Lip Balm

Scene 27 : Limits

How dirty and sloppy do you think about getting behind the curtain? When I told you I wanted to wear you like Chapstick, did that sound off-putting? Can you draw the droplets from your tip and moisten my lips with them? Can you u handle me wearing you, tasting you, inhaling you all day? Or Does it turn you on? In return you can wear me? Do you want to? I’m more like Cherry Chapstick. Refreshing on your lips, like mint. Taste me and tell me if you like my flavor?

“Frank I really don’t think it is a good plan to bring out the furniture in the middle of the day.” She repeats for the 2nd time. “It’ll be fine. I have plenty of time until my 1:30 appointment gets here.” he assures her. Despite her reservations, she  begins undress and he opens the ‘Media Room.’ She is feeling rather defiant today and she silently questions whether she should fully disrobe. She only removes her skirt and her blouse. Leaving on only her under garments. When Frank turns around and sees she is not fully undressed he asks her what she is doing. She laughs and say this is as far as it goes in the middle of the day buddy. “Buddy?” he questions. She just gives him ‘the people’s eyebrow’ and the conversation moves forward. He can see this is a soft limit.  He pushes one of his new pieces of furniture out of the  rec room. Carly seems a wavy leather lounge with hook like devices attached to the sides. No doubt for him to strap her down in some fashion. She nods her head in approval when he looks up at her. “Like you have a choice.” he laughs hardily at her and shakes his head. He begins to fumble around in a large chest that is in the corner of the room. He sets several items on the leather bench. A hook like device or which Carly immediately decided she will have no part of.  One roll of red tape, ‘Interesting’  and  what looks like beads on the bottom loop of a paper clip, most certainly!

hook      tape              mine

“Frank I am not sure what you think you are fishing for with that Giant Hook but what ever it is.. NOT HAPPENING!” She says aloud. “This is an Ass Hook” he explains. He walks over and picks up the red tape. Then rips off a piece and says “This is for your mouth, clearly we will need it today. Someone woke up on the chatty side of the Play table.” Then he put it onto her lips applying light pressure to assure that it sticks. “Now Quiet!!” he reiterates. He picks up the Ass Hook and walks over to her. She still protests through the tape. He bends her over not intending to stick her with it, but he thinks its funny to tease her. She squirms and he holds up his hands in laughter… “I will not ever use the ass hook. Its goes in the trash.” She quiets herself now that he has come to his senses. What was he thinking?!! she rolls her eyes at him. He offers her a smack to her ass. “No Eye Rolling” he says. Oh he is a dominant man deep down, he wants control, he likes control. She stands and turns to face him. He removes her last undergarment, showing her that he is the boss. He now takes the small tassel like jewelry out of his pocket. She studies them with her eyes. He looks at her and she nods in curiosity. He applies one to her right nipple. Tightening it until he can see her eyes begin to crease. He wants her to enjoy it not be in pain. Then he does the left. Once he positions her on the table he tells her that he is going to remove the tape. But only because he wants her to use her mouth on his cock. But if she sasses him again he will reapply it and just fuck her in her ass instead. She nods to him that she understands. And he slowly pulls the tape off. “Ouch!” she lets slip from her mouth. He runs his thump across her bottom lip. “I’m sorry, maybe no more tape either.” he says.

He has her sit atop the shaped curve of the lounge. She begins to put his cock in her mouth and he suddenly retreats. “I forgot the most important thing… The Princess” He walks over to his desk drawer and retrieves the lock box. He instructs Carly to open it with the key on her bracelet. She does so and he removes it. She lowers her head. Causing her Ass to spread and be in the air. He runs his oiled fingers up her crack and slides it in nice and slow. “Now we are in business!” he states. Carly begins to think he has a fetish with this toy. He circles back around in front of her and she sits back up. His cock is staring her directly in the eye. He grabs it and squeezes the tip. Droplets form and he lifts his cock up to her lips and paints them with the tip of his dick. Her lips are sore from the tape and the moisture feels good. She soaks him in.  She takes him into her mouth and starts to stroke him with her tongue. He reaches down and plays with the tassels that hang from her breasts. Tugging on them slightly. She moans, it sends a surge of electricity between her legs. She can feel the leather under her begin to slicken with her seepage. Spread eagle on the bench she reaches down with one hand and enters her own orifice with ease. As she inches closer to orgasm she applies more suction to him. She is close now and he begins to pull harder on the clips that dangle from her large breasts. He pulls out of her mouth and urges her on. She erupts all over the leather and slides back to rest her head on the back of the lounge. He turns her over and she braces herself on the back of the chair. He places one knee on the hump at the foot of the lounge. She anticipates his hand meeting her ass cheek and it excites her but it never happens. She raises her ass up higher to him, silently begging him to punisher for her smart mouth. He circles his palm over her tender flesh but never strikes. He only squeezes both cheeks with his hands leaving light finger print marks.  He tugs gently on the jewel that gleams before his eyes and watches her expand to release it. When she is stretched at capacity he pushes it back in. Then he reaches around and gives her nipple clamps another tug before he enters her hard and deep. Slow, hard, deep strokes over and over. Her soft mound starts to redden from the friction. Using his fingers to apply pressure to the gem that sparkles. He can feel her start to jerk. He stills and pulls on the plug removing it from her. She reaches back and spreads her self with her hands so he can see her deep inside. She gapes open so much that if he looked real hard he might see that light coming through from the other side. She slowly closes and he pushes it back in. She starts to move now onto him slow controlled motions. He stands still and watches her back in to him. She is like an illusionist the way she makes his entire cock disappear and when she pulls forward he can see the tightness of her pussy creating a suction like sleeve around his cock. The walls of her muscular pussy squeeze him when every forward movement and release  him each time she backs up onto him. Her hips move up and down and he can see her tits circling underneath her. He reaches forward with his long arms and grabs them. His hands circle along as he titillates her senses with the clamps that hang down. Her breasts are soft, he wants to taste them. His mouth waters and he licks his lips. He is almost at the peak of this mountain. She begins to move is short fast strokes now. She can feel his hardness and knows he is almost at his breaking point. Up and down her hips move in the smallest increments possible. Her textured walls urge him along. He pulls out of her and she turn quickly. Taking him into her mouth she too is where she needs to be. As she sucks him until he explodes she fingers herself hard and fast. He removes the clamps from her nipples and a rush of warmth comes back to them she cums everywhere. She reaches up and takes his over stimulated cock in her hand and gives it one last squeeze. Once large cloudy droplet emerges and she once again paints her lips with it. She will taste him the rest of the day and she will like it.


He bends forward and with the warmth of his saliva taste the breast in front of him. His mouth brings the pink back to her skin and her pussy pulses twice more. Then he stands. 1:10, it’s time to get ready for his 1:30 appointment. They both dress and clear the area of their boudoir scene. Just before she opens the door he lays his hand on her ass hard. She smiles and opens the door. Just then the clients walk in. Franks straightens his tie and asks them to have a seat. Carly closes the door and goes over to her computer. She sends a quick email to Frank.

C: Do you think they can smell the sex in the air?

F: Yea we need to invest in some glad plug-ins. LOL

C: Yes Sir.. I’m on it.. Fresh scent!!

F: BH!!


Post Script~ Maybe ladies on airplanes secretly hide nipple clamps under their layers. I think I will try it the next time we….fly.


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