Mandarin Duck

Oh… This and That.

You may, if you are an old-school Master, wish to consider yourself full of universal benevolence, and at the same time derive great pleasure from caning. In order to reconcile these two desires you have to persuade yourself that caning has reformatory influence. On the outside you are as smooth as freshly shaved legs covered in the finest oil. But on the inside you are a beast. You run through the forest trying to escape what your inner core desires; me strung up high with a welted rear.

It’s raining out, and the house is dark. What comes first.. the lightning or the thunder? Every time the sky illuminates the house, there is a crack that follows. The house rumbles and she isn’t sure if it’s the weather or the bamboo cane in his hand. “Your ass looks so pretty with my name written on it in those beautiful little welts. If you continue to be a good girl, I’ll kiss them all better when I’m done.” he tells her. Her pussy creams with desire. Maybe after he kisses her all better, he will fuck her until the lights come back on. CRACK! the flexible cane lands just at her sulcus. She bends over slightly and spreads herself for her master. He lashes her again. Two horizontal marks where her ass meets her thighs. As she lays bent over a wood framed desk he approaches from behind. He runs his inked tentacles up her back and whispers “I am the master and you will do well to remember that.” then he starts at her neck and kisses each mark he placed on her skin. With each kiss it burns just a little more. When he reaches the horizontal cleft of her ass he kisses the pair of welts. He can smell her. She bends over and wraps her arms around her knees, spreading her legs a little further apart. He can see the white foam he has created on her swollen lips. He tastes it like a boy tastes a popsicle in the heat of the summer.

He stands and escorts her to the siege d’ amour sex chair. Originally fashioned for the playboy prince of Wales Edward Vll, how fitting. A man with a velvet exterior but a constant rage on the inside for sex and lust of all shapes and sizes. He lays her down and places her feet in the stirrups strapping her in nice and tight. He has every intention of fucking her so hard that her feet will buckle under pressure. A simple weave of the cord and her big toes are bound to the chairs stirrup. The red cordage follows her calves upwards in a criss-cross pattern until he ties them off at the backs of her knees. Binding her arms up the ski-like poles he will use for leverage he fastens her wrist and in a similar criss-cross pattern wraps the cordage down to her elbows. Her large natural breast atop her chest fall slightly to each slide, creating a deep furrow between them. He returns to the corner of the room where he placed his cane and retrieves another of his favorites…The Crop.


She hears the swish in the air and feels the sting on her foot. The soft leather of the crop leaves a light pink signature on her. He runs the crop up her ankle and pops her twice more on the back of her calf. Leaving grill marks on her soft skin due to the cordage. Around the front of her knee to her inner thigh. Three quick pops to her inner thighs leave pock marks she will bear until morning. Then he stops and he places the head of the crop against her wetness. Letting the leather soak her up before he lifts it to inhales the mixed aroma. Sandalwood and Tahitian Sunset are intoxicating, his cock semi-hard  begins to grow. One quick nip of her tender wet folds with the crop and she lets out a moan. “Quiet!” he issues thrice a command in the form of lashes to her abdomen with the worn leather crop. She grunts, clenching her teeth trying not to make any noise. The sounds, you see, are what get him to where he needs to be. The quieter she is, the longer he can go and that is something they both want. He recoils to another part of the room and hold up two items. Silver duck tape and a  black silk scarf. Which shall he use. Tonight he chooses the Scarf. He instructs her to open her mouth and he places the scarf between her teeth tying it at the back of her head. He likes to see her red lips between the black silk. When he fucks her pussy hard she bares down with her teeth and they shine in the moon light. The contrast is unexplainable. His cock drips, she think she hears a small splash of pre-cum on the hardwood floor. Her flesh burns for him, she wants to beg him, but she won’t. He already knows, her scent gives her away. Her racing heart and sweaty palms, the flush of red splotchy skin on her chest. He could make her cum with words alone if he put his mind to it. He is the sexiest man she has ever desired.

Back to the crop. Maybe now she will keep her noise to herself, he thinks. Deep down he likes the noise. Two reasons. The first because with every sound she makes he feels like a man. Secondly because he gets to punish her skin with every peep uttered. Fact is she could make him cum just with a moan. His thoughts are tempered momentarily and she feels the sting of the leather on her breast. Each nipple raised and taught. The skin of her areolas have tightened and gone from a buff pink color to a dark ash rose color. He leans in to tweak them with his teeth. He held the upright posts to support his weight as he hovers above her body. Lifting his body further he retreats one last time to the area in the corner of the room. When he emerges she sees, in a flash of lightning, the glimmer of one large silver plug. I bet they didn’t have these in the 1800’s she thinks to herself. Already well lubed he has no trouble easing it into her tight hot ass. It is heavy and cold. The heat of her body sucks the coolness out of the steel quickly. Her ass couldn’t possibly take anymore… or could it?! On his knees he tastes her. Her legs jerk but she is bound by her toes and unable to move. He is unforgiving in his oral assault, causing her to reach the precipice of orgasm only to recede like the tide before she is able to erupt. He knows that when he allows her body this pleasure, her full force will be unrelenting on his body. He reaches down and slides one finger inside her wet hole. He can barely get his finger inside her with the plug in, how is he going to get his cock in her. One finger inside her and with the other hand he rubs her swollen clit back and forth, her hips jerk and he feels her walls tighten even more. Each time she bares down on his fingers the nerve endings send a shock of equal proportion straight to his summit. It’s almost like he is already inside her. He pulls out just before she orgasms. “Please Sir, Please please let me cum” she begs. He takes his hand and smacks the back of her thigh “shhhh!” he orders. Running his hand from her thigh to the backs of her knees he releases her from her leg bindings. Her limp legs fall to the side, spreading her out even further for him to see. Her tight pussy stretches to gap open but it cannot. Her hole is too tight from the plug she holds in place.  He reaches up and releases her arms from the leverage posts of the antique velvet chair. Taking her by the back of her neck he lifts her off the throne. He lowers her to her knees and  staring up at him she is released of the scarf between her wine-stained lips. He is so rigid that he stands due north. She takes him in her hand and gently plus him down so that she can take him in her mouth. As her neck rolls back and forth her head sways from side to side. Her tongue rolls and her lips taste all simultaneously. He feels his tip at the back of her throat as she siphons him from base to tips. His cock never fully leaving her lips. One long pump and two short, each time, as her hand circles his base. Feather-like touching the tight skin of his balls. He seeps into her mouth and he can feel the heat start to rise like a thermometer up his shaft. He pulls out of her and walks to the other side of the room. Her mouth drives him wild, she plays no instrument and speaks no foreign language but her mouth, calls to him like music from a far away land. He has to move away before he erupts.

It irritates him slightly that he cannot stave his cravings for her and more so that he cannot hold his own against her particular kind of magic. He wipes the sweat from his brow and  determines in his mind to set forth an impression that will last. When he returns she is back on the chair with her legs firmly set in the stirrups. Her ass hangs slightly off the bottom and her arms rest atop the poles. She strokes them like she strokes his long cock, from base to tip. She reaches down with both hands and spreads her legs further apart at her knees. Running each hand down she rubs her pussy bottom to top. One hand stays and teases his eye as she work her own slit for his pleasure. The other hand travels up to her breasts, flicking her own nipples between her thumb and middle finger. He approaches and steps up on to the platform. Looking down he watches the show from above. “I did not give you permission to touch yourself little girl” his voice cracks. He likes watching her touch herself to pleasure him but he must stand firm. On the outside he makes slow controlled movements as he takes his cock and holds it up to her entrance, careful not to enter her. Just letting her heat graze his cock slightly. But on the inside he is all a frenzy. He wants to obliterate her crevasse. He wants to fuck her until his legs buckle. He wants to fuck her hard and soft all at the same time. Do it! Fuck her Sir. Trust her enough to handle it. Hasn’t she always done all that you asked? Has she ever let you down? He can’t hold off anymore. His will gives in, he tries to sink himself into her but there is resistance. He almost forgot about the plug in her ass. Inch by inch he pushes past the hot steel that closes in on his cock. Finally he pushes through and begins to move in and out of her. Repeating her previous stroke pattern. One long stroke and two short, thrusting his hips upwards hitting the inside of her shallow domain. The pressure against his shaft as her inside begins to jerk. The vortex created begins to suction his cock. He runs his hands between the furrow on her chest and places his hands as the base of her neck. Ramming into her hard now, over and over he gives her permission to cum. Her body relaxes and her legs go numb one hard contraction after another and she cums. His shaft is covered in thick silky slime. He can feel it drip down his balls as he pounds away. The blood rushes to the head of his cock and he can feel it thicken one last time. The tightened wrinkles skin of his balls ascend and he can feel his release, like mercury on a hot summer day. She squeezes with all her might and he can hold it in no longer. He pulls out of her and cums all over her chest and abdomen. Over and over he squirts cum on her. It hits her like a paint ball. Splattering in patterns of disarray. He strokes himself with his chin to his chest until he is empty. He looks up at her breathless, what has she done to him? What has he done to her?

Paddling fervently beneath the water, his webbed feet work to stay afloat. But from the surface you would never know the struggle below. The beautiful Mandarin hides his struggles from the world.




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