Madame Butterfly

Scene: 18 The Butterfly Effect

How many times have we sat in a room full of people, thinking about doing dirty things to each other? Silent eye contact when we think there is no one watching. Would it give you pleasure to know that as we sit amongst the crowd I am being strictly controlled by your will? Is it a device of the mind or a device of the flesh?

7:00 am Carly flips on her computer monitor. There is already an email from Frank. He is straight to a meeting this morning and won’t be in until later. This will give her an opportunity to get some work done before he gets in. She never knows what he might have planned. She opens the email:


Good Morning!

The meeting has been moved to our boardroom, 9 am. Please make sure everything is set. I will be in just before. I had to run an errand this morning. Also, please locate the package I have placed in your bottom left hand drawer. Instructions for application are attached. Make sure it’s also present at the meeting. Don’t give anything away.

Frank Donovan CEO

P.S. Butterflies are peculiar little creatures.

Carly opens her drawer to find a manila envelope hiding under her hanging file folders. She opens the metal clasps of the envelope and peeks inside. She sees a small device attached to three elastic straps. There is a note inside. Take this to my office and put it on. Part of her dreads this. He will expect her to have a poker face in front of the clients, and that can be hard at times. But, part of her gets turned on by the act so she does what she is instructed to do. She slides the gizmo out of the envelope and reads the application instructions. Looks simple enough! Her skirt then falls to the floor. She steps into the Purple Venus Butterfly gifted to her. She doesn’t know what to expect. One strap around her hip, like a garter belt, and two straps around each thigh. The the body of the butterfly is nestled between her pink fleshy lips and the butterfly wings cover them. This particular model is controlled remotely with a hands free device that no doubt Frank will have hidden in his pocket. After she redressed she returns to her desk.

8:45am Clients begin to arrive. In true Carly fashion she greets everyone and seats them in the board room. She begins to offer one of the gentleman coffee when it hits her, she feels it begin to flutter.. He is in the building! She is momentarily caught off guard.  She wonders if the gentlemen can hear the slight humming sound coming from between her thighs. Then it’s gone. She blinks a few times in an attempt to regain her composure. Now that she knows what to expect she wont be caught off guard again. As she beings handing out informational packets to the 6 gentlemen attending the meeting Frank walks in. He formally greets everyone and Carly takes her seat at the side table. Frank stares at her intently. During the course of the meeting he keeps turning the butterfly on increasing the speed and intensity as he sees fit. Every time the device turns on she has to focus that much harder on the task at hand. He tests her at every turn. Making her stand to issue out more contracts or interject with deadlines. All she hears in her head is the constant buzzing of the machine between her thighs. Then out of nowhere.. “Excuse me gentlemen, Lets have a short break before we continue” Frank speaks authority. As Carly stands to break he asks her to remain in the board room. Bret ushers the gentleman to the well stocked lounge. As the last of the men exit the board room he closes the door and silently locks it. Carly stands there sipping a bottled water. “How are you faring today Miss Dawson?” He asks. ” I’m well Sir.” she says with a smirk.  “I would much rather have those lips around my cock, bend over please” he instructs. She raises her skirt and bends over board room table. Her breast wrinkle the paper that is beneath them. He takes both of his hands and runs them up the back of her legs, over her fabulous ass and up her back until he grabs her by the shoulders. He has removed his dick from his pants through the zipper. She can feel it as he presses against her. ” Stand please Miss and have a seat on the table.” he requests. She stands and hops up on to the table with her legs spread so that he can see the butterfly and inspect the effects it has caused. Her pussy is extremely wet and swollen.  He reaches into his pocket and turns it on. It begins to flutter. He takes two fingers and eases into her as the butterfly works magic on her clit. He wanted to wait until the end of the day to give her a proper fucking but he won’t be able to, he has to take care of his twitching cock now. She has not put one toe out of line in the meeting and this excites him. She can hear the deep coarseness of his voice when he instructs her to turn back around. He can feel the vibrations as he enters her from behind. She is extremely wet, slippery even. He pushes into her tight slit with extreme ease. As he thrust up into her from behind he begins to hit her sweet spot. Her muscles tense up as she cums all over him. The flutter of the butterfly and the slow and steady movements of him thrusting into her over and over are overwhelming. He can feel her around him now, her pussy is begging him to cum with each contraction. His dick is throbbing, he orders her to turn around and swallow what he is going to give her. He begins to pump into her mouth now. She can taste the hot cum dripping down her throat as he pulls her hair by the roots forcing their eye contact. She stands and licks her lips. Is that a challenge? He thinks to himself. As she begins straightens her clothing; he does the same. He walks over and silently unlocks the door. Moments later the men reenter the room. She is still wearing the butterfly and business resumes.

As the business meeting starts to come to an end.  Carly excuses herself so that the gentlemen can speak freely. She needs to tie up some loose ends of her own before the end of the work day. As she sits at her desk thumbing through contracts and agreements, she feels it. The slight vibrations of the butterfly. She can’t believe how good it feels. Especially now that she is alone. She is able to take in the sensations and can let go for a minute. She can feel the vibrations increase in intensity after a few minutes. She begins to fidget in her chair. Repositioning herself, spreading her legs slightly to feel its full effects. With her fingers on the keys of the computer keyboard not moving, she sits still. She can feel the moisture pool between her legs. She is momentarily lost in the satisfaction she is receiving, She has been made to wear this thing all day and now she needs to have a release. Just as the door opens Frank turns the butterfly  to full speed.  As the men exit the board room and file past her desk, she orgasms. Frank is watching her intently. She doesn’t make a sound and her face never falters. Her fingers lay still on the keys but, what is happening between her thighs is unmistakable. Her clit is pounding out its own rhythm as she cordially says goodbye to the patrons who walk past. Then everyone is gone and the humming of the butterfly stops. That one orgasm won’t do,  she needs to cum. Just then Frank enters the office ” I think that meeting we well Carly, don’t you?” he says. ” Oh yes Sir, I think it was a very successful meeting.” she replies. Then he heads into his office. She stands and follows him in. I hope he doesn’t think he is getting off that easy, she thinks to herself. She turns to close the door,  she unbuttons her finely pressed shirt and removes the bottom out from her skirt. As she turns around she lets it falls to the floor. She wears only a grey pencil skirt and a lacy white bra. Her breasts are pushed up almost to her chin. They are full and round. Swollen from the excitement. Her nipples are protruding out from  beneath the fabric. ” What are you doing Carly?” He asks.  She reaches around and unzips her skirt. It falls to the floor and she walks right out of it with grace and beauty. “Miss Dawson…” he is interrupted. “Shhhh” she puts one finger to her lips than reaches around and unclasped her bra leaving a trail of clothing. Before she reaches the desk her heels are off. She only wears the butterfly. She now stands on the opposite side of his desk from where he sits. She unsnaps the Butterfly and places it on the edge of Franks desk. “What are you doing” he asks laughingly for a third time. She climbs up on to his desk and begins to slowly crawl towards him “You have tortured me all day Mr. Donovan, Sir, and now I need you to make me cum” As she reaches his side of the desk she is now sitting with her legs spread slightly apart. One foot on each arm rest of the chair he sits in. He moves the chair forward and runs his hands along the inside of her thighs. “What is it you are asking for exactly Miss Dawson. Please be specific.” he asks. “I want you to taste me… here” she says as she runs her finger across one nipple. Still seated he leans in and takes one breast in hand and one breast between his lips. Tasting the pink skin of her nipple. Gently tugging at her erect nipple with his teeth. She slides forward a little more. “I also want you to taste me.. here” she slowly runs her finger down her torso to the apex of her thighs and stops to spread her thick lips apart. She leans back now on her elbows as he is seated between her legs. He tastes her skin with his tongue all the way down to the slick lips of her pussy. With the tip of his tongue he pushes through her lips and begins to circle her clit . He takes his index finger and thumb atop the hood and gently spreads her lips apart. They are slippery and sticky from her last orgasm. With his other hand he slides two fingers deep in side of her. As he tastes her juicy flesh he urges her to cum on the inside with his fingers. Coaxing with his fingers in a forward motion. She now has one of her own breasts in each hand as she is layed all the way back. Rolling each nipple between her own fingers. She is almost ready to cum when he stops. He stands and as he undoes his zipper and his pants fall to the floor. He lightly continues to circle her throbbing clit with his thumb. He steps forward. Taking his long shaft in his hand. Placing the head of his stiff cock up to the hood of her clit. Once again using his fingers to spread each of her lips apart. Granting his head access to her swollen nub. He is dripping now and both of their wetness meet. With the feather touch, like wings of a butterfly he rubs the hood with his head then He sticks the head of his cock in her slightly. “Take it Sir!” she whispers and he buries himself in her all the way until their pelvis’s meet.  As he beings to move in and out of her tight hole, her hips begin to dance around him. Moving in a wave-like motion up and down causing him to hit her g-spot with each thrust he gives her. His long slow fluid strokes turn into short ones. Every time he hits her in that spot her pussy grabs his cock forcing him to stay deep inside her. She has no control, its automatic, involuntary… He leans down to take one of her nipples between his teeth and when he does she cums hard. Thick slippery liquid  that feels like silk oozes out of her slit with each thrust and after a few more pumps he can’t hold out anymore. The contractions around him are too strong. The walls of her pussy are squeezing him and urging him to find his own release. He thrusts into her hard once more and cum erupts out of him like a hot geyser. He pulls out of her and she reaches down with one hand and feels his warm liquids dripping from her. With her hand she rubs the wet ness up the length of her pussy that is still giving off pulse like aftershocks. Then she raises her fingers to her lips for a taste, he does taste good. She lays there momentarily confused by her powerful orgasms. He sits back in his chair considering his own pleasure. As she stands she sees his dick now semi hard and she leans down to taste the sweet juices of the aftermath dripping from him. “Tasty Sir. See you tomorrow” and she gets dressed to leave. He walks up behind her and grabs her breasts “Tomorrow I think I shall tie you up and spank you after what you just did. But right now I need a shower and a nap.”  he whispers. “Good Night Sir” she says and she leaves the office.

As he reaches his desk to collect his own belongings before he leaves. He sees the Butterfly still sitting on the edge of his desk. He picks it up and thoughts of Carly run through his mind; the thorough fucking they just had. He whispers to himself  “Good Night Madame Butterfly” and he switches the light off and is gone.



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