Situation Room

Modern Day Godiva

Lady Godiva- Would anyone have remembered the story of Godiva if she would have lowered her Coventry’s taxes without taking her clothes off?


Magnificent aren’t they?  Or so I’m led to believe. Lay me back Sir, and take them like you own them. They are only the beginning of what awaits you down the rabbit  hole.

Tell me…How was it for you this morning? Do you feel like you owned it? I think I could have let you play in wonderland all morning. It’s amazing to cum so hard, so many times, so close together. How was the princess? Explain to me how it feels from your perspective. I want to be able to write about it and understand it. The more I know the better it will get each time we are together.  I know how you made me feel with it in. I know you wanted to lay into me with all your force but, this morning I just needed to enjoy the experience. Next time, Sugar, you can take her like you want, Hard and Fast. You made a little mess that I had to clean up. I liked it! So I’m back to asking permission to cum, that was a nice touch. Leave a hand print on my ass next time, won’t you please Sir. Give me a little reminder to feel later in the day. Next time when we are in a larger space and you have plenty of room to… work. I might just be forced to beg you aloud for what I want. You do a mighty fine job of anticipating what I like so I certainly have no issues. But if I beg you to drive it deeper into me, would you?

“Carly, where the hell have you been?” Frank asks. “I have been working, you know that. What do you mean where have I been?” she remarks. “That isn’t what I meant, in my office please Miss” and he extends his arms forward allowing her to lead the way. She enters his office to find nothing has changed. She takes a seat in the chair across from where his chair is. But he never enters her line of sight. “What are you doing?” he asks quizzically. “I don’t know what you mean Sir.” the minute she says the word there is a fire that sparks between her thighs. She stands and moved over to the side of the desk. Slowly she removes all of her clothing except her bracelet with the secret key and her panties. Turquoise with a small bow in the front. Not the thong that Frank is accustomed to but, still all the new fashion. Doesn’t matter to him anyways, they will soon be off. She lowers herself to her knees and places her hands on her thighs. She looks down to the ground. Her instincts tell her that Frank is a wanton man not to be trifled with today. She hears the click of the door lock and within seconds she can see him standing in front of her. He grabs her by her chin and urges her to look up. When she does their eyes meet and she knows that he means business.

“It has been a while Frank, what do you have in store for me?” she asks meekly. “Let me remind you…once the door locks, I go by Sir, and wouldn’t you like to know.” he responds with a wink. Then he stands her up and tells her to remove the lock box from his bottom right hand drawer as he swiftly moves to the secret door. She removes the box from the drawer and places it quietly on the desk and unlocks it. Each and every item is there, just ask she left it. She smiles to herself, not removing anything from the box. She merely opens it allowing him to choose his desert of choice. When he exits the room he sees the lock box on the desk and her body bent over lying flat on the desk, her breast pressed firmly against the cold glass. Her arms are stretched out to the side grasping the edges of the desk and her legs slightly spread. Walking in behind her he pulls down her lace panties on one side and lends a print to her ass with his hand. He can feel the rush of endorphins flow from his brain down his arm and into his finger tips. With his other hand he unbuckles his belt giving his already hardened cock some breathing room. Walking around the desk he grabs the trusty…Princess Plug. The weight of the steel in his palm excites him further. Standing behind her he licks all 4 of his fingers the reaches down, lubricating her from the start of her slit all the way back. Then slowly he pushes the Princess in. It has been a while since she has had anything in her ass and she is tight. He smacks her again and the pulls her panties down and they fall to her knees. He pushes them down to the floor with his foot and she steps out of the effortlessly. Removing himself from his clothing he stalks up behind her and she can feel him press up against her. She hasn’t been with another since the last they were together and he knows it. He can feel her heat against his rigid skin. He probes her entrance with the head of his cock and decides he shall keep her waiting a little longer. When he cums it wont’ take long. He closes his eyes and remembers exactly how she feels to him. He walks over to his chair and takes a seat, she follows instinctively. Sliding his chair back she steps between his legs and lowers her body down to her knees.

She starts by giving him a lick from base to tip. Momentarily stopping to fondle his balls in her warm, wet, soft mouth. She reaches up to stroke his long thick cock as she does. The moment her hand touches his cock he inhales loud enough for the birds outside to hear him. He closes his eyes and thinks back to the first time her hand ever touched him. Do you remember, the first time? Then she takes him in her mouth, just his head and sucks flicking her tongue around his opening several times before she takes him all the way down. His cock is glistening with her saliva. She is dripping and wants him in her. He loosens the tie he wears and pulls it over his head. Asking for her hands, he places them between the ties loops and pulls tight around her wrists. Her arms are left to rest on his chest. Then reaching back with his hips he thrusts into her mouth over and over until she can’t take it anymore. Gasping for breath, she stands. He can see the mixture of his seepage and her own saliva on her lips. He turns her around where they stand and bends her over the desk again. She turns and says “Take it! Hard!” Taking no mercy on her, he impales her with his iron. He is hard, hard as ice, and she is the fire that brings him to temperature. Over and over he strokes into her. He stretches her out to accommodate him. But there is no relief. He is so big and so hard she has to beg him maintain control. Pulling her back by her hips they land as one in his chair. He hits her high up on the inside and she can feel him full-bore pumping up into her. She rolls her hips and starts to meet him with each thrust. Months of frustration built up and she let’s go. He feels the full force of her hurricane swirling around his shaft. She can feel him swell and he releases her hips. She dismounts and he smacks her once on the ass before she turns around. She takes him in her mouth and instantly he shoots cum in the back of her throat. Grabbing a hand full of her hair he feels the way her mouth fucks his cock until she gags herself. She remembers how much she likes it and is unrelenting in her own satisfaction. Slowly she strokes him up and down with her hand as her mouth sucks the head of his cock slow and easy, milking every last drop out of him. She is careful not to leave a mess, she knows how much he doesn’t like getting his designer suits messy.

Sitting back in his chair he watches her walk over to the Chaise Lounge and lean back. “How long are you in town for?” he asks. “I’m at your disposal Sir.” she responds. He picks up his phone and says “Alice, Clear my schedule for the next week!” then he hangs up. “Good! We have some work to catch up on!” he says enthusiastically. She laughs. Then he realizes that she has been touching her self the whole time she has been lounging in his favorite chair. Round two.. this time the Flogger!













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