Sexual Nirvana

Many people are talented yet few distinguish themselves. The ability to rise above lies more in effort than in talent. Still, I strive to be the most talented. From a purely physical stand point, I want you to drive away thinking, She might be the best (fill in the blank) I’ve ever had. Even if you never admit it to me or yourself. I want you to cum harder than you ever have; I want you to empty yourself more than you ever have, and I want you to go places you never have. The fact is I might not be the most talented you’ve ever had, but I will give the most effort of anyone you’ve ever had.

He sits on an over sized couch preparing to bait his hook. She kneels at his side with her eyes to the floor. Her hair is swept to the side in a smooth pony tail. It falls over her shoulder in one giant curl. She is wearing nothing but a black silk robe; it opens in the front, slightly allowing her full breasts to breath easy. The last time he owned her ass, she came so hard her toes went numb with pleasure. She smiles at the thought of it, as she peeks over to see him shining the steel ball. He looks over and catches her. She quickly lowers her eyes back to the floor. She lets out a giggle and bites her lip in a deviant smile. She likes to please him, but she also likes to get caught because that means she will feel the sting of his palm against her flesh. “You are not suppose to be laughing, Miss” he rolls his eyes in exasperation. Deep down he knows without her rule breaking this wouldn’t be nearly as fun. His top lips twitches and the corner of his lips almost let out a smile but he fights it and continues with the task at hand.

He leans back on the couch and beckons her to him. She crawls over to him and emerges from between his legs. She runs her hands up his thighs and she starts to feel him rise through his pants. She rubs her nose and cheek against his hard cock gently nipping at his steel. She leaves a lips shaped saliva stain on his pants. As she starts to remove him from his restraints he stops her. “Before you go there, I have something for you” he says. She stands and starts to straddle him. He pulls her over his lap, raising her robe to the small of her back he orders her to count. His hand welts her tender skin. “One Sir, may I have another” he rubs her welts in a soft circular motion then SMACK! “2 Sir” and she continues to count, each time he welts her and caresses her ass she gets even more wet. Finally he stops, he spreads her cheeks wide and spits on her hot hole then rims her with his middle finger. She is there. Her pussy is like a live wire, sizzling like a snare, on a rainy summer night. He puts the cold steel up to her shiny wet hole and eases it in. Now let’s see what he can catch now that his hook is effectively baited. He pops her ass one last time for good measure and he asks her to stand. She does as she is told, then he pulls her down by the wrist “where did you leave off?”

She kneels again between his legs and pulls his pants down. She takes his entire cock into her mouth and wets him from base tip then encircles him with her hand. She starts to stroke him up and down as she stares him in the eye, then she leans in reaching out with her tongue and makes contact with his balls. His eyes close and he makes the slightest sound of pleasure. Her tongue paints his balls in an array of patterns. She sucks them gently and licks them as she strokes his shaft and circles his tip with her thumb. They start to rise and he stops her. He stands and lifting her to her feet he lays her down. He wants to taste her; it has been too long since the last time. He spreads her legs and he sees the curved neck of the hook between her cheeks. He reaches out with his tongue and finds her swollen burgundy flesh. She is spread wide for him; he has one finger hooked around the neck of the metal and his thumbs and middle finger spreading her soft moist lips apart. He tastes her. It is everything he remembers, her flesh is smooth on his lips and tongue, her scent is over whelmingly pleasing to his nose and her taste causes his tongue to reach further into her crevasse. He looks up and sees she already has nipples in hand. Watching her touch herself like that is enough to drive him mad. That is when she looses control. He can feel the pulsation on his lips. She kisses him with her warm moist lips and he kisses her back lapping up all the moisture that she releases to him.

He returns to a sitting position and he pulls her onto him. She straddles him and he feels her wet pussy resting against his hard phallus. Like a hot dog in a bun she envelopes him length wise. He reaches into her robe and pulls each breast exposing them to the air. Her nipples are hard and have turned from a light buff shade of pink to a darkened ashen rose. They have decreases in size by half and gone from smooth and soft to hard and rough. Taking each one lightly between his teeth he sucks on them and pulls, letting them go. He watches them fall back into place. She moans, and he does it again this time he reaches around with both hands, with one he grabs the hook just at the curve and tugs, applying pressure to her inner walls and then rubs her ass again before popping her once last time on the cheek. If he didn’t know any better he would think he could feel the quake of her pussy as it swells and hugs him even tighter. He can feel the drops rise and start to bubble over. She lifts up and reaching back she takes him by the shaft. Standing him upright she lowers herself onto him. He closes his eyes. Enlightenment. He fills her deep inside, and he can feel the hook caress his shaft from base to tip. She starts to move up and down his hard cock. Her silken robe never falls off her body.

Slowly she moves up and down the entire length of his cock, she knows he likes it slow sometimes and she does it so methodically. She moves all the way up and as she falls down she rocks and bounces twice when she reaches the base. Slow and methodically she copies this pattern over and over, His hands are on her ass moving in a circular pattern, not of his own accord but of hers, it’s just the way her ass moves when she rides him. UP and down.. down, she bounces, squeezing him. She takes him so deep that he feels the steam coming off her pussy on his balls. She reaches back and places her fingers on his sack as she rocks back and forth with him deep inside. He buries his face in her chest between her peaks, and she lifts up. He starts to quickly jet his cock in and out of her. Pounding against her clit with his body. The rooms starts to shake and everything is a blur, she cums again and beneath gritted teeth moans a fully satisfied ‘Yeeeeesssss” He stops and raises her up. He turns her around and he gracefully unhooks her ass. He pulls her back and then stands his cock upright. She takes one legs and places it on the sofa and lowers her readied ass on to his cock. Slowly she takes him in; he is so big that he stretches her to full capacity. He feel so good, so hard, he slides in with ease. Up and down she takes him in. She has one hand on her thigh and one hand on her pussy. His arms are wrapped around her, tits in hands. Hard and fast she spring boards herself off his cock. You can hear the clapping of their skin. He is hardened to his maximum “I want you to cum sir.” “I want you to cum in my ass” She tells him. She slows and grinds into him each time she reaches his base. She reaches in and fingers her own pussy and he circles her clit with one hand. He holds out just long enough to feel her cum again. Her ass tightens when she cums just as hard as her pussy and he knows it. When she pulls her wet fingers from her pussy she grazes his balls, they are tight and hard, he is ready to cum. He feels a teaspoon full of liquid ooze from her pussy on to the tips his fingers, down to his ball sac and he can hold out no more. She slowly moves up and down his cock with her ass he cums deep inside of her. She takes his fingers in her hands and circles her own pussy one last time. She orgasms hard and fast again and his cock is on overload. He spurts the last shot of cum into her.

Taste me Sir, it’s been too long. I want to remember what your tongue feels like on my swollen flesh. Finger me while you do it. Make me cum with your mouth. Taste me Sir! I need your lips on me, suck on my breasts and my pussy. Bite me, on my thigh or my neck, even if it is out of impulse. Your lips on my skin are what I crave. Take my bottom lip between yours; let our tongues touch if only for a split second. I want to explore your mouth with mine. Look into my eyes before you do, such and innocent gesture, why must I beg? Is that really a limit? I asked months ago if that was a hardlimit and you said there are no limits, yet you refuse. You asked how you could make it up to me, there is your answer.

Or maybe you are just a terrible kisser…