Unconventional Perfection


She is drawn to the freaks and the weirdos. She likes the irregulars and the rebels, the ones who refuse to be ordinary and the ones who stand alone. She feels most at ease with the curious intellects but, she is chameleon in her own skin. Hiding her magical mystery in plain sight. Only a select few know that music soothes her soul, laughter heals her spirit and that she hides her pain with comedy. No one knows that she longs to hear that her beauty isn’t a figment of her own imagination. She rivals any of the truly accomplished women in Austen’s novels. She reads, she writes, she crafts. A true artisan. She is the best lover you have ever known and even if she doesn’t look like Angelia Jolie she by God… is a Unicorn.


She sits at her desk clicking away on her mouse. Creating the best Excel she anyone has ever seen. She is a master at Excel contrary to what Frank believes. She turns her head to look at him as he sits in his office with Cash Carter across from him. He looks at her from the corner of his eye and she licks her M-Shaped top lip, she wonders if he has ever noticed this small detail as her lips have been around him more times that she can count. His eyes move back to Cash showing nothing to his friend across from him. But she sees the slightest upward turn of the corner of his mouth, and she decided to have a little fun.


She sneaks in his car and takes out her phone. She needs a little video encouragement to get where she needs to be. She opens her favorite website and scrolls through the options: Big Tits, Big Dick, Cream Pies, Ebony, Lesbian, Bukaki….wait Lesbian! This looks interesting. She chooses a short video to try. Its two lovely blondes. One with Bleach Blonde hair she quickly names ‘Blondie’ and one with Golden highlights she dubs ‘Goldie’. Blondie is leaning back with one hand on a very erect nipple and the other hand spreading her pussy’s lips apart with her index and middle finger as Goldie tastes her deliciousness. Goldie inserts a middle finger nice and slow beckoning her to cum from the inside out. With her finger still inserted she rises and tastes Blondies free nipple. Carly starts to sweat. She turns off the video and flips Franks visor down the visor and looks in the mirror. Her almond-shaped eyes are perfectly lined and painted for his liking. Does he like it? She thinks to herself. He looks down on her each time she is on her knees with her eyes opened or closed. He gags her till the perfect lines are not so perfect any more.  But he has never said a word. She wonders to herself if all she is to him is 3 holes. She no longer feels the need to play. She exits his car leaving it just as she found it. Thinking of her lack of what she wants to hear and the two women in the video.


Cash leaves at nearly the end of the day. Exiting with a familiar hug. He misses her in his office, she can tell. But he knows her place is here with Frank. Still she has an affection for the man who is like a Big brother to her and she sees him often enough. “Where did you go earlier?” Frank interrupts her pleasant thoughts of her old boss. “I went to your car to watch a video” she replies not looking in his direction. She suddenly feels a little salty towards him. “Want to stay and work on some documents with me after hours?” he says. She knows what he is implying. “Not tonight” she says still not looking at him. He seems unaffected by her refusal. Especially considering she has never before refused him. He wonders to himself what has gotten into her, she even takes care of his needs when she is out of order. “See-ya tomorrow” he says. “Oh and send me whatever it was you were watching…research.” He turns into his office and closed the door behind him. She walks out of the office wishing he would have taken control, wishing he would have grabbed her and taken from her what he wanted and what she really wanted to give. But he didn’t, she send the video and closes the door. 3 Holes is all she is.


Before she even gets to the stop sign up the street she gets a text. It’s a picture message. The tip of his dripping cock. “Two women. HOT!” she doesn’t hear from his again the rest of the evening.


She finds herself quickly in dreamland that evening. In a series of unexpected predicaments. All involving other women, sometimes Frank is in them. Many dreams go through her mind in the course of her REM sleep. One dream is so real she wakes up to the pounding her clit. She goes into the bathroom to splash some water on her face. She looks in the mirror raising her arms high in the air looking at the shape of her breasts as the fall into heavy tear drop shaped mounds. Maybe Frank wants to have a threesome. She thinks to herself. Its 3 am when she grabs her phone to send Frank a text message…Are you interested in having a 3rd party join us..also I need a couple days off. See you Thursday. Quickly Frank replies..Let’s discuss this tomorrow, all mental health days are denied..see you tomorrow Poppet.


She turns off her phone and turns on her vibrator. Strange how the thought of another woman felts as she plunged the vibrator deep into her pussy that night. The thought of Frank never crossed her mind, only the thought of how the lovely Blondes in the video would feel in the bed with her. She closed her eyes and could almost feel herself leaning back, pressed up against the breast of Blondie. Her palms rolling over her nipples and her hands cupping her large round tits. Her hair pulled over the side she could feel her breath on her neck. It was hot and wet. She moved her hands down and spread her knees apart so that Goldie could have full access to her swollen wet pussy. Goldie licks her once then reaches up and kisses Blondie. Blondie pushes her head back down between Carly’s legs and she licks her again. Long and slow. Her lips were extremely wet and her tongue rolled over Carly’s lips and clit with pleasurable ease. She entered Carly with the same long fingers as she had entered Blondie with. Blondie reached down and spread Carly’s lips as Goldie tasted her. She squeezed her nipple and pulled on his the moment it snapped back into place. That night Carly Came all over the bed sheets. She passed out with the vibrator on and the batteries slowly died out.


When she walked into the office the next morning Frank was already there. “Miss Dawson step into my office” She already knew what he wanted to discuss….


Her beauty satisfied artistic eye, peculiarities piqued his curiosity, her vivacity lightened his ennui, and her character interested him by unconscious hints it gave of power, pride and passion. So entirely natural and unconventional was she that he soon found himself on a familiar footing, asking all manner of unusual questions and receiving rather piquant replies.