Over Worked and Under Fucked

Sometimes you gotta get straight to the point and let him know he gives you butterflies in your vagina…

He pulls her down on to his lap as he sits in an over-size deck chair. She hasn’t had the benefit of being touched by him in days. Out of nowhere he wants her to feel what he has been harboring for her in secret. “What do you want?” She coifs. “Why, you of course.” He replies. “Really?! And how am I supposed to know that when you neglect me for days at a time?” her voice trails off as she heads down to the cabin for the night. She is a woman in need of a hard spanking, and he knows it. She showers and crawls naked between the sheets. She reaches over and pulls the lamp cord, the light goes off. And as her mind runs wild with all the things she wants him to do to her she falls asleep. He is left on deck with a rock hard dick and his own thoughts.

1 a.m. rolls around and he can’t sleep. He knows her irritation but, he also knows how to make it better. He heads down the steps. He can see the curves of her naked body under the sheets. He quietly slips between the sheets, like a cat he never makes a sound. He hovers over her and she begins to stir. She opens her eyes and sees him in the cover of darkness. He straddles her, she lays there still and doe-eyed. He pins her hands above her head with one hand and with the other her reaches down between her thighs. Spreading her lips apart he slips one finger in her tight hole. “What have you been dreaming of?” He whispers as he notes her silken moisture. She lifts only her head as high as it would reach, touching her nose to his, and says “You!” before she begins to struggle in an attempt to reject his advances. Normally he would back off, but not this time. This time is taking her, every inch and every hole. He puts his full force into the struggle and his cock grows hard as she wriggles around beneath him. She is feisty and he likes it. It makes him even harder for her.

He flips her over and smacks her on the ass hard enough to leave a mark. Her hips rise to him instinctively. “Stop fighting me.” He says with bass in his voice “Why?” her voice gets louder. Then he leans in and whispers “Because I said so little girl.” Then he grabs a fist full of her hair and he hears her hiss as he pulls back by the roots. An Idea springs to mind. “Don’t move!” he orders. He leaves to retrieve a soft blue rope from above. When he returns she is just as he left her, face down and ass in the air. It’s a beautiful sight. He can see the lips of her pussy sitting just below the crest of her ass. The light hits it and she can see a small shimmer, no doubt caused by the dream she was having of him. Her breast hang below, heavy and falling to the sheets. He comes up behind her from behind and she backs her ass up with a small bump so she can feel the base of his cock on her slick lips. “You don’t half-ass anything do you?” he says. “No Sir, whenever I do something I use my full ass” she responds as she circles her pussy letting her moisture coat his boner. He rubs her ass cheeks upwards and out and slides the head of his cock between her lips up and down before he slides his cock in her once, feeling her ceiling on his tip before he pulls out. He lets the underside of his pulsing cock lay against her hot rear-entrance. She feels the oil slide down her ass crack. He rubs her fissure, making sure she is well lubed. He only uses his hands to spread her, he only uses his eyes to watch the spectacle.

Her hair is pulled back in a long pony-tail. He uses his cordage to coil her hair at the base of the tail. He candy cane wraps down to another coil that ties to the eye of a large hook. Its heavy, he lets it falls to the side as he enjoys another moment of sliding is cock up and down her crevasse. Then he grabs it and as he pulls back her head follows. He slowly pushes it past the tight ring of her ass and watches as her head tries to pull forward. Each time she pulls, each time her back arches the hook pulls forward, probing deeper into her abyss. She cries out with pleasure. Her pussy is on fire for him. She only wants him to impale her over and over, stretching her tight wet walls and forcing her pussy to accommodate his thick rigid staff. He circles her and watched his cock bounce off her lips. She wants him in her mouth. She has to bring her head forward pulling the hook further into her as she takes him into her mouth slowly. Her eyes squint as her pussy rages with sweet torture. He tastes so good as he weeps between her lips. Her entire body moves as she takes him in deep, she is on her hands and knees with him kneeling before her. His fingers get lost in the roots of her hair as he leaves finger prints on her scalp. She sucks dick better than anyone to his recollection. But right now all he can think of is plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. He stops her and moves back. She wonders what she has done wrong. Her eyes look to him in wonder. He assures her with his hands on her ass that it has nothing to do with her skill-set. He just wants her pussy and he wants it now.


He pulls her up by her wrist, leading her over to the wall across from them. He presses her firmly against the wall, face-first. She resists pushing back with her hips. She spreads her feet slightly and starts to pull her head forward. Feeling the ball of the hook pull upwards on her tight hot hole, she creams with anticipation. He moves up behind her and reaches down wielding his phallus. He sticks his head up to her sweet lips and pushes through them. She pushes back and he slides in, her tightness is offset by her warm moisture and it makes his eyes rolls back. He stands relaxed, hips forward, and allows her to circle him with her hips as her pussy vibrates around his cock with each orgasm. She starts to tire as her pussy slows to a waning pulse. But he is nowhere near finished with her pussy yet. He grabs her hips and pulls her back on to him hard and deep. Then without breaking free he leads her to the bed. He frees himself from her vice and takes a seat on the edge of the bed in front of her. She straddles him and her pussy envelops his cock down to the core. He feels the ball of the hook slide up and down his shaft as he loses his hands on her hips and cheeks and loses his face in her neck and breasts. Her hips rock to and fro, pulling upwards on the inside with powerful suction. She leans her body back and he follows without thought. She reaches down to circle her clit and he reaches up releasing her hair from its noose. The rope falls and he removes the hook allowing it to fall to the floor with a loud thud. She rises and he post holes her ass as she comes back down soft and smooth with her tight oily hole. She never takes her fingers off her swollen nub. She moves her ass up and down lengthwise on his rigid cock, grinding down each time her cheeks meet his base. She slams down on to his rocket deeper and harder each time. He pushes with his hands just at the top of her ass. He likes the way her ass moves as she rides him. They feel like a perfectly choreographed dance, bouncing around in the palms of his hands. She feels him thicken and lengthen, he wants to cum deep inside her body. She comes closer into him, hands around his neck. Her hips move up and circle him slow. Then she slams down on him hard once last time, pushing her hardend bean against his pelvis. She explodes and he feels the weight of her eruption through the walls of her back door. Her nakedness against his and the smell of sex coming into his nares are overwhelming. He unloads into her, and the pounding of her pussy starts to sync with the pounding of the base of his cock. One thick wad of cum rockets into her before he can release himself from her grip. He barely holds off as she falls to his knees below. She grips his shaft and pulls. Her mouth below is open, waiting to catch what he spurts forth. Another shot lands on her pouty lips and she circles them with her tongue lapping up his goodness. Another shot, her mouth is open and her tongue is waiting to catch him. Over and over she draws forth what he has kept from her. Until her lips and tongue are covered with his gluey release.

I will please you. All you have to do is….own it!