Part 1

I’ll climb on board; we’ll go nice and slow, then high tempo. Light
and Dark, hold me hard and mellow. I’m seeing the pain, seeing the
pleasure. Nobody but you, nobody but me, our bodies together. In a
place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears. Our reckless
behavior, takes us to a place that is so pure, so dirty and so raw.
You’re my enemy, you’re my ally, we’re prisoners then we’re set free,
it’s a thriller. Let’s stay in a bed all day. Fucking and fighting on.
It’s our paradise; it’s our war zone.

Trish Meadows was a busty auto mechanic who had her wits about her.
She was living in Valdosta where she enjoyed the outlet of a part-time
job in the evenings. She would go there to escape the past that kept
her prisoner. She was clever and indulged in too much sweet tea, not
much escaped her these days. She had just finished installing a
transmission on a Maserati for an antiquities dealer she knew, Mr. Porter. But,
like always, he was running later to pick up his car. As she stood
looking out the large bay window, snacking on a banana, in the front
of her small country shop a familiar figure came into view. One she
hadn’t seen in many years. One she was all too familiar with, Brandt

Brandt was a highly intelligent computer programmer, originally from
Phoenix. He too was hiding a dark secret from the world of
day-walkers. He hadn’t seen Trish in years. But she was the keeper of
something they were both in need of. He was desperate to have it, to
find her and hopefully turns the clocks back to 1982. The two had met
at a disco tech and enjoyed the pleasure of each other company for
many months. But one night after a series of unfortunate events they
had made a pack to part-ways. But there was no doubt they were the
best sex each other had ever had and would ever have.

She felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck as she watched him
walk through the door. He stood there with a 9-iron in his hand, using
it not only as a weapon but a walking stick. She felt something else
too, between her thighs. Even after 30 years she was still wanton for
him. There had been few since him and none even came close to
comparing. Maybe it was because she hadn’t been with a man in a while
at least that is what her brain tried to convince her clit. But her
body knew better. He knew it too. His acute sense of smell tipped him
off. He could smell the moisture pooling between her flesh. Like her,
he hadn’t had many lovers since. But after one deep inhalation of her
scent, he too couldn’t hide what his body was trying to tell her.
All Trish could do was collect her thoughts and say “The sign on the
door says we are closed.” There was no point in barking up that tree
root again. “Trish I need the Sapphire” He said it with a sense
of urgency. “I don’t have it.” She waved him away. “Dammit woman we
both know you have it, now hand it over.” He slams his palms down on
the table with hurricane force. “I’m closed” she gets
up, weak kneed but, ready to fight if necessary. The 9-iron never
scared her. She can see what he is packing and tries not to stare. She
escorts him out through the front door locking it behind her. She
swiftly turns and heads up the back stairs to the loft that is her
home atop the garage, slamming the door behind her. She knows he will
return but for now she must get ready for her night job.


Brandt heads around back looking for a back entrance. He finds a small
quaint yard with a set of stairs leading up to her small apartment. He
could bust down the door but he has too much respect for her to do
that. If he knows her she has a key hidden somewhere. Some place
unpredictable. He starts to search. He finds in under a garden gnome
that seems to be terrorizing a tiny fairy garden to the left of her
door. Her sense of humor was always one of her strong points. He
quietly sneaks in. Maybe if he can find the sapphire on his own he can
just steal it. That is when he sees her through a cracked door in the
bathroom. Her sooted jumper is unzipped to the waist and her hair is
tousled in a messy bun. She turns on the water and it slowly starts
to steam up the bathroom. His cock starts to reach for her. She is the
sexiest mechanic he has ever seen and with one twitch of his lip he
knows his cock hasn’t forgotten either. He should go searching
for the cursed Delhi Sapphire but he can’t help himself. He stands and watches her
naked body step into the scalding hot water.

As she lets the water rain down on her all she can think about is how
she wanted to drop down to her knees and taste what she hadn’t had in so many years. Does he taste the same? She forces herself to change the
subject of her mind. She swore to hide that which might be her only
key to finding her way back to the real world. But her clit and her
nipples still ache for him. She closes her eyes and feels a cool
breeze. Then his hands are on her. So quickly and just like that; he
remembers just how she likes it. He moves his way up both sides of her
curvy hips until he reaches her breasts. Her nipples harden even more
if that is possible. He strums them soft and fast like a picker
playing the banjo. She can feel his thick cock pushed up against her
back. She reaches back to grasp him tight. He hasn’t cum in a while
and he lets out a toothy growl of anticipation. He pushes her forward and with her
legs in full extension she rises up on to her toes and spreads her
feet slightly. Her tits hang like large round melons in a mesh bag at
a fruit stand just waiting to be felt by the first purchaser testing her for ripeness. He takes no prisoners, impaling her tight slit. Theyboth let out screams of pleasure that are reminiscent of two big cats fucking on the savannah. He is long and thick in her shallow narrow cavern. He lays his right hand on her left ass cheek hard and she
hisses again. The water flies from her skin and splatters him in the
face. He tastes the droplets off his lips. Even the water tastes like
her. And he drives it home even harder. She cums, leaving her cloudy
trail to swirl down the drain. His fingers grasp her hips and she
remembers how the story ends. She drops to her knees and wraps her
lips around his shaft pulling back with the suction of a hundred shop-vacs. As
her hands pumps his shaft her lips focus slowly on the head of his
fantastic cock. Her tongue teases his tip and her lips surround the
crest of his head. She feels one pulse and she slams his cock deep
down the back of her throat, gagging on every inch. She can feel his
cum makes bubbles as it slides down her throat. Gasping as she takes it all, as he pushes further down shooting cum down her gullet. He pulls out of her suck hole and she looks up
at him, still kneeling with her hands cupping her breasts “I’m still
not giving you the sapphire.”

He steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist. She
follows suit, “Then I need you to come with me to Des Moines.”
Immediately her thoughts take her back to the last time she was there.
Lying naked, in a cornfield, her insides burning from the venom that
was ripping through her body. They had been on a road trip and they
stopped at a road side bar for a few drinks. The last thing she
remembers she was standing on the bar belting out Nights in White
to a bunch of hairy bikers singing along. When she woke the pair of
them were in transition together. This was 1982, connected for life,
but put on separate paths, they decided to part ways. She was left with a
package in her bag. It had a letter with it deeming her the keeper
and protector of the mysterious gem. It was his mission to find the last two missing pieces
of the puzzle they needed to return to the land of the living. Now 30
years had passed without so much as a letter and here they were
unchanged, picking up where they left off. She snaps back to the
present. “Been there, bought the shirt, never going back.” Besides
without the other two items in your possession, the sapphire doesn’t do
you any good. That is when he pulls out from his man satchel the
antique compass and the engraving quill. “Brandt you found them?” she says with amazement. “Well not exactly, I found a replica and truthfully I was hoping we could set
out to find the real compass.


Before they split, in 1982 they followed a clue from the letter they were left.
They went into the deep swamps of Louisiana to find an old creole
soothsayer named Laforte. The letter said look for the only man
dressed in a finely tailored 3-piece suit and you will know you have
found the right person. They were to beware of many imposters
. They set
out and they found him, He was the one who told them about the history and all the items they needed. He also warned them that others, if they were
discovered, might try to take the items for themselves. That was when
they chose to part ways. She went back to Valdosta and hid the Delhi Sapphire
in plain sight. In the most unsuspecting place. He followed the clues west
and vowed not to return without something more tangible. After several years
passed with no word from him she figured he had been hunted and killed
for his knowledge or he had chosen to remain in this life as it was
forever. Until, she saw him walking towards her earlier that day. “Why
do we need to go back to Des Moines if we have the sapphire and the quill? Can’t we just start looking for the real compass?” she asks. “We need to go back
to Des Moines for clues. And I need your help.” He responds. “Ok, I will go with
you.” Her instant response told him that even after all these years
her loyalty and allegiance were still with him.


“We need to leave now.” He says, “No, I have to go to work, besides
there is plenty of time” she replies. “Come again?” he is confused.
“Mechanic by day, Curator by night” she laughs. “Why?” he says
strangely. “I’m a vampire, we don’t sleep. I need something to keep my
hands busy.” She laughs “I have something here you can keep busy with.” He
smiles wickedly. “Just pack my suitcase, I’ll be back around 3 and we
can leave then.” She replies dryly. He walks behind her and smacks her
ass with the underside of his cock. She bends down and puts both hands
flat on the floor. She spreads her legs and lifts them up. He grabs
her by the waist and hoists her mound up to his face. She does a face
plant into his dick and opens wide. Her legs are wrapped firmly around
his head and he used his face, nose and tongue to inhale her bliss. Then he sees it “you filthy little vampy vixen, you turned the Delhi Sapphire into a butt plug!!” he is astonished. She laughs hysterically “it’s the one place no one would ever think to look, not even you. I vowed to keep it safe and this is where is shall stay.”
She sucks hard on his cock as she sucks his balls in an alternating
fashion with no sense of pattern to it. She is totally unpredictable. He wonders why they ever parted ways; they could have been finding the items together all this time.  He
walks over to the bed and they fall with her mound on his face. She
sways her hips slowly forward then back. She lets her clit barely graze
his nose and lips with each pass. As much as she likes him fucking her
hard, she also likes to be fucked soft and slow from time to time. As fond of the dark as she is, she likes the light just as much. Just before she cums, she stands. “I’ll be back around 3.” She leaves his cock hard a dripping, giving him something to think about while she is
gone. She slips into a dress that buttons up the front, ties her hair
up in that famous bun. Slides on her shoes and grabs her keys. “Aren’t
you going to wear anything under that little get up?” he asks. Her reply is playful,
like a school girl. “No need, it’s hot out.” Then she leaves him, cock
dripping in hand.

Not long after 3, he hears the door crack open quietly. He meets her
in the kitchen “ok let’s get going, your bag is on the chair. “Let me
just change first, I’ll be right back.” She says. She heads to her
room, reaching back to untie the string at the back of her dress as
she slips her shoes off. His hands are already on the buttons of her
dress. “I thought you wanted to get going?” she whispers. “It’s been 30
years what’s another hour, and if you don’t stop talking I will take
ball gag out of your bag I packed.” “Why did you pack the gag?” she
asks. “For your sassy mouth” He says as he shushes her, leading her
over to the chair. She finds herself kneeling on the chair facing
backwards. In a delicious turn of events he drops to his knees.
Spreading the cheeks of her ass apart, he wants to see the mystical stone she protects. He licks her from bottom to top. He loses his face in the flesh hidden behind her thighs. He can feel her clit swell between his fangs for the second time today. He stands and
slips a long white silken rope around her hips. His cock is hard and
stands at a 45 degree angle. He pulls on each side of the rope and her
hips move towards him. She is wet and his dick slowly spreads her
magical flesh. It surrounds him; her resistance is futile as he pushes
past every inch until he is rooted up into her. Slowly he lets his
cock bounce off her high up inside. He pulls the rope and her hips
come on to him as she stands. He wraps both ends of the ropes around
his hands as he pulls his hips back. He can feel the hot steel graze the length of his phallus as he takes her. The sounds she makes are inaudible, but he knows
what it means with each sound. Hard and slow he uses the rope to pull
as she pushes, She cums and her juice runs down the inside of her
thighs. With each contraction of her pussy he slams into her harder
and faster, causing her to cum over and over. She starts her own set
of grinding movements and his dick thickens making her even tighter.
With a long toothed smile she turns to look at him. She turns around
on the chair and takes him deep into her mouth. She sits back with one
leg over the chair of the arm and he puts one knee between her legs.
As she fingers herself with one hand she sucks him off with the
other. Then she stands “Oh no you are not leaving me like you
did earlier.” She reaches down and pulls him from base to tip. She
turns with her legs together, bending at the waist. He smacks her hard
on the ass and she looks back and pulls the plug from her hot tight hole leaving a gaping hole that closes slowly. It teases his senses into wanting to rip it wide open. Then she says “Take it” He impales her tight hole and makes it his. He reaches as deep as he can into her
glory and in a blink of a vampire eye, he shoots cum high into her; growling with each
breathy contraction that stems from his core. And like the animals
they are, their long fangs show their true nature. The nature of the

Once they are satisfied they grab their things and go. She leaves Mr.
Porter keys to his high-end sports car on the desk down stairs with a note that says she had an emergency and she was sorry she missed him. They are gone on the first
train to Des Moines.

To Be Continues….