Scene 12: Apologies

Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, heart and soul. When it comes to scars, children show them like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh. I enjoy your pseudo-sexual banter, it makes my skin tingle. You take me from 0 to filthy in the blink of an eye.

Last night it happened. I had sex with Ari. It was nice but, completely uneventful. Maybe next time will be better. The first few times are always “getting to know ya” kind of sex, right? Not always. Wasn’t like that with Frank, even the first time was exhilarating. Knowing at any moment we could be discovered. Every time I am around Frank I want to take my panties off and ignore the little voice in my head that knows better. My vibrator can’t even stave off the need Frank inspires in me. He has turned me into a wanton harlot. It’s more than his body or the way he touches me. It is how he challenges my mind. It’s how he frustrates me, maybe it’s how I frustrate him in return. Maybe my smart mouth is what turns him on, maybe it pisses him off all at the same time. Maybe it’s my honesty. He is an enigma, always unexpected. I will have to tell him. He will probably spank the shit out of me but ,then again that is how I like it. It’s the best make up sex there is between two people. The kind where you can let off steam, take your frustrations out on each other. Like a good stiff drink or two and honestly if I am unable to walk at the end of the night I’d rather it be because of him instead of a drink.

Carly returns from Vacation bright and early on Monday morning. Frank is there. Around other people they exchanges the common interest of her time off. It was much-needed. She has come back with a renewed mind and skin that has been brushed by the sun. She needs to get something off her chest though. She doesn’t know how to start this conversation but she knows it must happen sooner rather than later. “Miss Dawson, I need you in my office to catch you up on where we are at with business since you have been gone please.” Mr. Donovan asks. ” Yes Sir I will be right there.” Just then Ari walks in the door. He walks over and gives her a kiss and tells her good morning handing her a fresh cup of coffee. Franks face never changes but she can see in his eyes he is angry. He already knows and she doesn’t have to say a word. She stands and Ari places his arm around her waist. She tells him that she needs to have a meeting with Frank to catch up on new business and that she will talk to him later. He sweeps a stray lock of hair around her ear and tells her he will see her later. Looking to the ground she doesn’t want to look Frank in the eye. They enter his office. She sits in the chair on the other side of his desk and he asks in a dark controlled tone “Did you sleep with him?”  in a sulking voice she  says “yes” and as she looks up to make eye contact with him she can see his brown eyes narrow. Not like anything she had ever seen before. This was different. This was a look not of disappointment but of disgust. “shall I leave?” she asks. “No, we need to go over business first.” After a short 30 minute review of what she had missed the past two weeks she was coldly dismissed from his office. The next 4 days go by and Frank gives Carly the cold shoulder at every turn around. The office has been quiet and Carly busied herself with day-to-day tasks but she begins to feel as though her presence is not longer desired here. She has been avoiding Ari at work explaining to him that office policy is still in effect.  On Friday she asks Frank if she can have a few minutes of his time to discuss some things. Frank is generally not much for talking but she needs to get some stuff off her chest regarding the tension between them. He gestures for her to enter the office. When she does he closes the door and locks it. He walks over to his chair and sits down. She follows him over to the chair and kneels at his feet between his legs. Looking up at him with her big blues eyes she offers up an apology. This is the only way she knows how to say she is sorry to him. Taking him in  her hand and slowly stroking his staff, she feels him begin to harden. She can feel the sexual tension crackle between them. She unzips his trousers, just enough so that he springs forward, and takes him in her mouth there at his desk. Sucking him hard, her mouth is begging him to cum. Long deliberate strokes in and out of her mouth. Forcing his cock to hit the back of her throat hard. Just then there is a knock at the door and it opens. Quickly and out of embarrassment Carly ducks under the large ornate executive desk. Shit I thought he locked the door she thinks to herself. Two voices finally speak it’s Bret and Ari. They come in and sit opposite Frank at his desk. The 3 men begin to speak on business deals of the day. Carly is stuck there. Frank sticks his hand under the desk and with his index finger “come-hithers” her towards him. Silently inching forward she places her hand on the seat between his legs and he grabs her hand. He places her hand on his cock silently instructing her to massage him. He never misses a beat during the course of his conversation with the men. She steadily strokes his cock with shaky hands. Out of no where Ari asks if Carly should be in on this part of the meeting. Bret speaks up to say he had seen Carly enter the office only moments before the two gentlemen had entered. Frank stills and dismisses the remark as a happy accident. Ari volunteers to catch her up on the events of the conversation at a later time. A short while later the two gentlemen excuse themselves from Franks office. Carly lets out a sigh of relief. As she crawls out from under the desk to leave the office Frank stops her urging her to finish the job. Still kneeling before him and scared another person will walk into the door she takes him in her mouth. . She has no will power in his presence. He grabs her by her neatly pulled back hair and takes it down causing it to become messy in his hands, wrapped around the curls that fall to her face. Tilting her heads up enough to see her eyes as he fucks her mouth hard. Her thick lips are a sheathed around him so tight and she is sucking so hard that his head falls back. “I’m going to cum, Do not make a mess” he instructs her. He continues to thrust into her mouth now with a fierce and unapologetic drive causing her to gag. With her hands on his hips and him pulling her by her hair onto his cock with her mouth and he thrusts into her. He cums so hard that he lets out a moan sounding more like a growl that was louder than even he anticipated. She does her best to take it all in but he was fucking her mouth so hard that his cum and her saliva run from her breathless mouth. The sight of her eyes up in his direction and her lips around him with his cum dripping down her chest almost wanes his anger with her…Almost. She stands and brushes the wrinkles out of her clothing. Her legs ache from being on her knees for so long. He hands her a handkerchief and as she walks away she knows she will receive the full fury of his wrath later. When she opens the door to leave. Ari is sitting at her desk. He looks at her and tilts his head to the side. He had been sitting at her desk the whole time, he heard it all and as he stands to leaves with a disappointed look Carly attempted to fix her hair. She doesn’t follow.

Just before Frank exits his office for the weekend. She gets and Email.


I have a meeting tomorrow at 6pm. Please be there prompt, I need you there.


Carly arrives at the night club for the meeting at 5:45.  Immediately she sees Frank enter the front doors. As she exits her car and begins to walk towards the entrance She feels someone staring at her, it’s Ari.. Dammit!! When they arrives they are immediately escorted to their table. This place is loud. This is not like a normal dinner meeting. These particular clients are of a much younger generation and their idea of doing business is at a casino with a dance floor and an open bar. The night is well under way and after the initial talks The clients are escorted by Frank to the nearest poker table. Carly makes her way to the black jack table.. Suddenly a hand grabs her arm, Its Ari. He drags her towards an upstairs room, there is a door man waiting next to a closed-door he slips him a folded up bill. When they walk through the door it’s an empty space. She looks out over the balcony and sees all the people below gambling and dancing. There is a single red circular couch in the center of the room and an open bar in the corner dimly lit. He slowly backs Carly into a corner, she isn’t scared of him, she only wants to explain and apologize for misleading him.  She tells him that she understands he is angry but that at this moment in the here and now there is no man she desires more than Frank. He leans in and tells her he wants to feel her lose control like she does with Frank and he pins her to the wall. She explains that it just isn’t possible that way. You see Frank is the one in control and that is how she likes it. She gets lost in his control they have a symbiotic relationship and it works for them. In a drunken frustration he raises his hand to her just then a familiar hand catches his wrist. “Go home Ari, and sleep it off. This isn’t how to work things out.” its Frank.  Ari looks at him and then looks to her with shame in his eyes. “I’m sorry Carly” and he walks away. She now stands staring at Frank full of desire. She says “If you don’t Fuck me soon I’m going to completely lose it.” Frank pulls Carly in and says “You are supposed to be on my shit list, not my to-do list” She begins to dance circles around him .Ending with her back to his front and with the pounding of the bass drum in the song that blares over the speakers she begins to grind on him in rhythm. They begin to grind on each other, She can feel him start to rise as he presses against her, he hands her the keys to the private entrance of his office and tells her to meet him there in 30 minutes. “You know how I want you.” Carly now slick with anticipation walks away. ” Carly are you forgetting something?” Frank asks… “oh yea.. Yes Sir”

Wearing nothing but a delicate pair of light blue lace panties she kneels beside his desk. He walks in and undoes his tie. He reaches down and takes her hand to stand her up.  “I have never been so angry with you but, despite my recent orgasm my desire for you has barely waned. I want nothing more than to drag you around this building and fuck you senseless.”  Standing in front of her he runs his hands down her abdomen to her cunt. Pulling asides the panties she dons at his request. He inserts two fingers insides of her wetness. With a sudden jerk he rips the delicate fabric and tossed them to the side of the desk. “I am going to fuck you now, harder than ever before and you will not make a sound. This is for my pleasure do you understand?” She nods her head that she does. He leads her over to the lounge and she begins to undress him. He is already hard and in need of giving her a good pounding. She squats in front of him and licks him once from base to tip, the she stands. He turns her around and takes his tie off the floor to bind her wrists to the hanging lamp above the lounge chair, causing her arms to be suspended in the air. Showing him her largely shaped round breast. “Don’t break my lamp baby girl” he whispers hot breath into her ear. Then he lays back on the couch holding his hard cock up in one hand. ” Get on top of me.” he orders.  Carly straddles him and with pain staking restraint trying to appreciate how he stretches her and fills her inch by delicious inch until he is all the way rooted up in her she lowers herself on to him. With his free hand he gives her one hard smack on the ass. “You are not supposed to be enjoying this Miss Dawson.” but she can’t help it. With one leg on the floor she begins to ease up and down his shaft. Over and over circling her hips as she sways back and forth. He places the palm of his hand on her hard little clit and presses firmly making circular sweeping motions. In the other hand he has taken her right nipple between his thumb and index finger rolling it so hard that she moans with pleasure. Every time she is on the cusp of orgasm he removes his hand. Oh the torture, the sweet torture. Knowing she would cum if this continued, he flips her and lifts her ass in the air giving it another hard smack. She lets out a yelp. The pain of it stunning her back into reality. Before she can protest he shoves his cock back inside her this time almost knocking the wind out of her. She stills at the jolt of the pain the comes when he hits the end of her. The slight discomfort gives way to pleasure as he drives into her deep and hard. She begins to meet his thrusts and before she knows it she is in a state of perpetual orgasm. A state the only Frank could bring her to. Frank pulled out of her and smack her thrice on the ass harder than ever before.  then eases his cock, hard as steel, into her tight ass. She begins to rub her clit as he pumps into her repeatedly as she did he pulls on her familiar braid and whispers “Good Girl” in her ear in a low predatory tone. As she reaches her final climax he can feel the walls of her ass contracting around his dick. In a matter of seconds he finds his own explosive release. This is his ass and she won’t be giving it to anyone else as long as they were in this state of mutual pleasure.

Bent over the lounge Frank leans in and says “you weren’t suppose to cum, ya know?” she giggles and says ” I know” ” What am I going to do with you Carly Dawson?” he asks. ” I think the better question is; What are we going to do about Ari?” she replies… Franks mind is in motion Yes Ari?!



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