacks her hard on the ass. Immediately she relaxes. He sticks the tip of the large rubber cock up to her hole. Slowly he inches in. She inhales deeply every time she feels him push further. Its pain but it feels good all at the same time. He pulls out just enough to relieve the sting. Then slowly he pushes his way back in. Her hand reaches out to grab something. He reaches under with his free hand and pops her swollen flesh, she yelps with pleasure.

As her body relaxes he pushes further, finally she gives way to him. She exhales and he leans back to watch her body twitch. He grabs her by the hair and pushes her forward again. He spreads her left cheek with one hand and pulls the phallus out with the other. The crater left behind is large, it slowly begins to close and he fills her again. This time quickly and down to the base. He is dripping and he wants to feel the inside of her. He plummets into her wetness. The suction cup at the base of the phallus is pressed up against his abdomen as he is rooted high up in her. Her body relaxes as she gives way to him pulling her hard on to him. Her arms are stretched out and she is in full Leap-Frog Position. He reaches down and uses her hair as leverage. Pulling by the roots she cries out as she cums. He pulls the faux-phallus out of her leaving a gaping hole the size of Lake Tarpon. Once she is released the walls of her pussy grip on to him and refuse to let go as he attempts to pulls back. He looks down to see what she has left behind, what she likely will taste of herself. He sees not only his cock covered in their emulsion but her gaping wide hole that refuses to close. He grasps tighter on to her hair and roots himself into her one last time. A single tear runs down her cheek. The roots of her hair are on fire but she doesn’t feel anything except the pounding of her pussy ringing in her head.

He can feel the head of his cock bouncing softly off the top of her shallow dome. One…two… he stops. Her climax is starting to wane but he still feels the after-shocks ripple around him. And all at once he feels a micro-burst of sunshine come over him. Neurochemical receptors coming from places as far away as the balls of his feet to the nerve endings on his scalp… maybe even Pluto. The warmth creeps over his face as his cock goes from steel phase to diamond phase. As things approach crescendo, a tiny involuntary muscle twitches, it jabs him in the pit of his abdomen, not unlike a brief episode of palsy. And as he hits apocalypse a momentary tranquility blasts his system, the ending to “Free Bird” rings clear in his head. And as he empties himself into her he closes his eyes. Sleep is what he needs. She pulls off of him and he stills for a few brief seconds, taking in the experience of her thrill ride.

Sex with her is like the crack cocaine of sex… Highly addictive and oh so enjoyable.