Scene: 24 Mind’s Eye

To Part is the lot of all mankind. The world is a scene of constant leave-taking, and the hands that grasp in cordial greeting today, are doomed ere long to unite for the last time, when the quivering lips pronounce the word – ‘Farewell’ The stories shall continue to roll hot off the press but, no audible sounds shall pass through these lips unless otherwise provoked to do so. Just know that every time you read me, you are the paper and I am the ink. If that is enough to satisfy your desires then so be it. Now I take my leave, silently waiting in the shadows. Live life with the passion that I know lies within you.

Many Years Have Passed.. (There is still lots of back story still to tell, Stay-Tuned.)

Two days left before her flight. She is leaving for Texas to head up The Donovan Groups new Houston office. Part of her doesn’t want to leave but she must. This can’t go on forever. She has out grown this game. She is done trying to read minds. It isn’t her fault that she is the only one brave enough to speak up about what she wants or thinks. Is she bold?  Yes, but that is her nature. Is it part of her allure? Her big mouth? No it’s not what comes out of her mouth, it’s what only she can do with it.  Who really knows what the allure is. She doesn’t even think he knows. What she knows for sure it’s that she is ready to be spanked one last time by him. Only the way he knows how. “I have a few errands to run, I will be back at 6?!” she says. This is more of a statement then of a question. “I will be here” he says and she takes her leave.

5:45 In true Carly style she is Early. Early is on-time and on-time is late has always been her motto. Thanks to her favorite college professor. Franks isn’t there. He must have gone out to take care of something. She knows he will be back soon. She undresses and takes her place at the side of his desk. Eyes to the ground, palms resting flat on her thighs as she sits on her knees. She hears him walk in. He walks to the desk and takes a seat. He begins to log on to his lap top. He needs to get an email out to a client before they begin. “I will be with you shortly.” he says ” Yes Sir” she never moves. Not long after he stands and walks over to the Play Room. She can smell the leather and the wood, she will never forget that scent. He walks over to her and places a silk scarf around her eyes. She can only see small amounts of light seep through. Then he takes a tie and binds her wrist. “Tonight we are going old school, my dear” he says. She hasn’t been tied up with one of his neck ties in a long time. The thought is extremely appealing to her. He reaches back and pulls her hair back into a braid. He stands her up and escorts her over to the table. When they reach the table he bends he over exposing her bare ass to him. Mocking her stance he leans over her and his chest is pressed against her back. With his hands on her ass he whispers “If this is the last time I will ever fuck you, then its going to be a memorable one.” SMACK! he lights her ass up with his hand. She might have to beg him to fly in to do that from time to time. Every time his hands meets her skin she seeps just a little more. He runs his hands down her crevasse until he reaches the crease of her slit. He takes the tips of all four fingers and grazes her. He doesn’t know how she does it, but he cannot recollect one time that she has ever been dry. This time she doesn’t disappoint, Soaking wet. He inserts two fingers then removes them and has a taste. His cock begins to prickle. He takes the only crop from the sex pantry and flicks her ass cheek with it, she sighs and bites her lips simultaneously. “Silence Miss Dawson” he urges. Then he takes the coconut oil  they have preferred for years and lets it run freely down small of Carly’s back to her starfish. Reaching into his pocket he retrieves ‘old faithful’ the Purple Princess size medium, her favorite. He eases it in for the last time. Watching closely as her hole expands to accommodate its bulbous shape. It feels cool as he slides it in. She can feel him begin to play with it. Pulling and pushing, twisting and turning. He could play with it for hours even now. It too is his favorite toy. He instructs her to stand and turn around. He removes himself from his pants, and his extra-large cock bursts forth. She takes him into her mouth she likes to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock. Taking the tip of her tongue she teases the hole at the summit of his cock. Several minutes pass and she continues to work her special kind of magic on him. her mouth is begging him to cum. He can see her lips wrapped around him and her hand stroking him up and down simultaneously. “Stop!” he commands. Calypso releases him from her grasp. She stands and sits up on to the table. When she does so he grabs her legs and wraps them around his waist. Taking her extra-large breasts and ravishing them with his mouth and hands and anything he can get a hold of. Biting them, tugging them, sucking them. This makes her ass clench up around the steel plug in her ass. Then he lays her back and fashions the ties that binds her wrists above her head. He takes the crop and runs in from her neck down to the outer lips of her pussy. She has a hard time sitting still. He stops, walks into the bathroom to find two long black silk ribbons. He binds her legs leaving her arms bound still in the neck tie atop her head.

No Squirm Zone

No Squirm Zone

Once she is rendered motionless he continues, “now where were we?”  He takes the crop and runs it down her body from the nape of her neck to the outer lips of her pussy. Now completely spread open due to her ties. He massages her clit with it and taps her lightly on the outside of her sensitive skin with the soft leather of the crop. The redness of her pussy begins to match the red skin of her ass cheeks from all the spanking. Then he stops. She still is unable to see or move her arms and legs. She finds herself, yet again, completely at his mercy. As she lies on her back he creeps up between her legs with a feather touch he separates her lips with his tongue. The tips of his tongue feels too good on her. Her pussy starts to quake. The ground will rumble many more times before this last adventure comes to an end. He lifts himself off the table placing the crop back in it proper place. Retrieving a flogger at the same time. He lays the flogger on her breasts. Following her skin down to her thighs he releases her of her leg bondage. The silk cascades down to the floor. He picks the flogger back up grazing each nipple with the long soft well-worn leather tassels. She doesn’t make a sound, but he knows she likes it. Reaching down he grasps one nipple between his teeth and gently smacks the  leather against the swollen mound of her dripping pussy. He does this to her whole body repeatedly for what feel like hours. It is sweet torture. She can hear the heavy leather tool fall to the floor. Franks is so hard he is dripping all over his office floor. He wants to taste her one last time. He climbs atop the table on which she lays. He spreads her open and looses his face into her chasm. Sucking her, licking her, tasting her. He plays with the princess simultaneously. Moving it in and out of her. Sometimes he stops in amazement as he removes the princess to watch her gap open and close slowly. Only to re-enter her tight ass with it all over again.

It’s time, he sits up now. Removing her arms from their binds; The Magic Bullet is the first order of business. This position is a cure-all for pent-up sexual frustration. He’s sitting on his knees while she lies on her back. Her legs straight up in the air and spread apart slightly, resting on his shoulders. While he strokes in and out, she reaches down to stroke her clit. He undoes the scarf from her eyes. As he bangs into her, watching the show she puts on with her hands between her thighs, he can start to feel her body quiver again. The moisture exudes from her his dick gets even more slippery. She can feel him getting even harder, she knows it wont be long. He stops ” don’t move” if she moves he will cum. She lies still. He inches back in again.  No he cannot take it anymore. He pussy is too much, he crawls up her body and she takes him into her mouth.; He pumps into her mouth as she creates a vacuum like suction around his cock. He expels thick how cum into her mouth, the head of his dick grows slightly with each contraction into her. There has never been a time he hasn’t tasted good to her. He returns to his chair and she to the Chaise Lounge in the corner. As they talk of work and play Frank stands. He walks over to her. She never removed the Purple plug, the one she only dons for him. He reaches down to feel it. Every once in a while her pussy contracts from the orgasms she already had earlier. They will play many more times before this evening ends.  They know not when or even if it shall ever happen again. Something tells them both it could, but no one really ever knows. All they both know for sure is that there is something about the each other that stimulates the senses. This was all unintentional and unexpected and in her mind and experience of enlightenment.

Just before the sun rises Carly dresses. She hugs Frank and kisses him on the cheek, she will miss her friend after all. Emotionless and unaffected he returns to his desk. Standing in the threshold that separates her office from his she looks at him and says “Good-bye.” “who will keep track of my appointments when you are gone?” he asks half jokingly and half serious. “I will always be your loyal assistant Frank, just from another office, in another city.” She waits for Frank to say something but, he does not. With her last box of belongings in her hands, she turns off the light. She is gone, and Frank sits alone at his desk, he will have to find another assistant.  No one he hires will ever be Carly Dawson. Neither, he nor Carly, will ever forget what has transpired between them. They will always have that part of The Vault to themselves. After all he is still her boss, she just won’t be addressing him as Sir anymore.

The End Is Only The Beginning



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