It Ain’t No Aston Martin

Scene 5: For Her Pleasure

It’s 2am, there is a knock at the door. ‘Who could that be?‘ She asks herself. Carly always sleeps nude. She rolls out of bed searching in the darkness of night for her white silk robe. The feel of the silk against her nipples makes them hard. She hears the knocking again. ‘Who is it?’ she yells. ‘It’s Frank, open the door Carly.’ Carly opens the door. ‘Why are you here?’ She asks. ‘I dunno.’ he replies. ‘I needed to see that you were ok I guess. I haven’t heard from you in two days. I always hear from you.’ he says. Carly suddenly realizes it pouring rain outside and Frank is soaked. He wears nothing but a T-shirt and gym pants. ‘Come in let me get you a towel.’ She says as she limps away, still bruised from the beating she received from Seth. ‘Carly lets take a ride’ Frank says as she hands him the towel she fetched. ‘Ok let me get dressed’ she responds. ‘Your fine we are only going for a ride.’ he tells her. He takes her hand and leads her out to his truck. Now soaked from the pouring rain, Frank can see through her white silk robe. The rain causes her to shiver. Her nipples are even harder they almost hurt from the cold rain. With her long hair dripping in her face she climbs into Franks latest toy. He closes the door behind her. As he walks around and climbs in the other side the cab lights come on. He sees a very large bruise on her thigh, dark purple in color. It’s the size of a melon. This makes him sad and angry all at the same time, he know that the bruises she has are all his fault. He should have never doubted her, never left her alone with Seth. ‘Will you ever forgive me?’ He asks staring at the large bruise. ‘I already have’ explains Carly. ‘If I were a powerful man like you, I would have probably done the same thing’ she continues. ‘At the end of the day, I am nothing more than Carly Dawson, Assistant to Frank Donovan CEO. You are not obligated to me, nor do you owe me anything. I’m here because I want to be.’ She tries to ease his mind. ‘Can things between us ever be the same?’ He asks in a whisper. ‘I wasn’t under the impression they had changed Sir.’ She says with Devilish smile. With that said he reaches across her into the glove compartment, careful not to touch her bruised leg, and pulls out her bracelet. ‘I think this belongs to you Miss Dawson’ he says as he looks her deep in her eyes. There is a burning in them that calls to her on a primal level. Slowly she presses towards him. ‘Wait! Let me.’ He says to her in a soft voice. The bracelet falls to the floor.

He steps out into the rain and walks around to open her door. As she slides down out of the truck cab her now see thru silk robe opens. Her breasts exposed to the elements he sits her back up on to the truck seat. He begins to tenderly kiss her bare skin as the raindrops roll down her body, taking great care. She wraps her legs around him as he runs his hands all over her torso sucking and licking careful to give each breast the attention it deserves. In the pouring rain he slowly makes his way down her body. He looks up and thanks her, not with words but with desire, for not just protecting his wealth, but their secret. ‘Will you ever completely trust me?’ She asks. And with a warm smile he replies ‘I’m working on it’ and with that said he buries his face into her and begins to taste her. ‘Sir?’ she questions breathlessly. ‘What are you doing?’ Franks reply is a simple one ‘tonight I’m the sub, and i’m here to please you’ and with that being said Carly is lost in ecstasy in the cab of Franks truck.

Some how dripping wet in more than one way they both make their way inside. Looking down at her he asks ‘Carly, what do you want?’, they are now standing at the foot of her bed. ‘Kiss Me.’ She says. ‘Stop being silly.’ He chuckles. ‘Kiss me Frank, you have never kissed me.’ She retorts ‘I kiss you all the time’ he implores. ‘Never on the lips’ she barely get out of her mouth before his lips are on hers. The sensation they both feel at the touch of one another’s lips sends an immediate sensation down to the loins. Franks wants to take Carly now. He raises her into her bed and with her legs spread before him, he says smirkingly ‘where did I leave off’  he once again buries his face in her sweet pussy. She tastes even better now for a reason he cannot put his finger on at the moment, nor does he care to. ‘Tell me what you like Carly’ She begins to instruct him, he likes knowing that she enjoys being pleased as much as she likes to please. It’s not often he sees this side of her. She quietly tells him to lay down. She wants him in her mouth. ‘Why?’ he asks ‘Am I not doing a good job of playing sub?’ ‘You are an extremely good sub, Sir, but you forget how turned on I get by having your dick in my mouth’ she says and she sends him a wink. ‘Your the boss tonight’ he says. Carly begins to roll her tongue around his achingly hard cock. She can feel it dripping into her mouth. As Frank lays back Carly climbs on him as he holds his dick up right, she slides down its full length. Both hands on her own breast and with his hands on her hips she begins to ride him slowly. Not for his pleasure but for her own. She is in control and he enjoys that. She never realized how much he enjoyed pleasing her aswell. She continues to ride his thick long hard dick making sure that when she grinds down on him, his steel rubs up against her clit. It feel so good rocking back and forth on him. With him fully inside of her she is making the slightest movements on the outside but on the inside he feels all that her body is doing, she begins to quiver on the inside, she cums so hard that her pussy contracts around him to the point that he looses self-control. Contracting over and over. Carly lays down next to him and sleeps consumes her.

Carly awakens to well-worn, yet soft hands on her ass. She likes the way his hands feel on her skin. She lies on her side waiting for his next move, ‘no kinky fuckery tonight’ he says to her with passion. Carly lifts her leg up to her chest exposing her pussy to Frank. He begins to rub her clit from behind. ‘Why are you always so wet?’ He asks amazed. Not looking for a reply he sinks his middle finger deep inside her. Then two fingers. She begins to move around the fingers inside her rhythmically.  She asks him to fuck her this time hard and slow. She rolls over and reaches into her night stand and pulls out her trusty Princess plug. ‘No kinky Fuckery?!’ Frank repeats. This isnt kinky baby, this just how I like it. He takes it from her. She opens her mouth. He places it in her mouth and slides it off her lips. Back on to her side now, he slides it in her ass. She lets out a hiss of pleasure. She rolls back over, Franks lifts one legs up and as he does she guides his hard dick into her wet pussy for the second time tonight. ‘Why are you always so hard?!’ She asks playfully and he begins to move. Hard slow thrusts this time up into her, banging against the steel in her ass. Over and over again. Out of nowhere he turns her on to her front. She brings her knees up to her chest raising her ass in the air he begins to pleasurably torture her. Pulling and tugging on that plug, tasting her as he does so. Carly whispers ‘im going to cum’ his reply is simply, ‘cum all over my face.’ With his permission she does. The cum oozes out of her and as it does Franks takes it all. ‘Please Frank fuck my pussy’ she asks. While down on her widely spread knees she reaches between her legs, she likes to feel him slide into her this way. Once fully in her he remains perfectly still as Carly begins to dance around him circular motions with her ass as she arches her back up and down and with each revolution she squeezes subconsciously. Hard, slow, raw fucking. He now starts to turn in circles the jeweled plug she wears, this causes her to orgasm all over again, she moans aloud this causes Frank to draw near to his own erotica. Sweaty bodies psychologically and physically at their climatic peak Carly screams one last breathless time Franks name as she cums again he slowly removes the plug from her ass causing several more unexpected contractions. In one graceful movement he removes his dick, glistening and wet from her pussy and he thrusts it into her ass. She begs him to cum now. ‘Give it to me Frank, cum in my ass’ she says in a seductive whisper.  He does as he is told. He doesn’t know how she can be this way with him after what he has done, but he is glad he hasn’t lost her. He likes having her in is life.

Carly walks Frank to the door, it has now stopped raining. ‘See you in a couple hours?’ She says with a warm smile. He smiles in return and turns to get in his truck. 7:30am Carly walks into the office her security code has been reset. And with the office key that Frank left on her dining room table she is now occupying her desk again. Frank walks in a short time later ‘Good Morning Mr. Donovan’ she says in a chipper voice. ‘Miss Dawson’ he greets her warmly.  She hands him a cup of coffee. With her arm extended toward him he places the bracelet with the key charm around her wrist. That was left on the floor board of his truck.  He takes his cup of coffee and heads thru the adjoining door. When he reaches the threshold he turns to her and with a Cheshire Cat smile and asks ‘ do you fish Miss Dawson? Cause I bought a boat?!’

‘Yes Sir’ she laughs, “or should I say ‘Yes Captn’?” she returns to her work.





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