Good Girl!!

Scene 7: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Some where in a crack where illusion meets reality, you are there. Your face is beginning to fade into the shadows of time. Your admiration was genuine, I reveled in it, bathed in it, let it swirl over me like oil from the hands of an ancient diety. To ancient evenings and distant music.

“It will only be for a few weeks Ms. Dawson. Go! Pack your things, your flight leaves in 3 hours and I need you there on time” Frank says to Carly in stoic voice. ” Why are you sending me away? What have I done?” replies Carly.  In an obscure voice Frank explains      “You are the best person for the job. I need someone there who knows how to get things done, who makes sure things don’t fall apart before they are even off the ground. You will be back before you know it. I will fly out in a few days to make sure things are running smoothly and once operations are up and running you will be back. It’s only a few weeks.” She smiles politely, not wanting to go but, she does as she is told. She turns to leave and walks out of the office that she knows is her home. Something tells her she will not be returning any time soon.

It’s be a month and she already misses it, the hustle and bustle of her old office. She is busy getting Franks new venture off the ground. She is alone here,  she buries herself in work. He said he would come but he didn’t. Things come up Carly, you are doing  great. She misses him in a way: their office banter, the small physical interactions. How he would walk up behind her unexpectedly and put his hands on her at the copy machine when no one was looking. The way she could feel his hardness on her back . She needed him now, it had been so long. Delayed gratification was one thing but this was mean, it was more than mean. It was torture. He was taunting her, Was this for his own enjoyment? she thinks to herself, this was unfair. Several more weeks go by and she hears less and less of Frank. She has succumb to the idea that he has abandoned her here in the Mediterranean. Not that this was the worst place to be abandoned she admits. She and two of Franks newest Pups were diligently working on closing a deal when the unexpected happened. A man walks in tall and darkened from the sun. He has dark hair and dark eyes. He is not bad on the eyes she thinks to her self. She has seen him before, she can’t remember from where. He walks up to her and introduces himself. “Hello Miss” His voice is thick and romantic like chocolate. “I was sent here and told to ask for a Miss Carly Dawson, I’m Ari Damascos.”  “How can I help you?” replies Carly. “Mr. Frank Donovan sent me, I’m your new sales guy.” he says. “Excuse me just a moment Sir, I just need to make a call have a seat please.” Carly says with a smile. “Now I see what all the fuss is about.” as he turns and walks away. She  now remembers where she first set eyes on him. He was at a large conference that Frank attended about 6 months ago. She had been excused from the meeting after dinner and retired to the room. They were never introduced but she over heard his name as other people came up to greet him and welcome him.


C: Did you forget to tell me something?                                                                                               F:Good Morning to you too                                                                                                                                C: Who is Ari Damascos?                                                                                                                                      F: He is your new sales guy. What’s the issue?                                                                                           C: Just saying thanks for the heads up!!!! Does this mean I can come home now.                    F: Listen Carly I need you there for a little while longer. Show Ari the ropes. After he has gotten his feet good and wet I will send for you. Be a Good Girl and BEHAVE!                    C: FRANK!!!! UGH!!!!

She does not hear another word from him.

Another 8 weeks goes by, Carly and Frank have barely spoken. She has become comfortable here. She like the way the sun paints her skin in this part of the world. She has now made a few friends and begins to occupy her life with the sights of the town. Santorini is lovely. One day Ari walks up to her and says. “I want to thank you for all the help you have given me the past few weeks. Let me take you out for a drink.” “Oh , I couldn’t. Besides there is nothing for you to thank me for, it’s my job. That is what Mr. Donovan pays me to do.”  Carly does not make eye contact. It’s a habit she developed working with Frank. She was there for him and no one else and that was how Frank liked it.  “Oh c’mon Carly Dawson, One Drink? Please!” he urges. Carly quietly thinks to herself that it’s only one drink, she doesn’t like being too friendly with the men Frank employs as that is frowned upon by her boss. But, after all, he left her here and she hasn’t talked to him in weeks, so he would never know. ” OK! Just one drink.” she says. ” Great, see you at  Caldera 8pm!” He says as he turns to walk away.

8:00pm Carly hates people who are late. Where is he? Unexpectedly Ari comes from behind her. “Are you going to stand out here all night or come inside?” She turns and sees him wearing a charcoal grey suit and a white business shirt with the first button undone. Thank God she decided to wear a dress she didn’t realize that this place would be so fancy. “You look great Carly, thanks for deciding to have a drink.” says Ari. “Don’t think anything of it, I’m glad to step out and have a drink with you.” replies Carly. ” Good, shall we.” He leads her into the Caldera by her elbow with one hand and the small of her back with the other hand. The minute he touches her skin she feels a slight warmth pass over her body. Something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Something she has missed. Something Frank used to provide.  He isn’t here anymore though, for a moment she hesitates wondering what her Dom might be doing on the other side of the world. In an instant she is inside at a bar. Ari and Carly now 3 drinks in, laughing and chatting. Suddenly he pulls her in close and whispers. “Carly you are intoxicating, do you know that?” She raises her hand to his broad chest and pauses with a shy smile she insists that it is only the drinks talking and that she needs to retire for the evening. “I shall escort you home.” says Ari more like a commanding voice, Carly has had a few drinks and doesn’t want to drive so she concedes. Once they reach the door of her hotel apartment he leans in to kiss her. She turns her head and asks him what he is doing. They are co-workers and Mr. Donovan doesn’t do sex in the work place she insists. He grabs her by the face and kisses her lips at first she struggles but then succumbs to his kiss and starts to kiss him back. It has been a long time since anyone has kissed her with this kind of passion. Making her feel like she was wanted. But then reality sets in and she pulls away opening the door, nearly falling in her room backwards. If Frank ever found out she doesn’t know how he would react. “its best that you go home Ari, Thanks for the drinks I will see you tomorrow at work.” and she closes the door. All night long she replays in her mind how the evening went. Wanting to make sure, in her mind, that she didn’t give off some kind of vibe leading Ari to think she was interested in him. She begins to think of the kiss at the door and the heat that went through he body when he lead her into Caldera. There is something there but, what Carly didn’t know was if it was just because she was missing Frank or if it was something else. She knew what she was in need of, she was in need of a good hard fuck. She hadn’t been fucked in so long that her insides were burning. Thinking about the want and need had caused every nerve to stand at attention. Soon she was exquisitely aware of the wetness pooling between her thighs. As she lay in a far too lonely bed in this still strange city she couldn’t hold out anymore. Frank wasn’t coming and she didn’t know when she would here from him again. She always tried to wait, wanting to save it all for him but she couldn’t wait any longer.  With her legs spread apart in the glow of the television light. Carly began to touch herself. She closed her eyes and with one breast in hand began to circle her clit with her middle finger. Sliding down the wetness that Ari’s kiss seemed to spark, her thoughts went to Frank and she slid one finger inside herself. It wasn’t long before she had turned over onto her knees and with her ass in the air she was pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy. Inching her own way to releases when the phone rang.   “Hello Carly” Franks says in a voice she remembers from what seemed to be so long ago. “Hi Frank”  Carly says breathless. “What are you doing?” he asks with skepticism in his voice.  In a wanting voice she replies “nothing.” “It doesn’t sound like nothing how were drinks with Ari?” he says in an angered frustrated voice How did he know she thinks to herself. “It was just a drink, nothing more. I haven’t heard from you in weeks and haven’t seen you in longer”  she says waiting for a response. But the phone was dead on the other end.


The next day Carly walks into the office, sits at her desk and begins her day. Ari walks in not long after. “Good Morning Ari” she says with a smile. “Miss Dawson” he nods and continues to his office. That was strange he normally stops to chat. 10:45 rolls around and Carly hears the front door open she looks up and sees Frank. He looks tired, like he has been up all night. Unshaven and his hair slightly messy. “Frank, I mean Mr. Donovan.” She stands to greet him. “Carly Office Now!” with her head down she slowly follows him to  office down the hall. “Close the door Carly” Franks is angry. ” What the fuck is going on?” he says ” You know the rules, NO FUCKING between staff members” he is now yelling. “I didn’t Fuck anyone, Frank” she says in a meek voice. “Why were you out with him, what was the purpose, what did you do if you weren’t fucking him? I’m not blind dammit, I can see he is an attractive man. I can’t leave you alone for a few weeks without you jumping the first hot man who walks in here?” he demands an answer. ” I didn’t Fuck him Frank. We went out for Drinks, he kissed me that was it.” she says in return. “did you kiss him back? and why were you so out of breath last night when I called? There is only one reason you could have been that breathless at 11:30 at night” he demands once more. “Yes I did kiss him back, but only for an instant before you popped into my mind” she is embarrassed to have to admit to him that after all these months she still desires only him.  “oh I’m going to pop into more than your mind before this day is done Carly Dawson, you can count on that. Take off your skirt, now!” he says still angry but now with a thirst in his eye that only she can quench. She reaches behind her to unzip her skirt and slide in down. “what are those?” he says shocked. She looks down and remembers that with Frank gone she has had no reason to come to work without her panties. She always only did that for him. He walks towards her and slides his hands down her abdomen to her black lace panties. With his thumb he begins to do circles around her now engorged clit through them. She becomes breathless. “is this what you were doing last night Miss Dawson, when I called?” he asks “Yes” she replies ” YES WHAT?” he snaps ” Yes Sir” she returns with wide eyes “Good Girl, I see you haven’t forgotten” he then slides one finger along the rim of her panties to feel the moisture that she has produced. ” Still so wet Carly.” he glides one finger in between the wet folds of her pussy in and out over and over. She has almost reached the peak of her climax to orgasm when the door knocks. “Just a minute” says Frank. Just as Carly zips her skirt back up the door opens, it’s Ari “Everything ok in here?” “Yes let’s have lunch (replies Frank) and talk about sales strategy and office policy”. Ari Exits the room. Frank gestures to Carly to follow and she does. He catches her before the end of the hall and pulls her back, she once again feels his hardness on her, he reaches around and takes one of her breast in each hand and squeezes her tightly then he leans in behind her and whispers in her ear. ” I’m staying at The Grand, Suite 1501. You know what to do.” He slides her the room key. She turns to him and asks what he is going to do and he tells her “That’s where I’m going to punish you and then fuck you without interruption.” Then he was gone.



I walk into Franks room it’s almost 9pm. This is when he told me to arrive, where is he?  There is a note on the table. “I will be here at 9:15 sharp you know how I want you!” is what the note reads. I undress and sit on my heels next to the chair by the large bed with my palms on my thighs. I stare at the floor. I hear the door knob click and his foot steps enter. He stops several feet away. What is he doing? Why is he making me wait? Then he is there, I see his bare feet in front on me. Don’t look up it will make him more angry. He reaches down and grabs me by my hair at the base of my neck causing me to look him in the eye. “do you know why I have you like this?” he asks me. ” yes sir”  ” tell me why” he responds in a heated voice. “Because I kissed Ari and then I touched myself afterwards.” “Good Girl, do you like to touch yourself?” he asks me “No, I like when you touch me.” “did you like kissing another man?” he demands an answer. “No Sir” I say, “stand up!” he demands. I do this willingly “Now bend over” I do as I’m told. “Now I’m going to spank you, this is not for punishment the is for pleasure, my pleasure. Then I’m going to fuck you hard, do you understand?”  I nod signally to him I understand. “Do you understand Carly?” he demands ” Yes Sir” then he places one hand on my hip and with the other hand rubs my ass then SMACK! It stings but not enough for me to make a sound. Then he rubs my skin again and SMACK! I can feel the moisture between my legs begin to increase. SMACK! 15 in all. Then after the last he plunges his dick in to my tight wet pussy filling me like never before. I cry out with every punishing thrust he gives me. The punishment he gives me is what I desire more than anything right now. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to cum with each thrust deep into my pussy I begin to contract around his hard cock. Its like steel. I have missed this I begin to scream out his name and beg for more. “for fuck sake Carly if you keep screaming I’m going to cum everywhere.”  he growls “I want you to cum Sir, please” He pulls out of me and says ” not yet”  he lays me down on the bed and crawls towards me like a predator stalking his prey, I was certainly in the mood to be hunted. With his cock in his hand he begins to lubricate me with the moisture seeping from his tip, sliding between my swollen fleshy folds he reaches down to stick one finger in my ass, I flinch. It has been a while since I have had anything in my ass. He leans down and says “I will have that ass before the night is out” then he dove into me again. “tell me what you want Carly” he demands “Harder!”  I scream. “what else” he says “deeper!” I cry out in sexual frustration. Weeks of build up coming to the surface. All this back and forth fodder launched me to the precipice. The slow steady climb to orgasm suddenly became a steep one as he drove into me again and again. I couldn’t take it any longer it was too intense “I’m cumming Sir” and then it happened. The hardest contractions the walls of my pussy have ever made, surrounding him my back arches and my hips jerk, it is out of my control. Contractions after contraction squeezing his dick.  I could feel my own warmth seep out of me as he kept plunging in and out. Then he flipped me over with my knees beneath me, smacking me on the tender flesh of my ass one last time then he shoved his rock hard cock inside of me once before he met his own release. Not moving for a moment trying to wrap his own head around what just happened. “I tried to get you out of my mind Carly but, the thought of you with Ari the other night made me crazy, I can’t let you go yet, not just at work but here too. Book us two tickets back to home base tomorrow when you get to work then pack your things.”  He pulls out of me with a moan and falls fast asleep.

7:30 am Carly walks into the office. She books two first class tickets for the next day. Frank walks in shortly after. As he walks by she fully appreciates his figure and she thinks to herself GET A GRIP DAWSON!  Hadn’t you gotten enough of him last night? What is wrong with you? She follows him back to the vacant office, now with her own predatory smile. She walks in and closes the door. “looks to me like you have a fetish for office sex Miss Dawson.” Frank laughs as he sits at his make shift desk, he flips on the computer. Carly quickly responds  “you’re my fetish Sir, and now you have the biggest cockstand I have ever seen so I’d say I’m yours too. Begging your pardon Sir but, didn’t you say something about having my ass last night.” She reaches behind her and unzips her skirt. If falls to the floor..

No Panties… Good Girl!!







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