Captain Hook

She has a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit. She makes no apologies for her wild heart. She left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary; and he was glorious…

He sits alone watching the sun set on the water. His companion lies napping below deck. After a long day of sailing on the turquoise blue seas of the Caribbean he finds a lagoon tucked away. Dropping the anchor amongst the weeping willows that surround them he heads below.  As he ascends below he finds her walking about the cabin, she is wearing one of his white linen shirts and nothing else. He can see the sun has done her justice today. The cheeks of her round ass are peeking out from below his shirt and they are a wonderful bronze color. Her hair is wet and she smells of the mango tropical fruit lotion she just applied. She is delicious enough to eat. She turns to him and gives a devilish smile and as she walks past him to ascend the stairs her finger tips graze his abdomen. The slightest touch sends a shiver down his cock. “Where are you going?” he inquires. “You know I like to watch the fireflies light up as the sun goes down.” She smiles at him and leaves him standing there alone.

He decides that now is a good a time as any for his own shower. He lets the warm water run down his skin. As he washed off the salty sea air from his body, his mind pilfers through all the activities he has planned for the evening. He steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist. He wastes no time with clothes he just heads up to take a seat in the lounge chair next to her. He can see that the salty sea air has caused her nipples to harden. As she gazes up at the large moon above she asks “what is on the menu for the evening?” His reply is simple… “You!” He holds out his hand to her, offering her two small clips. She knows exactly what they are meant for. She does not take them from his hand. “Do you feel dangerous tonight Sir?” she asks. “Whenever you’re around I seem to find myself courting danger.” He replies. “Then you can put them on yourself” She says as she swings her legs around sitting up in the lounge chair. He stands peering down at her and she lifts her arms high in the air. Working his way down her arms he pulls the linen shirt up by the sleeves, removing it from her body. It falls to the deck in a wrinkly wad. As her arms slowly fall to her side she takes his towel with her and it too falls to the deck. Her nose brushes him from base to tip. Her warm wet tongue reaches out to graze him. His body shivers as she takes his tip into her mouth. He grows harder and longer each time she pulls back. “Do you fancy the way I suck your dick?” she asks as she stares up at him. “My Dear… I fancy everything about you. Now stand please and bend over.”

Like the good girl she is, she stands like she is told to do. He pinches each of her nipples and pulls until they are taut and peeked. He leans in and tastes each, carefully using his teeth on her. Then he holds up his shiny metal trinkets. “You dirty Pirate; you took those from my bag. A souvenir?”  “These are more than mere trinkets B, now hush.” He says as he leads her over to the rail. She steps up and he tells her to hold on tight. He bends her over the railing holding her legs down with his body. With both his hands free he spreads her ass cheeks. “What shall I do with this?” he smirks. Her body is tense as she looks down at the water. “Relax and trust me.” He encourages her with a smack to her ass. Then he watches as her body relaxes under his touch. He leans in, pressing against her, to find the large J-Shaped hook that hangs from the railing. He finds himself in a pickle. He left the lube down stairs….he looks around desperate to find something he can use. Then he sees something, Tanning oil. The same oil she uses to tan her skin. It smells like coconut and he likes it. It’s on the chair, only a few feet away. He can’t leave her alone hanging over the edge. He is resourceful, he thinks quickly on his feet. There is a gaff used for aesthetic purposes it’s an arms-length away. He uses it to pull the dark bottle of banana boat towards him. She never makes a sound, trusting that whatever he is up to that he will not let her fall. Finally he has the bottle in hand, is pops the lid and warm oils falls in a smooth stream down the width of her cheeks. He pays a little extra attention to the center crack that divides them. He takes his hands and smears it all over her ass; she is an oily hot mess. He uses his middle finger like a paint brush. He takes one long slow stroke from the top of her crack to the bottom. Then he comes back up stopping to probe her up to his knuckle. Her ass is tight just like her pussy and he likes it. He coats the hook generously and sticks the ball up to her tight slick hole. He starts to push it in and he can feel her body tense, he can see her tense too. He lays his hand on her back side again and oil flies into the air. Using the weight of his body he pushes the ball of the hook into her little hole. She gasps at the pleasure he sends through her body. The eye of the hook lays flat on the small of her back. The perfect handle for the control he seeks.

He pulls back the handle like it’s a leaver and watches the ball push its way slowly backwards from the inside out. He can see the imprint of the ball just on the inside, like her ass is trying to birth it out. It crests and she expands. Then before it’s free he pushes it back in and stands her up. “Don’t move” he instructs. He walks over to the bar and pulls out an old friend, her collar. But it looks a little different. When he returns he removes the hair tie from her wrist and uses it to pull her hair up in a messy bun. Then he wraps the collar around her neck and attaches the long velvet extension to the hook eye with a small sliver swivel snap trigger hook. The velvet extension is shortened and she is forced to hold her head back. Her neck pulls back past 90 degrees and she is almost forced to look at him as he watches her from behind. He escorts her over to the lounge by her joy stick. Carefully bending her forward, her body starts to quiver. As if she wasn’t oily enough, her pussy lets out its own wetness as the ball wriggles around inside of her. She is bent forward on one knee, the other foot firmly planted on the deck. The way the moon light hits her skin makes her ass shine iridescent. He wants to slip his cock into her slow and deep. Then pulls her forward and back by her handle until he cums. He holds off, sliding two fingers into her instead. As he pulls the hook up her foot rises off the ground and her pointed toes barely graze the deck. She is being held up by this giant hook, and like a tired fish she gives in as he reels her into him. He slides his fingers in and out of her swiftly. Her eyes are wide open as she watches the moon, enjoys everything he does to her. A cloudy mixture of banana boat oil and her essence slime his fingers but he doesn’t stop until he sees it falling to the deck below. He watches her body shake with pleasure and he knows that he must strike while the iron is hot.

He holds his dripping phallus up to her pussy; his fiery tip sends another jolt up her clit. He pushes her forward by the hook and pulls her back on to his rigid cock, hard and deep. The cold steel between his fingers and her warm flesh on his cock cause him to drive that much harder into her as he controls her joy stick. He reaches up and pulls her hair by the messy bun that sits atop and her eyes roll back meeting his. Her pussy tightens with each orgasm he gives her. The harder he pulls her by the roots and the deeper her pulls himself into her the more wildly she orgasms. He starts to feel his eyes pop out of his head and he has to close them. He is close to eruption. He tries to allow his mind to drift, to hopefully slow the process, but he has waited too long. He tightens and his tip enlarges. He pulls her off him and he removes the hook from her. Replacing it with his cock, He plunders her ass to his root and unloads his cum inside of her. He releases the swivel lock allowing her body to arch, giving way to the movement she so desperately wants to give him.  Multiple hard contractions leave her full of him. He pulls out of her and replaces the hook back in her ass. “Don’t move. I will be back.” He returns to the cabin below. When he returns she is just as he left her. He removes the clamps from her breast and warmth rushes back in to them. He smacks her ass and she stands. “What are you doing?” He asks. “I’m going to clean up.” She says. “I didn’t give you permission for that” he says. “What can I say boss, I’m a rebel… you can spank me for it later.” She smiles. In a tone more serious than you can imagine all he says is “Oh I will…”

…and if the essence of my being has caused a smile upon your face or a touch of joy in your heart. Then in living – I have made my mark.