Lured In

Scene 25: Boys and their toys

You want to stick the big one in, don’t you? I’m afraid that you haven’t acquired the necessary skills to play with such large toys. Even if you do drive such a big sexy freight. You wouldn’t know what to do with yourself, if I wore that big ol thing. You wouldn’t be able to get your big dick inside me at the same time. If you did ,it would take much effort. If you thought it was a tight fit last time you wouldn’t know what to do with that monster in me. You’d think I was a first timer.  Better yet.. Lets try that. I want to wear the giant Princess and I want you to force your huge cock inside me at the same time. How long do you think you would last? Let’s make a wager!!

“Frank, don’t forget about the dinner tonight with the head of Vastana, this is a big one. I have everything ready. Just do your thing and you will be fine.” Carly says. She feels the need to debrief him after what happened the last time he lost a huge client. She doesn’t know if she can find it in herself to go take more nude pictures in front of strangers for his benefit. Carly has done all the leg work, all Frank has to do is go in there and do what he does best, sell it. “I assume you will be there?” he asks. ” Yes I will be there. I will arrive around 6 and expect you shortly after so that I can make all the introductions” she responds. After another hour of review on the next big client they part. Frank has several appointments today and she needs to get back to her own agenda.  “Ok I will be out all day, see you tonight.” and he is gone. The day flies by, Frank checks in twice to make sure everything is running smoothly at the office. Carly leaves a little early, she needs to swing by the house and change before the evening meeting. Before she does, she sneaks into Franks office and pulls out the lock box from the desk drawer. With her secret key she peaks inside to see what she can wear tonight, she is feeling a little frisky and is sure she can persuade Frank to have a little fun. He has several toys in here she hasn’t seen before. Of course half the time he ha her blind folded. She closes her eyes and feels around.  trying to use her other senses to pick up on what she might be into for tonight’s adventure. Something hard and heavy grazes her finger tip What is this? she thinks to her self. She picks it up and opens her eyes. It is the largest ass plug she has ever seen, Oh yes this will do just fine. She puts it into her purse, locks the box and puts it back into his desk drawer.

6 pm Frank pulls up and Carly is already there charming the prospective clients no doubt. She is wearing a knee-length midnight blue dress with a plunging neck line. Low enough that when it clips together in the front with a sole clip her tits are pressed firmly together. Her hair is in a long braid and she is escorting the men inside to the table as they await Franks arrival. I wanna stick my dick between her tits. He says to himself aloud. He needs to focus on the task at hand thought.  Tittie fucking will have to come later, after they seal the deal.

Best Blue

“Ahh Gentlemen, Mr Donovan is here let me make the introductions” Her charm and smile look even better when they sit atop such a large rack. She wore this dress accidentally on purpose. She knew that every pervert sitting at that table would be so focused on her assets that no matter what came out of Franks mouth they would have new clients by the end of the night. Truth is there are other people out there with services just like The Donovan Group and she needed to help Frank pull out all the stops. She had been working these guys for the last 6 months via Conference calls and email. She had a pretty good idea of the type of guys they were. Especially considering what the nature of their business was… Fully Operational Silicone Mannequins. The clients already have the product what they need is for it to be mass-produced and shipped globally to local distributors. This is where The Donovan Group comes in.

Frank and Carly are sitting next to each other and the other 4 gentlemen across from them as they all enjoy pre dinner cocktails. Then gentlemen begin to ask Frank all about himself and his business. Frank seems distracted. Carly Kicks him  underneath the table as he stares off into La-La land. She speaks ahead of Frank to try to draw the attention away from him. Frank finally snaps out of it although he still seems a bit out of sorts. She excuses her self to the powder-room. She really just goes out to her car. When she gets there she sends Frank a Text. What the heck is wrong with you, where is your head? This is a huge deal. Now Get your mojo back and lets bag these guys! Immediately she gets a text back. WTF are you wearing? That is not business attire! he texts back. I know these guys and I know what they like, I’m trying to help you out! She tells him. Every man on the planets like what you have… they are called Boobs. he scoffs Do you need a blow job or something? I think you are over reacting, and if you knew what I had under the dress you would really flip your lid..SIR! she responds. What is under the dress? he asks She walks over to his vehicle and when no one is looking she bends over and takes a picture of what is between her cheeks. Send! What only seems like seconds later Frank appears. “Get in the Truck!” he says. She climbs in and immediately he has her breasts exposed and in his mouth. She can feel his hardness pressing up against her. “I’m going to fuck you so that I can focus on this deal and please don’t wear this again when we are out with clients. No matter what type of sleazy business operation they run. Believe me when I say that everyman already wants to suffocate between your tits and would die a happy death but lets leave a little to the imagination.” he tells her with her nipple between his teeth. She turns over and grabs the door panel. He lifts her skirt and sees  what she took from the lock box. “I will deal with that later too!” he says and he smacks her hard on the ass. He leans into her and pierces her from behind. He meets her with so much resistance due to the plug. It is so big it pushes her outward in all directions. Creating a narrow entrance for him into her pussy. It’s like another dimension. She is coiled around him so tightly that he can’t see straight. Within only a couple of minutes he cums. Now he can get some work done.  As they walk back into the venue she makes it very clear that he will be needing to return the favor after dinner.  He nods in agreement and then the rest of the evening is well on its way. By the end of the night Frank has the contract signed.

The clients are pulling away from the parking lot and Frank and Carly recall the events of the meeting. Before she turns to the direction of her car she says ” I am going back to the office, I have to return something to your desk. I think you should join me.” She walks toward her vehicle. Before she reaches the car she gets a text. “I can’t tonight.” Gosh! she thinks to herself. That has never happened before. She just heads to the office and doesn’t respond. She is sure he will make it up to her at some point. Once she arrives she parks her car and enters through the back entrance. She quickly heads into his office to remove the trinket from her backside. Just as she is about to pull it out she sees light pull up. Who can that be? she thinks. She takes a peek out of the window, it’s Frank. He walks into the office. “I had a change of heart” he laughs. “I’m not sure what took you so long Sir. What would you have done if I had already been gone?” she jokes. “That wouldn’t have happened. The minute I hit the SEND button I had already changed my  mind and was headed this way. ” he returns. “Well I’m not in the mood, getting turned down doesn’t turn me on in the slightest Mr. Donovan” she has a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face. He deep red lips are puckered now and she blow him a kiss as she exits his office towards the main areas of the building.  He follows slowly this is a game of cat and mouse. He opens the door and finds that she is not at her desk. He hears the siren call to him “Come and find me Sir” he walks down the hall way  looking in all the doors. From far way he can see Bret’s office door is cracked. He slowly opens the door and there she is. Wearing only a pair of heels and the princess. She is bent over Bret’s desk. He walks towards her, she slowly circles the desk closure to him. She takes him by the hand and leads him to the chair around the back side of the desk. Before he sits she excuses him from his pants. Then she kneels before him. He begins to stroke himself but she stops him. Let me make your rise Sir. She then takes his flaccid member in her mouth and begins to work it. As it starts to swell she can begin to taste him more and more. It doesn’t take long for him to reach maximum maturity. She stops and stands. She leans back on to the desk. “What are you doing Carly?” he asks. I am waiting for you to make me cum Sir. He lowers himself onto the ground. She raises one leg and places her heel on the Chair. His face is at eye level to her swollen lips. He extends his tongue and tastes. Jetting his tongue in and out from between her lips. Taking long strokes with his tongue. She reaches down with one hand and spreads herself slightly for him. He sucks on the bean she grants him access to. He has one hand gripping her thigh from the bottom upwards and with the other he reaches way back until he finds the jewel. It is so Big. Can he over come the intense reaction that happened earlier this evening now that he knows what to expect? He is not so sure. Can he last? He reaches up into her with is fingers as he tastes her. Willing her to cum at his hand. Beckoning forward with index and middle finger he can feel her grow on the inside. She looks down and she can see him working his magic on her. So this is what is looks like! She can understand the reason why he likes to look down on her as she works him into a frenzy. There is something to be said about watching someone working hard to please you. He can feel the fat steel plug pushing more forward with is fingers and she nears the precipice. She  quickly begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her as he pulls slightly on the plus causing pressure at her opening. She is almost there. She has each breast in a hand and she is rolling her nipples around with slight pressure. Then the room goes black all sound fades into the distance, her head falls forward. He can feel the warm moisture seep  down his fingers. The pulsating is so hard that it almost forces them out completely from her body. He applies just enough pressure so they stay put. He wants to feel every orgasm ripping through her. Once the quickening slows he pulls out of her and tastes her nectar. He has to be inside her. “let me taste you Frank” She says. As he stands she kneels and with one swift movement her mouth has sheathed him completely. She takes one long slow hard suck from base to tip. The she stands and licks her lips She climbs up on to the table lengthwise. She is lying flat on her stomach. He mounts her, sitting on the back of her thighs. She raises her Ass off the desk and all of Bret’s papers stick to her skin. She reaches back and spreads herself just far enough apart for Frank to slide himself in. The she releases her skin and it is like a trap door that has slammed closed. He closes his eyes and tries to concentrate. Her ass is just far enough off the desk that her cheeks meet his pelvis. His dick is buried inside her pussy and the Princess is  staring him down, he can feel it rubbing against him as he slides in and out of her. Her legs are so close together that his cock is suffocating. He makes the slightest movements in and out of her. But that is all she needs, he is hitting her in the exact spot. He can feel the moisture pools around him. He didn’t think it could get any tighter but she is rhythmically pulsating against his raging cock. Then she speaks, he can see her red lips move “I want you to cum.” That’s it, he can feel the vibration between his ears. He musters his last bit of strength to pull out of her before he unloads inside of her. Just as he does he shoots cum all over her ass. He stills until his phallus is through draining itself on her to back side. He slides off the table to retrieve something to clean up the mess he made. She would have been glad to suck all that out of him but he never made it that far. Once the clean up is done, she lifts herself off the desk. Bret’s papers are all crinkled. He will always wonder what happened. They will never allude to anything. Maybe it was the cleaning people. It was nothing of importance anyway.  She excuses herself to the private bathroom and  removes the plug from herself. She has to take it slow because it is so big. She cleans it and returns it to the lock box. She dresses and they both head out of the back door. He looks over to her before he gets into his vehicle and says. “Don’t wear that Blue dress again to Client meetings, I don’t think my cock can handle it.” with a smirk on her face she replies ” don’t ever tell me ‘No’ again. Then she gets into her car. They part ways until the following work day.

Should I trust you to be the one who puts it in? Can you handle it with care? Or do you need an operators manual? Let’s talk about that further when you have time. I need to know I can trust you with that kind of power. Might be the best toy you have ever played with.



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