Scene 8: What’s The Attraction Anyway?

The Charmer: Flattery, relaxation and great listening skills encompass the art of your seduction. You can be quiet dangerous when you come across your desired target, since you always find the perfect way to make them tick. You’re especially talented at making people feel good about themselves and override any insecurities they may have. Recreating yourself as their source of pleasure. Those you set your sights on never have a chance to look past your smoldering advances and tempting connection. Which explains how the spell you cast on them is hard to  break free from.

She sits outside on her lunch break, soaking in the sun and chatting with co-workers. In a flash something catches her eye. A man in a finely tailored black suit turns around. All the ladies she is sitting with gasp.. “It’s Frank Donovan” they whisper. Their eyes meet for a split second before he turns to walk away. She returns to her lunch time chatter.

Frank Donovan is the Founder and CEO of, The Donovan Group an international company that focuses on acquisitions and mergers. He grew up in Duluth, Georgia, coming from Irish parents. They were not wealthy by any means but they lived comfortably. He is now a highly sought after business man. Women want him and men want to be him, he has it all.

As Frank enters the high-rise building he turns to his intern, Bret and asks quizzically “Is that Mr. Carson’s personal assistant?” Bret nods with affirmation. Frank has overheard much about Miss Carly Dawson from his previous assistants. She is apparently all the rage in her profession. Oh well, she is already employed. He dismisses her from his mind and begins to focus on the task at hand.

Fast forward 2 years: Frank Donovan’s calendar is a mess, his newest assistant can’t get her shit together. She will have to go! He thinks to himself. He cannot have this lack of organization in his office. Word around town is that there is an opening with Carson’s office aswell and he isn’t happy about it. Frank sits back in his chair and tries to recall the name of Carson’s old assistant… DAWSON!  Maybe she is available. He purposes in his mind to reach out to her for the position he is in need of filling. He exits out of the erotic website he is surfing in the late night hours to head home.

“Miss Dawson, Mr. Donovan will see you now”.. says Mr. Donovan’s assistant she is thin and tall with golden blonde hair that is pulled back tight into a bun. Carly stands up and brushes off her skirt. The assistant glares towards Carly. Carly has no idea why. She enters the boardroom, she turns to quietly close the door behind her as she turns back around he is there. Standing in dark blue suit and a light pink dress shirt with top button undone, she gulps. Give it up Dawson! He sought you out for your professional reputation. “Hello Miss Dawson, I’m Frank…” she interrupts him “Donovan.” Normally this would be a red flag for him as he isn’t a fan of rudeness. But, there is something about her lips when she speaks that is captivating, he gets lost in her words. She reaches out to shake his hand. It’s firm but very lady like all at the same time. Before he can get a word out she begins asking him questions. Who is interviewing who here? he thinks to himself with a smile. She asks a question and then answers it all in the same sentence. Making him feel as though she is the one running she show. How does she do that? he wonders in amazement. At the end of the interview she thanks him for his time and subtly suggests that she should expect to hear from him in the next 3 business days, he agrees with only a nod of the head and she exits the boardroom… CRAP! She did it again. Before she reaches her apartment there is a message left for her “Start Monday, I’m not sure how you did it but it worked.” he says in a commanding yet pleasured voice.

18 months pass and she is settled into her job, she is brilliant. Her knack is making Mr. Donovan look like a trustworthy man in a discreet way, and she does. Clients believe they are the ones with the upper hand. She is charming, her honestly is blatant, and people are drawn to her charisma. It is natural to her, she is confident but not arrogant. She makes Frank look good. Frank is a man who conducts much out-of-town business. Carly does not travel with him as she is needed to help keep all of Franks employees on task. During in office meetings Carly is present in the boardroom at a small oval-shaped desk in the corner. Watching the clients in detail, giving frank visual cues on the intel he needs regarding them. Men from far away lands cannot appreciate what she brings to the table so she does not interfere, but Frank understands her importance.

Another 6 months pass, one night Carly stays late to work on a series of documents for Mr. Donovan. She finally finishes and stands to leave for the night. She removes her jackets and begins to turn down the lights when she notices a light in Mr. Donovan’s office, He must have forgotten to turn off the lights. She enters the office, as she is the only one permitted into his office in his absence. As she walks through the adjoining doors over to his desk to turn off the lamp, reaching over she bumps the computer mouse by accident and the screen lights up. What she sees makes her blush. She sees a naked woman bent over and there is a gem stone sparkling between her ass cheeks. She starts to sweat, all of a sudden Mr. Donovan enters through his private entrance into the building. She is embarrassed, with her head swiftly down she apologizes and begins to explain, with a stutter.  He says nothing, only stares at her blankly and she hurries to leave. She arrives home still embarrassed but curious as to what the woman on the screen had in her ass. She fires up her MAC and begins her internet search for the night.

The next day at work Mr. Donovan is late. This is not like him. She would normally text or call him to inquire as to his ETA, but not today. When she arrives back from lunch she sees an email from him. “Alert me when you have returned.” it reads. OH NO, he is going to fire me she trembles. The intercom on her phone buzzes and his voice comes through the speaker. “Carly in my office now, please.” he asks kindly. “Yes Sir Mr. Donovan” she replies. She thinks to her self, he has never called me Carly. Her name on his lips is a strange sound to hear but, it sounds so nice. She likes it when he calls her Carly, it makes her wet and she doesn’t even realize it. She knocks before she enters his office this time. She never knocks but this time she feels she must. He approves her entrance then greets her with a smile. He moves effortlessly from around the desk to escort her to a chair, he extends out a hand and she takes it. She feels a surge of electricity between them. She begins to speak; promising she will never tell anyone what she saw, staring at her and trembling knowing she could cause trouble for him, he tells her to mind her tongue. All she says is “Yes Sir.” He trusts her, she has proven her loyalty to him. He walks towards her as she sits in silence. She doesn’t know what he wants from her. She has a rush of heat between her legs. She begins to fidget not immediately making eye contact. Something about Carly that he never noticed before strikes him now, her features. Her almond-shaped blue eyes lined so perfectly, her full lips, and her long hair, her voluptuous figure. Out of no where he suddenly realizes he wants her. It’s wrong, but he can’t help his desire for her right at this moment. What he doesn’t know is that she wants him too.  He asks her to please keep what she saw a secret and she agrees, she would never share his business with anyone. She nervously stands to leave and as she does she turns to him at the door and says “I have some questions I would like to ask you later about… what I saw if that is ok?” Nervously he nods in compliance and then Carly is back to work.

A couple of days go by and Frank has gone out-of-town for a meeting. One evening Carly is home and it’s starting to get late. A thought pops into her head. It’s of Frank. He should be finished with his meeting by now, she thinks. She picks up her phone and sends him a text. That’s when it all started, with just a little text, a simple question. A text turned into a picture, a picture turned into a touch, a touch turned into a feel. Curiosity turned into desire. Gradually they begin to share each others curiosities, learning that many of them are the same. He teaches her what he likes, what he desires. Soon she begins to want Frank to play those desires out on her. She wants him to mold her turn her into whatever it is that he wants. She wants him to take control, she likes pleasing him. Not only professionally but physically as well. This is new to her, to them both. These were roles they were meant to play. He wants to control and she wants to be controlled. They didn’t know it 2 years ago when they first crossed paths but now, their thoughts often wonder to each other thinking of the next time, the last time, the right now.

Do you remember how it feels? My lips around you, sucking you. My mouth begging you to cum at my hand. Do you like it? Tell me you do. I want to hear you say it. It turns me on. It makes me wet for you. To hear you tell me what you want, just tell me what you want. Whisper it in my ear when you think no one can hear you. Don’t hesitate. Make me believe it. Say it with authority. Stop letting me leave only to come back. Do you remember how I felt? When you were inside of me. How tight I was? How wet you made me? As you bent me over the first time and you were thrusting in and out of me. Do you remember how it tasted? Was I sweet? Do you want to taste me again. I want you to taste me again, to make me cum with your mouth. The heat of your breath on my pussy, breathing me in. Do you remember how it feels to have your fingers inside of me? Feeling all of me from the inside out. When you pulled your fingers out of me and tasted me on your fingers. I remember watching you do it. Do you remember how it felt the first time you put your hands on my ass? The sting I felt was just what I needed. The first time I tasted you, as you sat in that leather chair. Me kneeling before you, looking up at you with your dick in my mouth, the master that you are. As you grabbed my hair and thrust into my mouth hard and fast to see if I could handle what you wanted to give me. Do you remember the first time I swallowed all of what you gave me. Did you like it? Knowing your cum was running down the back of my throat. Now you know what its like, to play with that jewel you so desperately desire. The way you work it into and out of me. Twisting and turning it. Your fingers on the inside of me feeling the sensation of how it feels on your fingers as I wear it. Wishing it was your hard cock rubbing against it instead. I remember how you feel, your hands on my ass, groping my breasts. How your cock feels in my hand, in my mouth, down my throat. Your are so big and hard every time. My mission is to take all of you in. I remember how much I like you fucking my mouth and how much more I liked you fucking my tight wet pussy. How I tasted on you, my pussy tastes good on your dick. I like to clean you off with my mouth. I like your hands on my ass while I do it. I remembered how your cock stretched me and filled me. I like guiding you into me when you bend me over. I remember how your hands felt as you fingered me. The feel of your tongue. It’s only the beginning of what I can do Sir, and I know you have more to teach in return. Don’t you want to feel my body quiver around you as I cum. My pussy and my ass begging you to cum in return with each passing orgasm.  It was so easy, it still could be. A shared desire, a shared fantasy turned into reality. I want to please you Sir. I want you to spank me. I want you to take every hole I have and make it yours. Let me take away your stresses of the day. I see your hands shaking, let me take the apprehension away. You are so very good at what you do to me. Imagine how much better it could be for you if you would just lend yourself over to relaxation, to release, to me.. Just for a moment. Give it to me and I will make you feel like a man, and you are that.. A Man! What is it about me? Do you even know? Can you put a finger on it? Is it just a fantasy slowly turning to reality, don’t worry it can’t be for ever. Enjoy it while you can, before you know this season shall pass.

It all started with a text, have you cum? Do you want to?









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