Illicit Encounters

Scene 14: Safe Word

He is a Dominant not a Master. He doesn’t live the life 24/7 but he likes to be in control and he likes spice. His duty is to give his submissive pleasure by making her feel desired, she needs that. Indulge her mind Sir, randomly and without cause. If you don’t she will lose the will to play your game. In return, if you do these things, she will surrender to you, relinquish all control and be there whenever you need her. In this you will both find ecstasy, mutual reverence, and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity that won’t long be forgotten.

With Ari now erased from the scene here at The Donovan Groups main office and back in Greece. Things have returned to normal. Although something still looms in the air regarding that whole scenario and how it played out. Frank took the reigns on that situation and handled it. Carly was told not to worry about the details of how it all went down. She would not be going back to Greece any time soon she imagined. She did just recently get back from an out-of-town venture to obtain new business at Franks request. It was an easy job, she wishes he would have given her a task she actually had to work for. Some of the clients, as rich as they may be, are push overs. Carly is a girl who enjoys a challenge. Something to Challenge her intellect and pushes her to her limits. Oh well, it was a nice trip and she did some sight-seeing so it worked out. While she was away one of the guys at work inquired about some renovating that was going on in Franks office that involved her work space. Carly didn’t know anything about it. Frank was very coy when she asked and so she left it alone. His intent was for her to focus on the task at hand in Phoenix. She returned to find that things really looked the same with the exception of an old storage closet Frank had completely closed off for some reason. Also the threshold between her office space and Franks office was turned from a single to a double door.

It had been weeks since their last encounter and Frank hasn’t paid her any attention. She doesn’t ask questions but, she starts to wonder if maybe their verbal contract has come to an end. Franks has always made it very clear that he is the one who will initiate all their encounters. After all that is what she signed up for, a man who asked her to surrender herself to him. She continues being his faithful assistant and happily does so. 6 weeks pass and Frank is in his office with the door closed. He rings her. “Carly I need you to work late tonight.” Carly tells them that she cannot work late tonight she has plans but whatever work he needs done she can come in early to complete for him. Frank is furious at this response. Doesn’t she know who he is? When he tells her to do something she is to respond accordingly. This is not part of their contract. What Frank doesn’t know is that she whole heartedly believes their contract has expired in his eyes. He snaps ” What do you mean you can’t?”  “I’m sorry I have plans, I can’t!” her tone matches his. She didn’t realize that after all these weeks she had so angry with him. It all comes to the surface all at once. She storms into his office, an office that looks foreign to her after all of the upgrades. “You haven’t said anything to me in weeks Frank, I have sat at that desk everyday and waited for you to give me some inclination that you were still interested in our arrangement. You have done nothing but walk by me and plop work on my desk, NOT EVEN A GLANCE in my direction. If you have another sub just tell me. I will understand. You are not obligated to me and you can fuck who you like. But, I will not share you with another sub.” Frank’s fury is in his eyes he wants nothing more than to spank her until her ass was on fire. She turns to leave, she is going home early. She doesn’t want to look at him another minute. She needs to go home and cool down. “Where are you going Carly?” he follows. Before she knows it he is blocking the exit to her work space. “Let me go Frank!” he Grabs her by the arm and spins her around. In a heated voice full of fury he commands her to kneel. She walks over to his desk and begins to lower herself down onto her knees. “STOP!” he says. “You know how I want you!”

Carly begins to undress down to her panties. After she does the she kneels at his desk with her eyes forward and her hands on her thighs resting quietly. Franks walks over to his desk and removes a black satin cloth from the drawer. He wraps it around her eyes. The silk cloths is thin but she cannot see through its dark color. He walks around the room and closes the blinds. He rings Bret and sends him on an errand. There is nobody in the office now except the two of them. He walks over to the old storage room door and pulls out an elongated table. Made of dark-colored wood. affixed to each side is a set of leather cuffs lined with soft padded lamb skin. The table is made to incline if the owner so chooses. Attached to the side of the table is a drawer. Inside the drawer are three j hooks. From each hook hangs an item:

1 Leather Flogger, black in color made from the softest leather you could ever imagine.

1 Riding Crop made from the same material, a matching set.

1 Paddle with a peacock feather as adornment.

flogger croppaddle

Frank takes Carly by the hand and walks her over to the table. She is hyper aware of every scent and sound in the room, including Franks he smells delicious to her. He helps her onto the table and lays her back. She doesn’t know what he is doing. She is scared. this is new to her. He senses the fear in her and he watches the rise and fall of her chest. Her deep labored breathes give her away. Reassuringly he says ” Trust me.” Her breathing calms instantly, she trusts Frank. Something has always told her that he will always have her best interests at heart.  He takes one hand and then the other and wraps the soft leather cuffs around each wrist. “I thought these would feel more comfortable than my ties”  he says, as he touches her nose lightly with his index fingers. Even this small contact between them sends and electric shock through her system. “If at anytime, you want to stop you just have to say one word. What is your word Carly?” she thinks for a moment and then says “Pandora.” He chuckles to himself. What a fitting word! ” Pandora it is, my dearest Carly.” Still blind she doesn’t know what to expect next.  “Carly knees up to your chest.” She raises her knees. Frank then takes a soft piece of black satin ribbon and binds each of Carly’s ankles to her thighs. “Frank what are you doing? This is scaring me” she begins to panic once more. “Trust me Carly I will not hurt you.” He bends down and kisses the soft flesh of her neck. She is starting to get wet. Something about being completely helpless, and giving Frank all the control causes her to throb between her thighs. He now walks over to his desk, Carly hears him open the drawer. She think he is going to retrieve the lock box. What she doesn’t know is that the lock box has yet another new toy in it. It is a princess, but it is much larger. “Carly I’m going to slide the princess in now. I want you to relax. He takes his well oiled fingers and slides them down her already dripping slit and runs them to her tightly puckered ass. She likes how his fingers feel running up and down her. This makes her back arch, “Be still Carly.” Then he slides one long finger into her ass. Slowly working it in and out. Then two fingers. He is preparing her for what it next. Starting with the tip of that large steel bullet he eases it gently into her. “SIR?!” She gasps. Knowing this isn’t her trusty princess. This is much larger. Fills her ass more. Makes her more wet. Once it is full inserted. Frank takes the soft leather paddle. “You were a bad girl today and now I will spank your pretty little ass, until it turns my favorite shade of pink. Do you understand?” His cock is raging now, he can feel it pressing up against the zipper of his freshly pressed suit paints. He went commando today, fully expecting to have his way with Carly. Smack after Smack to Carly’s ass he delivers the best spanking she has ever had. By number 8 she is sure she will have to call out her safe word. But as he gets to #10 she hears the paddle fall to the floor. With her skin hot and pink he sinks two fingers deep inside her. “Oh yes Carly, you are almost ready for me.” He leans in and licks her one time. He stands back up looking at her helpless on the wooden table, a feast for him to enjoy and he does. He then grabs the soft leather flogger. He starts at her neck and runs it down her body. Stopping at her large breast to deliver a long soft smack onto the tender skin of her nipples. This causes them to bead up even harder. He leans down and takes one between his teeth, and pulls. Letting go so that he can watch it spring back into place.  He continues down her torso running the flogger back and forth until he makes his way to the swollen reddened mound between her legs. Offering up to her several quick flicks of the flogger.. She can go no where she is completely at his mercy. ” Please Sir, I need you.” she begs. “shhhh, be a good girl and behave and I will give you what you want. Do you understand?” he asks ” Yes Sir” he places the flogger onto her stomach and reaches down to release the large plug filling her ass. Once again she begs ” Please Sir leave it in. I need you to fuck my pussy”. He reaches down and removes the plug. He like to watch the way her he hole looks when it goes from gaping to closed. Then he shoves it back in. Smacking her on the ass once more for speaking out of turn. Causing her to remember the sting of the paddle. She feels him at the bottom of the table. With his large cock now free from the restraints we call pants. Its resting perfectly on her slick pussy. This table was measured to his height exactly. So that he could accommodate this exact position any time he wanted. He likes the way his hard dick rests at the apex of her slit. His thick head nestled in between her thick fleshy lips. Rubbing her clit with it. The tension between her thighs needed a good jack hammering.” Do you want it Carly?” he asks ” yes Sir please.” he teases her by stick just the head of his cock in her. She is so wet. He could fall in and get lost if he allowed himself. He pulls out and continues to rub her hard little nub with the head of his throbbing cock. “Cum for me Carly.” That was all she needed to hear. Liquid bursts out of her dripping down to the table. And with her pussy still contracting he slides into her. All the way to the base of his penis. Hitting the top of her he can feel it. It’s amazing how she can take his entire length. She is always so tight and wet for him. “Is your ass as ready for me as this dripping slit of yours?” he asked in a growl.  ” yes” she responds. ” YES WHAT?!” he commands now as he rams into her pussy. “Yes, Sir”. he pulls out of her, gives the silver plug a tug and it falls to the table. Then he stuff his dick in her ass hard. “Now what do you do Carly?” he asks as he thrusts his throbbing cock in and out of her repeatedly. “I rub my clit Sir.”  and she does. She cums even harder. He watches the cum drip out of her. Lubricating his cock even more. That was what he wanted to see. He cums so hard that his head falls back. She feels him fill her with all his hot juices. When he pulls out of her he shivers and immediately stuff the plug back in her ass. He removes the silk from her eyes and her hands from the cuffs. Taking great care to make sure no marks are left on her wrists. Then he leans down and says…

“You are the only sub for me Carly Dawson.”



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