White Knuckles

Obeir-A French Word: To Behave Obediently. To comply with or follow commands, restrictions, wishes or instructions…To Obey!

She climbs into the room. She is wearing a black dress and he is wearing a suit, tailored to fit his tall frame to perfection. She is busty and she spills over a little. He leads her over to the middle of the room and she kneels before him. She unzips him as he runs his fingers in and out of her mouth. Her tongue and lips are wet and his fingers slide effortlessly in and out of her mouth. He pushes further down her throat and his cock can sense what his fingers feel. She coughs and his cock bursts forth. It’s time for her to do all that he asks.

She wraps her hand around his girthy staff and pulls forward two sticky droplets are released to her. She cleanses her puckered lips with them. The she takes him in. Her tongue glides along the sides of his shaft and around his head as she strokes him up and down. His head falls back in pleasure and just for a moment he enjoys the soft touch of her warm mouth. He pulls out of her leaving her mouth open begging for more.  He plunges into her hard and pulls all the way out. He does this over and over each time reaching further down her gullet. He pulls out again and uses his cock to smack her on the lips and on the side of the face. Using his hand he cups her under the chin with one hand and by the hair with the other forcefully pulling her face onto his rigid appendage. Near the edge he backs off, releasing her, stroking her hair in admiration for being such a willing participant.

Atop the seat sits a Obeir Spanking Bench. It is made of soft red leather and has black leather cuffs lined with lambs wool. She climbs atop the bench and kneels. She crosses her legs and folds them back, like a teenager laying on the floor watching the TV. He locks her wrists into their binds. As he stands before her, she is only allowed to touch the small rectangular area of his body. Always only this rectangular space and nothing else, it is maddening to her. She wants to be able to grab him by the hips digging her nails into his back side, she wants to be given permission to pull him into her mouth as he stands before her. But she knows her place, and she executes her role to a tee: never putting a toe out of line. He reaches down and releases her breasts from the corset style bra she wears. Her breasts are entirely too big to be kept hidden away. Besides he likes how her tiny pink nipples sit atop her peaks, like a lone mountaineer that has reached the summit, they stand tall and proud. They fall and hang like melons over the edge of the foam bench. He pulls her forward and the bench inclines and begins to rock to and fro. She opens wide, quietly urging him to take her mouth and own it like only he does. Like a good Master… He does.

As he drives down her throat he reaches forward and grabs the right cheek of her ass. He spreads it looking for the slight glimmer of something shiny. He sees it and smacks her. Her cheek giggles, he likes it. He pulls out of her and looks down. He pulls her head up toward him by the roots of her hair and her mouth parts. He spits in her orifice and shoves his fingers down her throat again, wetting them with his own saliva, then rams his dick back down her gorge. She gags and gasps for air but continues on, enjoying every inch of him down her throat. He reaches back again pulling her black thong to the side. He moistens her with the saliva he retrieved from her mouth and sticks his middle finger into her slit. Her eyes squint and she moans. The head of his cock widens and his balls tighten. He pulls out of her and her tongue reaches for his tight sack. She licks him, lightly suck one gem into her mouth. He smacks her ass hard and she releases him. Then he pops her check again with his cock and shoved it once deep down before pulling out. He reaches down and palms her breast leaving fingers prints on the outside of her milky mounds. Then he pulls gently on her erect nipple before he pops the side of her again, her breast is now light pink in color. He circles around to the back of her, leaving her bound by the wrists. There won’t be any protesting from her today. He is going to take every hole she has and make it his.

She draws her legs up to the step of the Obeir Bench and her ass is right where he likes it, nice and high. He places his hands on her back side and spreads her, he pulls her thong down around her knees. Such a lovely sight; Her big round ass plugged with his favorite color. But she won’t need the plug for long. He pops her on the backs of her thighs and moves up to the crest of her cheeks and lays a few gentle smacks to her tender flesh, Then rubs the sting away. His rough hands swarm softly over her skin and he spanks her again. He can feel the moist heat rippling off her flesh. She wants him and he knows it. He leans in and tastes her from behind. Her soft meaty pussy taste like almonds and cherries.  She wants him to dive in and devour her. He spends entirely too little time with his face between her thighs. She wants him to be messy, to go for it, to lose himself in her wet crevasse. Rules! Always so many rules with him. Why can’t he just let go, he would enjoy it so much more, enjoy her so much more. He pulls away just before she is ready to cum. Always edging, always leaving her wanting more. He mounts her, spreading her cheeks apart again. He gives the plug a gentle tug and he can see it starts to pull through from the other side. It pops out quickly and her tight little hole closes entirely too fast. The princess plug makes a thud as it falls to the floor below.  She needs something bigger in there to stretch it out and he knows just what will get the job done. He wets his fingers with his tongue then reaches around and lets her taste him. She licks him clean and somehow his finger come out more wet with her sucking on them. He spreads the combination of their saliva up and down the fault line of her body. Her pussy is wet enough but her ass needs more. He spit on her hole and pushes one finger into her. My God she is tighter than he expected. He leans up and whispers something sexy in her ear that makes her smile. Surely some small insignificant inside joke that only the two of them share. Something about the plug being in or how she really is like his favorite cigar but better. Only he knows what to say to make her smile like that. The deviant smile of a woman who knows how to please her Dominant and knowing that his gratitude will be shone in return to his submissive is irreplaceable. Her smile fades and he pulls her head back by the roots of her hair. “Take it” she says as his cock runs up and down her seem. He wastes no time.

He impales her, like Vlad from The House of Basarab. She feels him stretch her, there is no better feeling. He pushes in until the head of his cock reaches her ceiling. She cries out in pleasure, and breaths deep as he uses her hair like the reins on his favorite horse. He pushes forward again and this time stills, releasing her hands from their binds. “Show me” he asks. His tone is reminiscent of a begging, but he would never stoop to such a thing. She gets even more wet, she likes knowing how badly he wants her and how much he enjoys her. He says so entirely too little. He pulls up and she reaches back. He looks down as she spreads her zipper for him. He rests his raging head against her hot hole and her pussy goes electric, pounding away. Her clit searches the best way it knows how, her hips move searching for his cock to enter her again. He obliges but in a different way. She can feel him start to push through, slowly but surely into her rear-entrance. He has to concentrate. She is slippery wet and extremely tight. The heat radiates around him. He smacks her ass and she relaxes. He pushes forward with less resistance. Finally his pelvis reaches her ass and he knows he is rooted as high up as he can go. She never stops spreading herself for him. She can feel his hot skin on her knuckles. He doesn’t take strokes only pushes over and over, letting his girth set in. Letting her body memorized his, letting her hole acquiesce to him. Letting her hole obey his cocks command.

He pulls out of her, impressed that her hands have never let go, he sees her white knuckles grasping on for dear life. He glances to the Bullseye of her dart board. It stands alone slowly closing before his eyes. He stuffs his own dart into her again and pulls out. It gapes wipes open. In his line of sight all he sees are her brightly colored finger nails and her gaping ass. It is beautiful to watch. He pushes in again and when he pulls out this time he invades her pussy, she screams as her clitoris explodes in waves of fluttering orgasmic shocks. He pulls out and pushes through her back door again. His cock yearns to feel the after- shocks of her excitement. Her ass clamps on to him refusing to let go. But he manages to break free he sticks two fingers in and feels her gaping walls pulsate. One last time he parks himself into her, he reaches forward again and feels her breasts. Her body can’t help it, his touch is every bit of magic he promised from the beginning. She cums again, unloading her essence onto him. His balls are covered with her mist. He fucks her pussy hard and fast. She begs him to fill her pussy with his hot glue amongst her screams of pleasure. He slows and enjoys her latching on to him. Drawing him forth, his cock explodes and his body has a rush of warmth that swarms over him. His skin prickles and he finally understands total body orgasm and all its delights. All because he let himself go to her as she gave him all of her pleasure. He never stops, he fucks right through the orgasm until he cums again, until she cums again. Finally, he pulls out of her, his limbs are numb. He walks around to the front of her as she turns over on her back. Her breasts fall towards her chin. She reaches with her arms and brings him to her. She still wants to taste herself off of him. She licks herself off of his tight drawn up sack. He clenches as she gently wraps her hands around his shaft. She pulls forward and draws one last drop from his vessel. She licks the tip of his cock. He is delicious, and he is empty. She stands and dresses, leaving him in a peaceful state of rest.

She quietly closes the door behind her, happy that their play room is back. What a nice surprise.