Late Fees

Taste of Watermelon

I hate small talk; I want to talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, and the meaning of life. I want to talk about faraway galaxies and the lies you’ve told. I want to talk about your flaws, your favorite scents, your childhood and what keeps you up at night. I want to talk about your insecurities and your fears… I like people with depth who speak with emotion and from a twisted mind, one as warped as mine. I don’t want to know “what’s up.”The last time they parted she was left completely unsatisfied. Don’t confuse the meaning of her dissatisfaction. When ever her lips surround him her senses become ultra aware of his presence. When ever his hand blisters her rear her slit becomes inflamed. But, it has been too long yet again. And as she lays in bed unable to sleep her thoughts drift to him and wonder when will be the next time he makes her cum like she deserves. He once said the only thing that gets him off anymore is fishing on the fly. Truth is the only thing that gets her off anymore is him. He demonstrates his control over her with the smallest phrases, Sit here, don’t move. She craves his control. Something about the way his eyes searched for a private place that turns her on. It almost resembles desperation, and she knows that he wants it as badly as she does. She wants him to drive her around looking for a secret hideaway again. Does he really think she is tight, or does he just say that because he knows she likes to hear his voice? Truth is she works out to make herself tight for him and she wants to know if her calisthenics are paying off. Does he really wonder where she learned how to give oral the way she does or does he just tease her with his words? Would it make him hard to know that his cum is the only cum she has ever swallowed. She just never wanted to until he came along. Would he be curious to know that the last he laid his hands on her ass was the best spanking she ever received and she doesn’t even know why. He is surely becoming a proficient. Would he like to know that the more he cums the more she prides herself on not spilling one drop of his load? She only asks that he holds her hair out of her way. She is still waiting for that mind fuck he promised. Maybe he just doesn’t know how. Maybe he doesn’t know where to start, maybe there is fear or shame. Does He really need her to spell it out for him, or does he already know that she needs him to make her cum and his attention is months past due.

She sits atop a small bench the size of a grooming table made for canines. He instructs her to arch her back and hold her head up. “Yes Sir” she replies as she does what she is told to do. He pulls her cheeky little panties down to her knees. Her eyes close and she can feel a warm stream of lubricant run down the crack of her ass, it drips down to the padded table. The drop fall from her clit and each drop gets larger as her flesh swells. He runs the tips of his finders along her dark abyss. The sensation of his fingers caressing her ring almost sends her into over drive. She buckles and her head fall, her back rises like that of a bridge and he leaves a print on her ass in the shape of his hand. He slides his thumb in up to the first knuckle. Just enough to feel the extent of her temperature, Just enough to feel how tight she is. With his other hand he reached under her carriage and smacks her dripping mound. She can feel her lips begin to swell and spread. He pats her hard over and over until she squirts cum onto the table below. “You didn’t ask permission, I guess now you just do what you want?” and he smack her pussy hard once more before his leaves a 3D welt on her ass cheek. His thumb never leaves her tight little ring.

Once he releases his hook like grip on her she lets out a sigh and her head falls again. SMACK! Right on the ass. “If you can’t keep your head up then I’m going to fuck your mouth. Do you understand?” he says. “Yes Sir, I understand.” She replies meekly. The exchange of power over takes her and she is his slave to do with as he pleases. Her head falls again and he jerks her collar and she slides gracefully down to the floor. He never even pulls her panties back up. She finds herself on her knees between his legs. He towers over her and as she looks up at him with her lips slightly parted he lets the head of his cock bounce off them. She kisses the head of his cock and lets her tongue linger in circles a little too long. But he likes it so he lets her insubordination slide. She opens wide for him and he enters her. Her hands are behind her back with fingers laced. He grabs her by the back of the neck and draws her closer. Her mouth widens just enough for him to enter in and she hears the hiss of his delight in her. Slowly he runs the head of his cock down the back wall of her soft warm throat. She pulls back and he forces himself even further down for her retreat. The only thing she can do is open wide and allow him to take control yet again. He pulls out of her and she shows him the foaming saliva bubbles that fills her mouth from the gagging He puts his cock up to her lips again and she lets the bubbles drip down the length of his cock until they hit the floor. He thrusts into her mouth again for her sassy display, he doesn’t like when she is messy. When her cheeks and chest turn a lovely shade of dark pink and her eyes start to stream he knows she has reached her limit. But damn she looks sexy with her face all a mess and covered with his sticky droplets.

He escorts her by her peak nipples over to the lazy boy. He sits her back and spreads her legs. “Don’t move.” He instructs “Don’t move or it will be the tassels…” he laughs. “I won’t move Sir.” She says. As a reminder, with his soft leather flogger he smacks her pussy twice with its long tassels and lets it fall to her abdomen. Several of the soft leather tassels lay resting of her red swollen cunt. He can smell her scent. Her pussy sweats for him and he can taste it in the air. He wants to fuck her now but he must wait. She closes her eyes as he looms over her from the back of the chair. He has the wand in hand. He holds it up to her beautiful petite lips and the vibrations of the wand cause all hysterical paroxysm to vanish without a trace of existence. Her clear fluid splashes down to the floor. He holds the wand in its place and watches the way her entire mound contracts and then jumps as she cums… fascinating. He watches her hands on her inner thighs and they carefully rest keeping her spread for him. He places his hand up to her mound for a feel of her display. The electricity she sends off with each jump of her pussy could light a city block. He wants to lean her back even further and watch her spread her cheeks as he stretches her ass with his fat cock creating a gaping hole the size of Meteor Crater. Watching her fingers grasp her thick round ass cheeks as he plunges in and out of her darkness. Daring it to close so he can stuff himself inside of her all over again. But the fact is he wants her to swallow his cum even more than he wants to fuck her ass. The thought of this makes his cock start to drip. Like a coffee pot percolating he can’t hold off anymore. Before his last act he pushes one last thing past her ring. Something he seems to have become immune to these days. Something her ass is used to. It still sparkles; it just seems to have lost its luster in his eyes. Maybe she will stop wearing it.

He stands upright and she sits up, his cock in her face again. She reaches up with her hand and cups his balls as she takes him down in long slow strokes. He fingers graze the base of his cock as she kneads him softly. Her tongue works the head of his staff. He can’t wait any longer; he must be deep inside of her, balls deep. He stands her up and bends her over the able once more. She wears tall bootie like heels at least six inches tall. Her ass is jacked up high in the air like a truck with air ride rolling on 35’s. She spreads her self for him. He wants her to guide him in, but in all truthfulness. She is too tight to guide him in herself. So he grabs the base of his cock and pushes his way through the trap door. He stretches her to accommodate his girth and fills her with his cock. It slams shut around him. He revels in the tightness that surrounds him. She can feel him bouncing off the ceiling of her roof. The fluttering waves of her orgasms still flow in inconsistent shocks of goodness. He reaches up and puts his hand on her; they are now resting at the base of her back. With each thrust he comes closer to his release. Her ass bounces off his hips like a cherub on a pogo stick. She meets him with every stroke. Rocking her hips from side to side as she moves to and fro. “Make me cum.” He begs. “I need you.” She turns with pleasure and when she does thick white cum over flows from his tip. She drops to her knees and takes his shiny cock covered in her own thick white cream deep down and slowly pulls back with light suction. Nice and clean once again. No trace of her left to be found. One hand gently pulling his balls, the other grasping his cocks base. Slow soft deep strokes. She can feel his balls tighten and ascend. The base of his cock pulsates and the warm thick liquid he gifts her shoots her in the roof of her mouth. He puts both hands on her head and like a joy stick encourages her not to stop as he empties his heavy weighted load into her. His body hunches over as he thrusts slowly in and out of her mouth, making sure she takes every last drop. Like she would ever let one drop of his go to waste.

She was fierce, she was strong, she wasn’t simple. She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept. She always had something to say. She was flawed but that was ok, with him. And when she was down, she got right back up. Maybe she was too loyal and needed to back off a bit, maybe some days she drives him crazy with her smart mouth. She was a beast in her own way, but one idea described her best. She was unstoppable and she took anything she wanted with a smile.