Scene 22: Organic

I want to fuck you silly, so what! Who doesn’t?! Have you seen you? I’m not talking about lets hop in bed and you get on top of me boring stuff. I’m talking about the let’s get sloppy kind of fucking. The hard kind, where I walk funny the rest of the day, kind of fucking. The kind of fucking that makes me scream out the words ‘Oh Fuck I Cumming’, kind of fucking.  The sweaty nasty off the cuff stuff. The radical kind, ALL natural, the no additives kind of fucking. Yes! Lets do that kind of fucking.

I’m wet today, I woke up that way. I dreamt of you last night, it was incredible.  Way to nasty for me to tell you about. You snuck into my room and took it like a thief in the night. I’m ashamed of how that dream played out. I almost felt dirty when I woke up. I’m pretty sure I had an orgasm while I was dreaming. There was evidence of it between my thighs when I reached down and felt myself. I could still feel the pulsations on my finger tips. I was wet with smooth thick tacky moisture.  When was the last time you had a wet dream? Have I ever made you cum in your sleep?

Can you make me cum like that in real life?  That theory has yet to be tested. I’m not so sure that you have the skillz.  Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a challenge!  I dare you to make me cum like that in person. With your mouth , then your hands, then your wicked iron rod.  I bet I could make you cum that hard.  That theory has been tested and approved to be sure.  If you think my mouth is magic, what until that next time you sink yourself into my pussy.  My warm, wet, tight pussy.  Spread my thick lips apart with the head of your  dripping dick first and cause me to swell.  I want to reach down and feel you do it with my finger tips. Let me guide you in as you enter me from behind.  Then you can have both hands on my ass.  I think as you are easing in and out of me I shall run circles over my pulsating clitoris with my fingers.  Can you feel me doing it yet?  Tightening around you, each time I orgasm.  Do you want to cum?  Well don’t!  I’m not there yet.  I need you to make me cum. Pull out, turn me over play with me a little. Use your tongue, while the urge subsides. Spread my lips apart with your thumb and index finger so that you expose my thick puffy clit to your mouth.  Your mouth is so warm and it feel so good on my pussy.  That’s it, suck on it a little.  Slide your fingers inside of me.  Beckon me to cum at your hand.  I wont make a sound.  You asked me not to, but inside my head is screaming out your name.  Your real name, not this counterfeit brand that I have given you.  I want to taste your name on my lips while you make me cum.  I’m so close, don’t stop now.  Your fingers are so melodic and your mouth is even better.  Yeesssss, that’s it. (((Blurry vision))) My eyes squint.  Damn that was good.  Do you have enough in you to make me cum once more?  Wield your weapon, slaughter me with it.  Thrash me, I want to hear our skin crashing against each other. Your hips to my thighs, as you get lost inside my abyss. Is it ok if I take my breast in my hand?  You know how sensitive they are.  It will make me cum even harder. Your are such a diversion. That’s it, keep fucking me.  Stretch me out to accommodate you.  I can’t hold on anymore.  I’m cumming again, don’t stop. Yes Yes Yes, the over stimulation is almost too much to bear.  Are you going to cum too? Please let my mouth finish you off.  I need to taste you. I can taste myself all over your cock.  You are dripping.  I’m going to make you cum now.  Put your hands in my hair.  You know that is my favorite thing.  I will take it slow.  Just the right amount of suction, give it to me;  All of it. Will you throw your head back and close your eyes? Or do you want to watch me take what you unload?  How does it feel to explode in my mouth like that? Do you like it? Tell me how much.

I like the applause.








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