Women’s bodies are much like a topographical map. Characterized by large scale detail with a variety of contours and relief. These maps should be ciphered by a mans hands, experienced and disciplined hands that know how to interpret the lay of the land. The study of topography is broad field that takes into account all of the natural features of the terrain. Can you read my map?


Contours and Reliefs

Her rear quarters are like the rolling hills of Tennessee, her ass like the Great Blue Hole of Belize. Her breasts are like the twin peaks of New Hampshire. Her pussy like a hot spring providing healing properties to the mind. Her mouth and tongue like the warm rolling waves of the gulf waters. He uses his hands to guide his way in the darkness of the morning hours. He needs no light to see where he is going. He has been there and experienced the land. He could close is eyes and find his way to his desired destination. The question is not how but where? Will he head north to the red wine lips that are the object of his obsession? Or, will he head south to the sweet plains that rest between her legs? Stopping along the way enjoying the scenic route. Maybe he will head Deep South venturing to go where only few have gone. A place only he has brought pleasure and enjoyment too. He wants it all but which shall he have on his next vacation? Only he knows.

She crawls towards him completely naked. Normally she has some article of clothing on her body. Today she feels free to be herself. It isn’t like he hasn’t seen her entirety already. He knows all her secrets, she has nothing to hide. If he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t be here. He is hard before her lips even graze his skin. She blows her hot wet breath on the head of his raging cock. Her tongue peeks through her red lips and she taste one large drop of stickiness sitting atop his tip. Her tongue pulls back and a strand of clear sap follow her lips, refusing to leave its home. Like a spiders web baiting its prey. But she won’t be trifled with. Her red lips stalk his cock, slightly open she kisses his tip. Taking what she wants. He watches intently. Her red lips are glowing in the darkness. He knows he will fuck those lips before they say good bye for the morning. She takes him in choking herself as he forces he cock all the way down her tunnel. Careful never to let the red of her lips touch his skin. “That’s enough!” he says. She knows not what she has done. She looks up at him her brow furrowed. Looking for a sign. Maybe he doesn’t like the way she does it anymore. Maybe he is tired of her lips around his obelisk. “If you keep that up I will cum, and I won’t be able to fuck that fabulous pussy of yours.” he reassures. She smiles softly then he grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back. Closing in on her neck she can feel his hot breath on her sweet spot. It makes her pulse race as her eyes close. Her neck twitches. His lips never touch her skin, she only feels his hot breath on her neck.

He instructs her to take her place over his knee. He places his hand on her ass. She is fully expecting to feel the sting of his palm. But she doesn’t . He spreads her and runs his fingers along the priceless gem she hides. He is a miner at heart always ready to unearth her precious stone. The tips of his fingers feel the warm moist heat of her pussy. He sinks his finger into her and she cums. “Did you just cum?” He asks. She giggles. “You are bad” he tells her. Once the quakes of her pussy release his fingers he removes them. “Now you must be punished” he tells her. Then he spanks her hard one time. And tell her that’s enough. WHAT?!! She says to herself. One time? That’s it? Her red lips fall to a slight frown. He turns her around and tells her to lay back. She has one foot on the floor and one foot wedged between his body and the seat.. He positions himself to lean in. Then he tastes what she just released. The foaminess on his tongue is like the meringue of a lemon pie. When he comes up for air, his mouth is like a glazed donut.

“Did you bring it?” he asks. “I always honor my Sir’s requests” she replies. She reaches down into her bag and pulls it out. “Good Girl” he smiles as he gives her one last rewarding taste. A old toy, her favorite toy, but new to them in this space. She likes it on medium speed, just the ears of the rabbit. He slides it in. Her pussy is already swollen with desire. How many more orgasms can her body handle? Plenty more… she is sure. Slowly he works it in and out of her pussy. The ears gently bumping up against her engorged button. He reaches out with his thumb and feels how hard her clit has become. He starts to move the device in and out of her, just a bit harder now. Hard, slow and deep, each time the ears hit her she jerks with pleasure. He holds it there a little longer each time. His hand cradles her mound, his fingers spread her. He wants to feel her body vibrate when she cums. His cock is dripping, he just needs to hold out a little longer, she is almost there. In and out he picks up speed. “oh fuck, yes” she whispers and like a geyser at sea level she bubbles over. His hand can feel her body shutter and he knows she has had a full release. He pulls the toy from her dripping crack and it is covered in her creaminess. She takes it from him and places it back into her satchel.

He watches her turn over. Her head low and her ass high. Her pussy, thick and colorful, spread like the feathers of a purple peacock. Feathers that only open to the most worthy of on-lookers. He smacks her ass again and she hisses. Taking both his hands on each ass cheek he pushes forward and spreads them even further. She can feel the air on the most inner lips of her pussy. It is liberating to her. She opens and closes for him. As he watches her pussy gape open and close for him, he becomes hypnotized. His cock is salivating like a rabid dog. He spanks her ass hard three times fast and quick. Then rubs her ass. She back her ass up, teasing him into taking her. He won’t leave her waiting any longer. With cock in hand he pierces her flesh slow and easy. He likes the way the steel feels against his cock as it stares him in the eye. He stills and she moves forward, then back. He thrusts high into her and stills his body. Then she moves forward and back again. Over and over she moves forward and back her hips rolling with each pass. Her pussy effectively jacking off his hard cock. He grabs her by the hips and she stills. He starts to pound into her hard as he pulls her body on to his cock. She can take what ever he gives her, it’s purposed in her mind. She starts to meet each thrust he gives with a push of her own. Who will surrender first to the whims of the other. He smacks her ass and her pussy jumps. She squeezes and her pussy vibrate around his cock and his lips twitch. He starts to feel his ascension so he pulls back. This is her cue. He sits back and she turns towards him. Taking his cock in her hand she slowly strokes him up and down twice before she takes him into her mouth. He places one hand on her ass, she likes the way his fingers grip her ass hard when he cums, and one hand on her head. His fingers intertwined like ivy crawling up a white picket fence. He controls every movement she makes. He can fuck her mouth hard or he can fuck her mouth soft. The red of her lips streak up and down his blazing cock as he chooses to fuck her mouth hard. She chokes on his cock as he rams into her. Her fingers cradle his balls as he thrusts into her little red fuck hole. At the edge of pleasure, he slows still deep between her pursed lips. The slow shallow strokes of her mouth alternate, and like a volcano reaching high into the air he blows hot magma into the stratosphere. He cums with extreme force and accuracy. Hitting the very back of her throat. She has no choice but to swallow every drop, letting his cum melt inside of her. A sniper, well practiced at hitting his intended target. After collecting their thoughts, they say their fare wells for the day.


Ready, Aim….FIRE!


When she gets to work she looks in the mirror, thinking to herself, he spanked me very little today why can I still feel the touch of his hand on my skin? Then she turns to look at her back side. There she sees the results of his powerful explosion. 5 finger prints on her left ass cheek. Like she was his personal finger print card. She likes it. She takes a picture, saving it for a later time. She skips down the hall to start her work day. Just down the hall he stops to use the facilities. That is when he sees a little proof of his own. He cock is a faint red stain to it. Stained from her lips. If he didn’t know any better he would have thought he felt his cock twitch at the sight of it. He starts to rise as he thinks of those lips of hers on his big thick cock. He cannot start work like this. No lead in this place will conceal the rock hard cock he has for her. He is forced to close his eyes and think of her red stained dick sucking lips on his cock once more. When he cums it is tinted red, nothing will removed this but a shower. At least he is wearing dark clothing. He snaps a picture for her pleasure. His cum stained red by her lips for the second time. She will enjoy this, he thinks to himself. Then he starts his day. By the end of the afternoon her welts have gone away and by evening he has washed away the proof of her presence. It’s 10pm and she get a single text. No words, just a symbol, letting her know that he thinks of her one last time. She returns the text with a symbol of her own. They speak in code, a code only the two of them understand. He sends her a photo titled, ‘look what you caused.’ It is a thick wade of pink cum and his cock stained red in the foreground. She replies with a picture as well. The finger prints that graced her ass all day. Each of them wearing their own brand, give by the other, in secret of daylight.

Tell me a secret…

he requests. No! You tell me a secret. You have shared far too few secrets Sir. You paint me a picture. Tell me what you want to do to me, and what you me to do to you in return. Tell me how you want it. Tell me how you like it. Tell me something that you are even too bashful to share with me. Tell me your darkest secret, your nastiest fantasy and your wildest dream. I want to know.. And I think I have earned it.