Magnetic Inclination

Scene 16: Adjustable Compass

In my humble opinion, it’s not a mystery, a woman wants to be pursued from time to time.  We like intelligent banter and witty sparring. We want to be flirted with, we don’t feel entitled and we won’t assume it’s more than it really is. We want to be the ball of yarn the kitten hunts from time to time. So now it’s your turn, seek me if you dare.

“Frank, working with you is starting to become a hazard to my health and well-being. You know that right?” Carly laughs to Frank when they return to the hotel lobby. “Tell me about it.. I should have just fired him after the last round. Guess we need to start looking for a replacement.” he returns. “Who is going to want to move to Greece?” she says. He looks at her with a thoughtful eye. “OH NO! Don’t even think about it. I am not going back to Greece. Send Bret! Besides the last time I was in Greece, you spanked me so bad I couldn’t sit for 3 days without feeling the aftermath on my ass” she is serious now. “No Bret has too many accounts here, but you won’t be returning to Greece. I don’t need Ari stalking you there.” he replies. That still leaves him with a problem, now he is two men down. One in Greece and another here at the main office, and somehow this  one woman is at the center of it all. For now they need to focus on the task at hand. The quarterly meeting with Mr. Carson. “I’m going to head up to my room and finish up some of my notes for tomorrows meeting, I will catch up with you later.” says Carly. “Oh no you don’t, we are stopping at the hotel bar and we are going to get drunk before we retire for the evening. After tonight I think we could both use a drink.” says Frank. She agrees and they make their way to the bar. He orders a Captain and Coke and she orders a Cucumber Gimlet. They proceed to get overly drunk. Carly finally excuses herself to her room and tells Frank she will see him in the morning. She reaches her room and slides into the shower. Turning over the events of the evening in her head. Just as she steps out of the shower she hears a knock at the door. Panic floods her mind. Please don’t let it be Ari, she repeats several times as she creeps her way to the door. As she peers through the peep hole she sees a very drunk Frank swaying side to side. She opens the door and he walks in. He makes his way to the edge of the bed. Carly closes the door and follows behind making her way to her suit case. She is still wrapped in a towel after exiting the shower. “What are you doing? It’s not like I have not seen you naked before” he laughs. For some strange reason she is shy tonight. Maybe because he has never come to her room, maybe it was because they had a great time tonight sharing things friends share and talking the way friends talk. As she walks towards the bathroom to put on some clothes he stops her. He turns her to face him as she clasps tightly to the towel. He takes her hand in his and the towel falls to the floor. As she stands there in front of him he can sense her timidity as he drinks her in. She attempts to drape herself with her own arms to cover portions of her skin. He stops her and says “Don’t be shy Carly, you are lovely just the way you are. If I didn’t think so we wouldn’t be here. Let me look at you.”

As she stands there between his legs, he sits on the edge of the bed and she places her hands on his shoulders. He begins to devour her with his hands. From her neck to her ankles. He wants to touch every part of her. She allows him to, and as the minutes pass she becomes more comfortable in her own skin. She takes one hand and begins to remove his jacket. Slow and methodical, she undoes each button on his finely pressed shirt. He never removes his eyes from her and his hands rest comfortably on her hips. Then with one hand on his chest she lays him back. Straddling him she begins to kiss his neck. She slowly works her way down his torso. Carefully she removes his pants. Teasing him with her mouth but never taking him in. He slowly begins to roll and lay her down so that he can enjoy the same delights. As she lays there intoxicated by this mans carnal desire for her she finally reaches her comfort zone. In the heat of this pure sexual passion these two people share they find their selves tangled in heated breath and each others embrace. This is raw and urgent. They find their selves head to toe. Each giving and receiving simultaneously. This is the ultimate erotic sensation. Normally a position that people see as quite rude, liberates Carly and Frank. Carly can’t help but feel gratified knowing she is completely exposed to Frank and he feels there is nothing hotter than her, with her pussy spread open to him.  He can explore her with his tongue, lips, and fingers concurrently.  He licks and kisses her wet slit spreading her flesh with his tongue so that he can suck and nibble on her engorged clit. He enjoys running his hands and fingers a long her anus with his slick fingers. Inserting the tip of his fingers as he tastes her. She too has the ability to match his enjoyment with a synchronized lyrical dance of her  tongue. As she fondles his balls, gently needing them. She loves the way they taste and she teases them with her tongue. She alternates to and from them and his dick. She urges him to grow to his maximum length and thickness. She tastes him as he seeps into her mouth. This only causes him to reciprocate the desire to taste her sweet nectar in return. Losing his self deep in her folds, feverishly moving to and fro as he laps her up. Finally their bodies separate, and they return to a forward facing position. As she lies on her back with her legs spread, he stalks towards her. Her pussy beacons him onward. He begins to insert just the head of his raging cock into her, as he teases her relentlessly with this, he thumbs her throbbing clit softly. Her hips begin to jerk involuntarily and he can’t wait anymore. One last time he slides the head in and without warning he plunges balls deep into her. Slow and hard he beings to move in and out of her. Sheathing the length of his cock over and over with her tight wet pussy. Several times he can feel her orgasm around him but he keeps going. Desperate to make her cum at his hand. He takes one of her legs and places it over his shoulder, causing her ass to raise off the bed.  Finding his other hand on the wall he finds a rhythm as he starts to drive deeper into her. They fuck for what seems like eternity “I’m almost there ” she tells him. and he starts to pound harder now. Slamming his pelvis in to her clit as he drives his cock into her. She finds her releases and lets out a soulful moan, her entire body turns rigid and she weeps onto the sheets below. His job is done now he erupts on to her thick swollen lips. As she reaches down to feel everything he just gave her he plunges into her once more. Her pussy still feeling the aftershocks of her wicked orgasm she reaches for his hand and places it on her still pulsating pussy and says “This is what you do to my body.” He in return raises her fingers to eye level to show her the copious amounts of his cum that cling to her skin and he says in return “and this is what you do to mine.” She rolls over to her side, staring at him, she tastes her own fingers from base to tip and he watches as she saunters over to retrieve her towel from the floor then she makes her way into the shower for the 2nd time this evening.

Maybe it was the liquor but, that night there was something to be said for sex in the flavor of vanilla.



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