The Informant


Let me introduce myself. I am The Canary. Why you have chosen me for this impossible mission, you don’t even know. Maybe it’s because I am the most unassuming candidate, easily concealable and absolutely ordinary. Maybe it’s because of my information, not that you need it. It can’t possibly be because of my smart mouth, I will always speak up for myself when an offense has been made against me. Maybe you wish I talked less, pffff…like that’s ever going to happen. Or is it because of my skill set? The idea of travelling in and out of time zones easily and without notice. It might because of my unwavering loyalty and knowing you can trust me to keep all your little secrets, dirty and clean alike. Then again, it could be because I’m a little dangerous; having me around is a little exciting in ways you didn’t know turned you on. Looking for an entirely reliable informant is like looking for a silent mistress. But look at you Sir, you found both… Yahtzee!

Stalking her intended target, she watches and waits for the most opportune moment then, she takes what she wants. She looks at you from afar, urging you to raise the green flag on a whim. You come together and you give it to her just how she likes it, hard and dirty. Do you like it? She knows not.  The idea of your demise lingers over your heads as you take each other spur of the moment. Without purpose or reason the pair of you enjoys conversing with each other bodies. You want to put her in every precarious position known to man, and take every orifice and make it yours. Her pussy is tight and slick. What do you do first? Do you use the silicone on her, or do you own her with your own phallus? There is nothing like breaking into a warm wet pussy when it hasn’t been fucked in a while. It’s smooth and tight and hugs your cock in all the right ways. For her there is no feeling better than when the head of your cock enters her tight hole. Stick the head of your cock in up to your crest. Then take it out and do it again. Smack her pussy with the under-side of your staff and make her clit flutter. If you were a gambling man you would use the handle on your machine until you hit the winning combo. Like your favorite slot she will flood you with goodness from her insides, making you a winner every time. No quarters required.

Find a place lay her down. Her large natural breast fall slightly to each side. They are delicious to look at. Creamy and white, their light pink centers turn a dark rose color when she gets excited. You palm them and pull back watching them snap back into place. They harden and you taste their sweetness.  Spread her legs far apart Sir, and take her slit with two fingers as you slide your long thick cock down her throat. She is forced to relax as your take her gorge and make it yours. When she relaxes, reward her by popping the lips of her pussy with your fingers. Her droplets splatter about. They land on her thighs and as you reach forward to lick them off. Your cock drives further down her passage. Her eyes water and she gags, you only push deeper. Then one long hard stroke, you feel your tip release one small drop and you pull out of her. You circle around and give her pussy one long hard lick. Then flip her over and lay your hand on her backside again. It’s hard and leaves a mark on her skin. It makes her pussy burn for your cock though, she likes it. Oh she has misbehaved. Her hole is free of your favorite gem. Go!  Retrieve it! Put it up to her full lips. She licks it then takes it into her mouth up to the stem. Teasing it with her tongue, you have had enough. You pull it out and put the point up to her slit. You rub the juice of her pussy all over it and then stick it up to her steamy geyser.  Push it in nice and slow, watch her stretch for you. When it has reached its thickest point, pull it out. Slowly push it back in. When you reach the stem her body will suck it right from your fingers. You are left with the erotic vision of your mind, bent over before you. Not too bad for a 6.

Your dick is hard and dripping, your balls throb. Thick sap-like drops fall to the floor. You need to fuck her now, before a gust of wind takes what is hers.  Spread her legs and slide between her fleshy curtain. Her orgasms make her pussy tight all over again. Why does her pussy have to be so fantastic? You wonder but, your thoughts are not wasted on that for long. You own the pussy before you. Pounding her hard and slow. Close your eyes and feel her orgasms ripple through her from the inside out. Her chest becomes flush and as her nipples graze the sheets below it makes her pussy jump that much harder. The base of your cock feels it too as you root her. Slide out of her before you cum, her mind and body beg you not to stop, but you must. The struggle is all too real.  Turn her over and expose her breasts to the cool air. You wonder what all the fuss is about as you stare her reddened pussy down.  Lick her pussy and taste yourself between her folds. You taste just as good on her as she does on you.  You lose your will and your face between her thighs. You savor it, inhaling her flavor. She is the kind of girl people read books about. Crawl up her body. She raises her hips up to your pelvis before she wraps her legs around your waist. Fall deep into her.  Your back arches as you try to reach as high up into her dome as you can. She reaches over and grabs her pink power tool and slides it between your bodies. She turns it on and it sends a sock up the spine of your dick. Your balls draw up closer to your body with each pulsation. Her clit grows with each stroke you take. She can’t stop the train that’s coming her way.  The dopamine output is almost at its pinnacle. When her entire pussy latches on to you, sucking you in deeper still. Feel her clit pound over and over. It causes you to shoot high up into her. You never knew it to be this good. The suction her pussy creates has such a powerful pull on you. You spill over, it’s too late. You realize there is no hope and you let yourself go. Thrusting forward you sling-shot thick wads high inside her dome. Your sweat drips and a calming release of endorphins washes over you both as you turn all the possibilities of your minds into reality.

I feel more confident and more satisfied when I reflect, knowing I have two professions and not one. Medicine is my lawful spouse and literature is my paramour. When I get tired of one I spend the night with the other. Though it’s disorderly: it’s never dull.