Scene 15: Nostalgia

Art; Something pleasing to the mind with aesthetic value. The conscious production of an arrangement; skillfully creative sounds, colors, forms or movements that affect the senses. Usually the production of something beautifully graphic. How does it feel to know I’m your muse?

corset stockings

“Mr. Donovan, you received an invitation in the mail to an art show at The Gallery while you are in New York for the quarterly meeting with Mr. Carson. It might be a good idea for you to attend. It will be an opportunity to bring in new business.” Carly suggests to Frank. “Carly I am not really into that stuff, I was planning on you attending the trip with me and the guys you can go an represent the firm if you like.” he says. “ok I can do that. I do enjoy a beautiful piece of art from time to time. Especially since my time in Greece.” she responds. “Good then its set.  Request a few extra tickets as some of the other staff might like to attend as well.”

They arrive at the air port. The whole team. Frank, Bret, Jared, Tony and Carly. She is not sure how she managed to get them all here at the same time but she did. This woman deserves a raise.  The are  being seated when out of no where a tall man boarders the plane. ” FRICK!”.. it’s Ari. Frank looks over to her. They are seated with each other on the plane. With the other men in the surrounding 1st class seats. “Ari…” she discreetly points her finger. Buzz Buzz her phone goes off. It’s a message from Frank.. ” I didn’t know he was coming to the meeting, and I especially didn’t know he was going to be on the same plane as us. Just be calm and all will be fine.” she turns to him and rolls her eyes. Buzz Buzz “you will pay for that later little girl ;)” and he puts his phone away. Ari’s seat is magically right behind hers, he is seated with Bret. PASSENGERS PLEASE TURN OFF ALL YOUR ELECTRONICS, The Captain announces. This is going to be a long flight.

An hour into the flight. Carly excuses her self to the restroom. Plus all the men keep talking about work and women.. ugh! This is the worst part about being the only woman. She can only clear her throat so many times and remind them that is actually a woman. Part of her appreciates that they feel that comfortable in her presence so it really doesn’t bother her. But, now and again she needs a break from the boys when they are in such short proximity. She stands in the small bathroom of the plane stretching her legs and looking in the mirror when there is a knock on the door. (knock, knock) ‘Carly are you in there?’ it’s Ari… DAMN THE LUCK she screams in her mind. “Yes I’m in here, who else would it be? What do you want?” she says in a heightened whisper that reeks of irritation. ‘I need to talk to you Carly, I want to apologize and talk to you about a proposition I have for you.’ he whispers back. ‘I forgive you, go back to your seat!’ in a much louder whisper. ‘Carly I need to talk to you without Frank around. Open the Damn Door!! NOW!!!’ he says. Who does he think he is? There is only one man who talks to me that way and it is only in the confines of our sexual relationship. She opens the door and proceeds to walk out when he catches her and forces her back into the small bathroom and he closes the door behind them. He flips the latch OCCUPIED. ‘OK what do you want, last time you saw me, you tried to hit me. I really have nothing to say to you. There is nothing you could offer me to interest me and I really would like to leave now.’ she tells him. ‘ I want you Carly to show me what you and Frank do. I want to watch. I want to take part with you in the same acts. I know you two are into something I want to take part in. Tell him to let me in on your little secret.’ he is up in her ear. ‘I don’t know what you are talking about Ari, you are crazy, don’t make me go out there and get one of the guys.’ she says calmly even though on the inside she is panicking a little. If Frank has taught her anything it was how to have a poker face. ‘With one hand on the wall and one hand around her waist. He says one last thing before he  attempts to exit the bathroom. ‘You will give me what I desire or I will ruin him, do you understand me Carly Dawson?” and when he leans in to kiss her, she raises her lips up to him and in one swift motion her knee connects with his groin. ‘Don’t you ever make threats to me Mr. Damascos, you don’t know who you are fucking with. Got it?!” and she quickly makes an exit and she is back to her seat. “Where were you?” Franks asks. “I will tell you later, but we have trouble stirring” and she straightens in her seat to flip through the current issue of Sky Mall. A few minutes later she hears Ari take his seat behind her.

She is at the hotel and has checked into her room. The fancy hotel  is filled with people, the meeting with Mr. Carson’s firm is in two days. Tomorrow is the Art Gala and the day after they all fly home. She has the rest of the day to herself. She lies on the plush hotel bed and falls quickly asleep. (Knock Knock) Dang it! what does a girl have to do around here to be left alone. “What?!” she opens the door.  There is no one there. She looks down and there is a large box at her feet. She picks it up takes it to her room she looks at the tag ‘ you are still at work, turn on your phone” Shit! She forgot to turn her phone back on when they got off the plane. Frank must be pissed. She took a two-hour nap, she never naps but after the airplane shenanigans with Ari her mind was exhausted. She opens the box and there is a black lace cocktail dress in it. Another smaller box placed in the center of the dress, she opens the small box and inside there is a averaged size black silicone anal plug. Wait a minute this is a vibrating plug. Where is the wireless remote to it? she asks herself. Frank must have it. He must expect me to wear it at the meeting Friday so he can torture me privately, and much to his amusement,  all day in front of my old boss. She takes the dress out of the box. It is nice, though not what she would have picked for herself. I wonder what this is for? She questions to herself. A yellow sticky note falls to the floor. She picks it up and it reads. PLEASE PLACE IN ASS TOMORROW FOR THE ART GALA AND WEAR THIS DRESS, FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW… He isn’t even going to the Gala, maybe he just wants to play when I get back. But she intends to do as she is requested.

The next day she is busy preparing for the  events of the following day regarding the meeting with Mr. Carson. All the boys go out and play while she is stuck in the hotel room doing all the work. At least she won’t have to deal with Ari harassing her. She starts to get ready for the Gala around 6:30, she hasn’t spoken to or heard from any of the guys all day. They must still be out on the town so what guys do. She gave them their tickets already and she assumes she will see them their. She assumes Frank will be having Dinner with Mr. Carson this evening as they are friends and they always like to catch up the night before their meetings. She arrives at the Gallery at 7:30 it is beautiful. She wishes she wasn’t by herself but this is the perfect opportunity for her to shine. Maybe if she was given the chance to bring in more new business and succeeded, Frank would offer more opportunity to her. She walks in and immediately she sees a few familiar faces. They greet her warmly and begin to introduce her to the patrons and potential new clients. She is likeable, friendly and has much to offer conversation to anyone who chooses to engage. Tonight is about networking and making friends. Getting The Donovan Group out there. ‘Carly there you are… Have you seen Jared and Ari?” Bret calls from a distance. She casually walks towards him and they begin to chat. There are so many people there that she hasn’t seen anyone in their party except him so far. She didn’t even know Ari was coming. Bret and her decided to split up to work opposite sides of the gallery. As she walks along being introduced to strange faces by the faces she just met, admiring the marble sculptures of nude women adorned with ivy and gold leaf she feels it. bzzz bzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzz. She turns instantly to look around the room. There are so many people but she knows he is here somewhere. She didn’t expect it. bzzz,bzzz continuing to scan the room she is caught by Mr. Carson. ‘Mr. Carson what are you doing here? You don’t generally come to events like this.’ bzz bzzz she tries to keep a straight face as the buzzing in her ass continues to go off and on relentlessly. ‘oh the wife wanted to come and I do have to indulge her now and then.’ he replies they chat and catch up then they part ways to continue enjoying the general splendor of the evening. She excuses herself to the ladies room when out of no where she is pulled into a corner by Ari. Bzzz bzzzz  Dammit Frank knock it off. She thinks to herself. ‘What do you want Ari? that is when he reaches around and cups her ass cheeks with both his hands. bzz bzzz, he feels it… ‘ So this is what you and Frank do all day and night. He has you play with these little trinkets and then he runs his long finger along the cleft that parts her ass cheeks. Thank God I have a dress on. She think in her mind. bzz bzz he feels it on his finger. ‘You’re coming with me, and don’t make a scene’ he huffs. He starts to drag her through the crowd trying not to look conspicuous bzzz bzzz, when a patron stops her. ” Carly how are you?” it’s Alyssa and old friend from Mr. Carson place. She stops. This gives her long enough to get her phone out. “Frank help me, Ari is dragging me through the crowd I don’t know where he is taking me.” She tries to stall as long as she can talking to Alyssa but Ari is getting impatient and interrupts their chat to move them along. He drags her into a room that is closed off to the public for this event it is full of abstract art. Paintings splattered with primary colors and balls of twisted metal. Her phone is buzzing but she cannot pick it up. Frank is trying to find her. She can hear her name being called in the back ground. It’s Jared. Frank has called all the boys to help him search for her. ‘JARED! JARED!’ she yells in return but he cannot find her. ‘I’m in..’ Ari muffles her screams with his hand. ‘Shut your mouth slave, I’m going to take that thing out of your ass and stick my dick in you in its place and you are not going to tell anyone.’ he tries to bend her over, tonight was not the night to wear large holed fishnet stockings. He has her hands behind her back. He is so tall and his hands are so big he can easily grasp both her hands in one of his. With the other he reaches down and starts to rip the plug from her ass. She continues to scream ‘JARED I’m in here… JARED!’ just then the large red curtains swing open.  It’s Bret and Jared.  Jared Flips open the phone ‘We found her she is in the blocked off section down corridor A.’ the phone snaps shut Ari is so engrossed in the act that he doesn’t even see them. He starts to pull his, slightly small for his size, penis from his boxers. The men tackle him, he didn’t even see it coming. Just then Frank comes thru the dark red curtain. She she sees him. She wants to run over to him but she decides its best to get out of the way. She picks up her things from the floor and watches as the three men beat the shit out of Ari. She has worked with these men for years, they are like her brothers. As much as they get on her nerves they would do anything for her. This has always been the atmosphere Frank has strove for with his close colleges. As Jared and Bret hold Ari each by one arm Frank walks up to him and punches him so hard he breaks his nose. Blood begins to drip. Frank reaches up to hit in again and Carly places her hand on his shoulder. ‘Frank, stop. I’m fine. Let’s not do this here” She runs her hand down his arm to his hand and lowers his fist. He takes a step back. ‘Carly steps between the two men. Knowing her family will not allow him to harm her. She leans in and says ‘I warned you not to fuck with me you piece of shit, and just so you know.. You have the smallest dick of any man I have ever been with.” The she reaches down takes his flaccid penis in her hands and twists as hard as she can muster the strength to do.. then she turns around to walk away.  “Oh yea one last thing Mr. Damascos…” she turns quickly and with one of her heels she kicks him in the crotch.. hard. His legs give way and if it wasn’t for the boys he would have fallen to the ground. “Good Luck using that little thing on anyone else for a while” The boys drop him they walk ahead of Carly and Frank, Ari falls to the ground. Still with her black silicone plug in her hand she looks back. Places it in Franks hand, that is now around her waist, as she looks Ari straight in the eye. Franks Grabs it puts it in his pocket.

Then Frank turns to look at Ari and grabs Carly’s big luscious ass in his hand and says “This is mine, don’t you forget it, you are fired!”



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