Indee Fixe

The Thong Thief Chronicles

A Preoccupation of the mind believed to be firmly resistant to any attempt to modify it… and trust me I am.

It’s the lunch hour at The Donovan Group. It’s been an overly busy morning and Frank is fit to be tied about a deal that has not fallen in his favor. He hides it well but Carly can sense his angst as the others laugh merrily over burgers and beers. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her phone. Before her fingers stroke the keys she gets a text message from Frank. “I need you to get back to the office and get me some info on those clients, I need that account.”  The rest of the men plan on spending the remainder of the day here with their beers, she needs to get back to the office to tend to some business. She politely excuses herself, bidding them fair well and a safe drive home. Then she gets to her car and heads back to the lonely office.

When she arrives she enters through the back door and turns off the alarm. She walks into Frank’s office and starts to clear his desk from all the work. He tends to be very organized but today he left in a fluster and she knows that he will appreciate her cleaning up his organized chaos. She stack everything neatly and places it all in the lower desk drawer. “Ahhh that’s better” she says to herself. She pulls out a small black box that can only be unlocked with the key that has hung on her right wrist for the past 5 years. Several items have come and gone from this box but a few remain… A Princess Plug, her magic balls, and her favorite pair of bunny ears. There are also a few new Items, some still needs to be tested and approved. A shiny NJOY which she has yet to enjoy. And a glass plug shaped like a small pineapple that gives the allusion of a lovely gape when she dons it for his pleasure. Which to choose… so many options.

She lays on the couch next to his desk and starts to think about him and what he does to her. Her pulse quickens and she starts to get warm. She lets the buttons loose on her shirt and slides off her shoes. She starts to feel the pooling of heat between her thighs and they rub together as she tries to stave off the urge to touch herself. She knows he has a camera hidden in here somewhere so that he can tap into his office anytime to make sure all is undisturbed but she doesn’t care. She takes off her shirt and unzips her pencil skirt. She is wearing a yellow lacy bra and a thong of the same color and brand. She kicks her clothes over into a pile and slides off her stockings one leg at a time. She reaches down and pulls the rabbit out of hits hole and licks its tip. She lets it rest on the back of the sofa. Leaving her bra on and she exposes just her nipple to the cool air. The lace grazes her areolas and it makes her nipple harden that much quicker. As she thumbs one of her nipples she reaches down and pulls her thong panties over to the side. Running her fingers up her wet crease she take a quick breath as she bites her bottom lip. She closes her eyes and pretends its Frank’s lips and fingers that diddle her sweet pussy’s lips and clit.  She tastes like magic and she understands the draw he has to her flavor.

Before she goes any further she sends Frank a text and tells him to check his Teddy-Cam. She throws her phone to the chair across the way, she doesn’t care what he text back she just wants him to look. She hears her phone buzz but she ignores it repeatedly. All she hears is the buzz between her thighs with each orgasm she has. She lays resting in between Orgasms and she hears the bell sound to the back door. She smiles to herself. Frank must have come to play. She hears foot-steps down the hall then she hears not one but two voices and one of them isn’t Franks; it’s Gary. CRAP! She thinks to herself. She tries to hurriedly collect all her belongings and the little black box full of toys. She was stuck under Frank’s desk one time before but that was intentional, not because she was masturbating in his office without his permission. Shit Shit SHIT!!! The foot-steps are getting closer and the voices are getting louder. She doesn’t have any choice, she has to hide and hope that Frank will get Gary out of here in a hurry. She crawls under the opening of his desk wearing only her bra. Her clothes are waded in a ball and the black box rests in her lap. She is thankful for Frank’s large executive desk. Atleast there is plenty of room, she just has to be silent as a church mouse. The men enter and the door closes loudly and she is startled. The men talk and gossip for a few minutes and she can hear Frank pour Gary a drink. All she can do is sit there in silence and listen.

Gary’s POV-

“Yea Frank we can have a quick drink before I get home to the wife and kids” I say as I enter Franks office. All of a sudden I smell something familiar. Perfume.. or a mix of perfume and something else. What is that sweet smell. It smells like perfume and… pussy. Damn no wonder Frank likes being in his office so much, this smells great. Damn I need to take my wife out to dinner more, maybe buy her some new perfume. “Yea Frank Rum and coke is fine with me, what is new?  Sorry about that deal falling through today” I say as I inhale deep, enjoying the aroma wafting through the air. “Have a seat Gary” Franks says as they B/S over their cocktails. What is that? I walk closer to the couch and see something yellow and lacy. I sit and reach my hand back to feel what is stuck between the couch cushions. OMG its panties! SHIT! I quickly stuff them in my pocket as Frank grabs a Cigar out of his humidor. “I can’t stay long Frank, a quick drink and I gotta be off”… “No problem man” Frank only grabs one Cigar out of the humidor.

The men continue to shoot the breeze for a bit and then part ways. Gary walks out of Frank’s office and removes the panties from his back pocket and holds them up to his face like an oxygen mask and inhales deeply as he walks straight past Carly’s desk, not even noticing her absence. His cock tingles and he rushes out the door he needs some fresh air before he cums straight in his pants.

Back in Frank’s office…

Frank goes to sit at his desk just as Gary walks out of the door only to find Carly sitting there. “Hello” as she crawls out half.. make that whole naked. He offers her a hand she has been under there for a while. “I saw your little shenanigans on camera.. if you would have picked up your cell phone you would have known we were coming and you wouldn’t have had to hide under there” he laughs. She stands and then hands him the black box “ put that up for me will ya” she starts to straighten out her cloths and get dressed right in front of him. “ what are you doing?” he asks as he hold the black box in his hand and takes a drag of his stogie. He smells of Rum and molasses flavored cigars… she gets turned on all over again. She leans in and inhales him as she fixes her bra… “ I’m getting dressed, what are you doing?” she retorts in a sultry whisper. “I’m about to fuck your sweet smelling pussy, your aroma fills the room?” He turns her around and bends her over the desk expecting to see a shiny jewel in her ass. But there is nothing there. He smacks her hard on the ass and opens the little black box to choose his implement. He places the box on his desk and flips open the hinged lid. He pins her down with his hips, and with his full weight as she is bend over the desk. Her legs are spread with her ass jacked-up high in her black heels and nothing else but a yellow lace bra.

He chooses the glass pineapple for today’s adventure. He hasn’t seen her ass gape in while and he wants to Njoy the new toy when he has ample time to test all its magic. He sits back in his chair and leans back to get a birds eye few of the sight bending before him. “Spread your ass cheeks for me Carly.” He tells her and she reaches back doing what he requests with no hesitation. She feels the cold hair hit her tightly puckered hole. Then she stands up and turns around. “I need a little help Frank.” She holds her fingers up to his mouth and he takes them in one by one wetting them with his salivating tongue. Then she turns back around, taking her place and reaching back she wets her hole with his saliva. “Your spit on my ass feels better than mine every day of the week” she assures him. His cock drips at the idea. Then he wets his own index fingers generously and circles her starfish before entering her just to the first knuckle with his thumb. Her ass is hot and tight and before the days end, he is going to own it. He removes his finger and slowly replaces it with a clear glass plug. He watches her striations spread as he slowly inches his way in. Once it is in position he leans in. He rubs her clit from behind as he licks her ass cheek one time before he bites down. He leave one set of teeth marks and all he can hear is her hiss in pleasure. He stands and pulls her back by her elbows standing her upright and turning her around. She falls to her knees and helps him out of his trousers. Taking her time to stroke and lick his cock as she works. Once he is fully exposed she licks his balls as she strokes his dick before she takes him in all the way to the base. His hands fall to her head and he hunches over a bit slowly fucking her face deeply before pulling out and standing her up. She gasps for air the moment she is released.

Once up to her feet she leans back on his desk and the glass plug makes a slight clank as her ass sits up on to the glass top of the executive desk.  Her legs spread and he walks into her; like a well-choreographed dance. His cock slides in with a little resistance, but her tight pussy is wet and warm and he feels the glass pineapple shaped plug press firmly against, first his head then his shaft as he slides deeper into her. He leans in and takes her tits into his mouth. Rocking back and forth harder and harder as he pushes up into her. Trying to break through her ceiling the best he can. He wants to send her home limping and sore. He bites down on her nipple and pulls when he stands back up he smacks both of her tits hard in a downward motion leaving a lovely pink hand print. Just before he cums, and right on the edge of his own glory he pulls out of her and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, holding off the  urge to let his cum fall to the floor below.

“Don’t move Beautiful” he says as he retrieves the rabbit out of its hat and sliding it into her pussy slow and deep. He turns it on and fumbles through the settings like he is a boy. She laughs. Finally he finds the setting he is looking for… High.  Almost instantly her body quivers. When she cums juices spray like the mist of a fine French perfume. He stands her up and bends her over and pulls on the glass plug watching it spread her; leaving a true gaping hole for him to see. “Back to the desk for you my dear” he says once the hole closes. The he pulls her by the hips until her ass hangs off the desk and he enters her through the back door with ease. She reaches down to circle her clit with her fingers. “Wait, I have just the thing for your lovely swollen pussy” he says as he eases the rabbit into her overly wet hole. He turns it back on and instantly feels the vibrations radiate up his cocks shaft straight to his throbbing head. It won’t be long now he thinks to himself. So he says “cum with me won’t you B?” and she smiles and says “ I’d love to” with one hand on her left breast; nipple between his fingers and one hand holding the rabbit like a joy stick he pushes his cock in and out of her ass slow and hard. Moving his hips she can feel his balls slapping up against the bottoms of her ass cheeks. “Are you ready my dear” he says. And she winks, she gets extremely turned on when he talks to her that way during sex. She lets go and her pussy contracts around the rabbit, in turn he can feel her ass contract around his massive shaft and he squints his eyes and makes a full release deep into her abyss. He pushes up into her twice before he pulls out of both her holes simultaneously. He sits back in his chair and she exits to his private bathroom to redress. Carly walks out and asks Frank for her Yellow Lace Thong. He tells her he doesn’t have it and after scouring his office. “Frank, where did they go? We have to find them” she starts to freak out. Frank tells her to relax that they are either gone and they will figure it out or they will turn up at some point.

Later that afternoon after Carly puts in the work on the lost account and they say good bye for the evening. Frank hangs out to tweak her findings on what went wrong. Gary has the initial bid in his office and he goes to retrieve it. He opens Gary’s desk drawer and sees a familiar sight. A neatly folded pair of yellow lace thongs. He lifts them up to his face and inhales… You little dirty thief… he laughs. They most certainly belong to his beautiful pet. He puts them in his pocket and takes the clients file. “I think I will keep these for myself” he says aloud.  Although I understand the appreciation. The next morning, Gary is in early working away with a clear mind, but seemingly anxious as he fumbles around all his desk drawers looking for something. Carly asks him when she arrives what he is doing in so early and if he needs help finding something. He says that he was here working yesterday afternoon alone in his office and wanted to finish some work and he seems to have misplaced something but for her not to be concerned. “Ok Gary have a good day” she says as she walks by. Her perfume smells familiar like something he has smelled before but slightly different. “Nice perfume Carly” she says without thought. “Uhhh Thanks!” she says with a smile. Frank meanwhile sits in his car across town, listening to several men chatter on the other end of the line talking about the newest competitor on the scene. He reaches over into his glove compartment and pulls out a pair of yellow soft lacy thong panties. Takes a whiff throws them back into the glove box, gets out of his car and says “Today is going to be a good day!”

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring… Thoughts of an abstract mind.